What Is The Difference Between Copywriting and Content Writing?

What is the importance of copy and content? Copy is meant to sell, and content is meant to attract. Get comfortable writing content for your business. Content writing is content marketing. Remember marketing without the internet? The truth is I don't remember marketing without the internet. I was lucky to grow up in the internet age. Are you new to online marketing?

Join the most overlooked marketing efforts and give your brand recognition. Every business guru has content on their website, and so should you. Content writers target headlines and sub-headlines, which should be SEO rich. Your prospects search for keywords every day, week, and month and that's your opportunity to add those keywords to your content writing.

Power up your helping hand. Giving help through good content writing allows your prospects to say, "Thanks! Let's see what else is on this website." Content writing is research or documentation of how you went about your journey in your industry.

Load your content with helpful advice that your reader can enjoy. Content writing is simple! It would help if you had SEO keywords, a headline, sub-headlines, and 1000 words of content.

Don't get stuck with the difference between copy and content anymore. Copywriting is salesmanship in writing. Copywriting is words that sell. Content writing is writing that informs. Do you enjoy math (I don't)? Math enthusiasts make great copywriters. Formula implementation and words per sentence is math. Copywriting requires formula, and content writing doesn't.

Copywriting requires emotion, clarity, story flow, and calls to action. Copywriting requires you to ask for action. Content writing does not require a call to action. So the next time someone asks you, "What is the difference between copywriting and content writing?" Respond with, "Pshh! That's an easy one!"

Key takeaways: Content writing is information for your viewers. Copywriting is words that sell. Your content should have 1000 words or more.

What Is The Purpose of Blogs? - Show The Internet Your Business

It's no secret that blogs work. Create a blog for your business that makes your competitor's blogs look like newbies. Don't settle for a website that looks like you're only looking to collect money and nothing else. Settle for a website that educates your audience.

So what is the purpose of blogs? The purpose of blogs is to bring more people to your website (business). Your blog advantage is - - marketing your business by being yourself.

Be yourself and provide free information when you blog. Your viewers will love you for your words of wisdom. When you blog, don't try to sound like someone else.

Sooner or later, you'll speak with your clients, and they'll be able to tell if your voice fits your blog voice. The blog experts will say to you to be yourself when you blog. You may not know it, but your voice and personality vibe well with crowds of people.

Follow the wisdom of pro bloggers, and they'll all tell you to be yourself. SEO rich keywords are a blogger's best friend. Get hooked on the idea of SEO! SEO keywords can attract thousands of people to your blog giving your viewers useful information.

Time-saving blogging tips

  • Use your timer: Everyone has a timer. Set your timer at 2 hours per 1000 words. Suppose you don't meet your deadline - - practice until you do. I've used the timer technique and currently writing 1000 words in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

  • SEO is a must: Add 4 SEO keywords plus a conclusion for every blog. Do you see the big 24 point font sub-headlines on this blog? My sub-headlines are SEO packed, and there's four of them. When you add 4 SEO keywords per blog post… Google loves it! Remember, your blogs should be 1000 words or more. If you use 4 SEO keywords and 500-word posts - - Google will not rank your posts.

  • Use social media: Post your blogs on your homepage. Add #hashtags on Twitter with your tweets. Hashtags can attract the right traffic. Make sure your hashtags are relevant to your industry (#copywriting). Posting your blogs on social media increases traffic to your website… and traffic is good!

  • Be consistent: The startling truth about failed blogs is lack of consistency. You keep posting daily and keep growing. No blogs equal to no traffic. Say yes to commitment, and you'll feed the search engines… like adding twigs to fire, little by little. Increase your blogging consistency. Have your timer ready and try the 1 blog a day for 30 days challenge.

Welcome to the age of blogging. Try the secrets above and spiff up your brand.

Key takeaways: The purpose of your blog is to drive traffic to your website. Blogs are meant to inform your audience. Time yourself when you blog and attempt to do better. Add SEO to your blogs for traffic generation. Be consistent every day and try to do 1 blog a day for 30 days.

How to Get More Traffic to Your Website For Free?

The unexpected thrill on how to get more traffic to your website for free is content. You need website content, or your customers will flee to a website that does.

Content is an internet business worth taking part in. Content could be YouTube videos, podcasts, blogs, and SEO copywriting. You can add all the different forms of content to your website and give your brand recognition.

