Writing To Get Attention

Writing To Get Attention

Finish Campaigns 50% Faster

Am I crazy to make such a statement? No, not at all. When writing to get attention, you need quality. Copywriting is not cheap, and many copywriters take their time to perfect their projects. But for aspiring copywriters — What if you finish 30-day campaigns 50% faster?

Your monthly campaigns get finished in only 15 days! All you would need to do is determine how many words you can write within 2 hours. I can write up to 1,500 words in two hours. That means I can write a 30-day ad campaign (500 words per ad) in 10 days!

And if you're already writing over 1,500 words of copy in under 2 hours — You are something special. The better you get at copy and time management… the more projects you can fulfill in a month.

The more projects you can fulfill in a month equals the more you'll make in a month. The key to writing to get attention is writing good headlines. You've got to make your first paragraph flow clearly with your headline.

Key Takeaways: Time how many words you can write in a couple of hours. Two ads a day gets your 30-day campaign finished in 15 days. The more projects that you can complete in a month, the more money you'll make.

Writing Headlines

Writing Headlines

Assuming you know how to jot down product/service benefits — I'll show you how to purify a benefit to a headline.

Step 1 — Your benefit

-Tire foam makes your tires shiny

Step 2 — Ask rhetorically, "So what, what's in it for me?"

-Cleaner looking car

Step 3 — Ask again, "So what, what's in it for me?"

-Go into town unconcerned about appearance

Step 4 — One last time, ask, "So what, what's in it for me?"

-Drive with more confidence

Boom! There you have it. The "Drive with confidence" benefit is now headline-worthy! Stated — If you've got many benefits, put them through the refinement process.

You'll end up with a bundle of headlines in your grasp. Give this headlines generator process a try. Unless you purposely want to struggle writing headlines.

Key takeaways: Follow the process above to refine your benefits into headlines. Generate a good headline sooner by writing your benefits first and refining them.

Headline Writing Practice

Headline Writing Practice

You know, I originally discovered from a book how to write headlines. But I've found a better concept for headline writing from another book!

Practice your headline writing through your benefits. Your product's headline should always mention its #1 benefit. It's what's in it for them that we're talking about here. You can either figure out your headline early or later on. I don't know about you, but I prefer to get the most vital part of my copy…


Here's what happens when you write your benefits first —

  • You get the best results with a headline arsenal: Imagine staring at 7 headline-worthy benefits when you only need 1? Those are issues you want to have. When you write the benefits first, you too can have several headlines to choose from.

  • You discover up to 7x's headline variations: Not every benefit is the same. How many benefits can you say about your business? I imagine a lot! Probably ten, twenty, or thirty! When you refine your benefits, you have so many headlines to choose from.

  • You finish campaigns in half the time it takes you: How long does it take you to complete a thirty-day ad campaign? If you answered thirty, I've got good news for you. You can finish your ad campaigns in half the time by writing more ads in a day. Write two ads a day, and your campaign will be ready to go in fifteen days!

  • Retain more clients: The beauty of writing your benefits first is finding your headline. When you get the rightful headline, you'll retain more readers. When you keep more readers, you'll have more leads. More leads then turn into customers. And ultimately, customers become loyal clients.

So, if you are new to the copywriting process — Why not apply a strategy that yields all of the above?

Key Takeaways: Practice your headline writing through your benefits. When it comes to prospects, it's always, "What's in it for them."


That concludes today's copywriting lessons. Writing to get attention goes fulfilled by writing top-notch headlines.

The headline is the ad for the ad -Jay Abraham

If you can write great headlines, you can get people to read your ads. Writing your attention-grabbing intro is easy when you write your benefits first.

Don't forget to refine your benefits with the "What's in it for me" questions. You can absorb the knowledge of headline writing by writing the benefits first, refining them, and choosing the ultimate benefit for your headline.

Lastly… no! The headline to this post is not clickbait. You can finish ad campaigns by monitoring your words per hour. Then you can squeeze an extra ad per day and finish your campaigns 50% faster!

Don't write one ad per day for your client's 30-day ad campaign. Instead, write two ads per day, and your client will get his/her order within 15 days. Dare to squeeze 3 ads a day, and it'll only take you 10 days to finish a month's supply of ads.

Comment below. What is your attention-grabbing marketing strategies? What techniques do you use to generate headlines?

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