Remember, if you decide to blog, stick to blogging until you've mastered blogging. After you master blogging, then you can move on to video content.

How to get more traffic to your website for free checklist:

  • Build a website

  • Start a blog

  • Implement SEO on your website/blog

  • Post your article on social media

  • Have guest blog posts

  • Create YouTube content

  • Start a Podcast

I'm sure there are more ways to get more traffic to your website for free. Give the checklist a try but focus on one traffic-generating skill and stick with it. Once you master one traffic-generating skill, you are free to experiment with another skill.

Key takeaways: You generate free website traffic with your content. Content can be podcasts, videos, and blog posts. You must pick one traffic-generating skill and stick with it. Once you master one traffic-generating skill, you can move on to another skill.

What Is The Purpose of Business Writing? - Generate Sales

It's a simple question! But the question: What is the purpose of business writing - - is a commonly asked keyword question. The purpose of business writing is to generate sales.

Got an e-commerce website and some merchandise? Business write! Got some services that are struggling to sell? Business write! Business writing is the "old school" substitute term for copywriting. Copywriting and business writing are the same thing.

Let's say you are a business executive and you decide to write a proposal to share with your business partners at a meeting… your business letter would be better off with business writing.

Business writing is not supposed to be full of academic writing with tricky words. You want to make sure your clarity is just as good as your persuasiveness.

The purpose of business writing is to convince your readers to take action. You can use business writing to propel your career. Many business writers utilize their writing talent to upgrade their resumes and cover letters. You could have better odds of landing a copywriting job by business writing your resume and cover letter.

I encourage you to customize your "about me" page on your website with business writing. Business writing makes everything that is business-related so much better.

Key takeaways: The purpose of business writing is to generate sales. Try using business writing for your resume. Do you have business meetings? Before sharing a proposal with your business partners… business write your proposal first.

Make Money With Copywriting - Is It Possible?

So you've made it this far, and you're probably thinking, "How do I make money with copywriting? Start freelancing with Fiverr or Upwork. Fiverr has at least a million or more visitors. By leveraging freelance platforms, your climb the ranks higher. Freelance platforms generate all the traffic for you.

Freelance platforms are popular and have a Blog of their own. By creating an account on Fiverr, you leverage the traffic Fiverr's team generates with their hard work.

Freelancing platforms are not the only way to make money with copywriting. You can create your website and attract clients through content creation and social media marketing. Your website route to making money with copywriting will take longer than leveraging a freelance platform.

Your third option for making money with copywriting is through a copywriting job. Do you like the hourly wage hustle? Apply to copywriting jobs, get hired, and get paid well. The only drawback to copywriting jobs is not getting paid enough for your skills. If you are new to the copywriting game, a copywriting job is excellent for gaining experience.

The fourth and final option I will share with on how to make money with copywriting is… LinkedIn Marketing.

The fourth option is not the easiest route, but it's the route with the most potential. LinkedIn is loaded with business executives who are looking to hire copywriters by contract (my favorite).

By taking a couple of LinkedIn marketing courses, I learned that How to Win Friends and Influence People is the best approach to making sales on the platform. Invest in the book and put the tips and tricks into action.

Key takeaways:

  1. Leverage platforms like Fiverr and Upwork for more gig sales.

  2. Create a website to attract viewers with your content marketing.

  3. Share your content through social media.

  4. Discover network marketing secrets and put them into action with LinkedIn.

Summing Up Today's Lesson

Copywriting is words that sell, and content writing is words that inform. The purpose of your blogs is to generate more traffic and give them useful information.

Once you give your viewers free information, they'll be thankful and might buy something on your website. To get more traffic to your website, you have the options of blogs, YouTube, social media, podcasts, and SEO copywriting.

Your traffic generating options are all free! For today's blog, we learned terminology like business writing. Many people get confused about what copywriting is, and it enlightens people when you tell them copywriting is business writing. Vice versa, business writing is copywriting… they are the same thing.

Business writing has goals of making sales and generating action. Finally, I showed you four ways to make money with copywriting, and you'll be pleased to learn that you can make sales easier on Fiverr or Upwork as a beginner.

Wrapping it up, I hope this article helps boost your copywriting career to the next level. Try some of the techniques I have shared with you and leave some feedback on how it worked out for you. Thank you for your time, and good luck on your journey!

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