What Is An Ad Copy?

What Is An Ad Copy

Not just another get rich scheme gimmick. You'll fall in love posting ad copy and getting traffic when you do it right. Your most popular ad copy will be Google ads. Google ads do you a great favor by posting your ads at the top of your niche's search results. My brief answer to what is an ad copy is…

A sales letter advertisement which answers any objections your prospects may have about your product/service.

When deciding to invest in ad copy, you will join the ranks of pros who get more out of their business.

You have heard me say in earlier blogs that purchasing ads for your business is a good venture. Purchasing ad copy adds an extra group of prospects to your website. You should, first and foremost, have content on your website before you invest in paid ads. Paid ads generate traffic, but once your budget runs out — so does your traffic.

Your ad copy journey doesn't stop or begin with paid ads. Your ad copy journey starts with your content production. Content production that generates traffic to your website.

Your ad copy marketing options are so advanced that it's simple. Let's say you have 30 SEO rich blog posts. Out of your 30 blog posts, you're generating 10,000 viewers to your website. You then decided to invest in paid ads. You are generating great numbers with your ad copy. Then your budget goes dry, and you're worried about what will happen next. Since you already have content (blog posts) on your website, you can afford for your traffic to go generated through your organic content.

It's a lot more clear to have traffic on your website as something to fall back on when your budget runs out. When you're ready to run your next campaign, you already have traffic going to and from your website.

In simple terms, it is riskier paying for ads and not having any traffic generated organically with your content.

If you plan to run ads and have ample content on your website, you have the green light to invest in paid ads.

Here are a few of the platforms you can promote your business on to generate more traffic:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Google

  • LinkedIn

  • YouTube

I listed the big ones at the top of my head, but I'm sure there are many more social media platforms where you can post your ad copy on. Today I will go over Facebook, YouTube, and Google ads.

Do Google Ads Work?

Do Google Ads Work

If you already have a good amount of traffic coming to your website through blogs and video content -- Google ads is a great place to start. Think of it: Google is the most popular search engine in the world.

Some people use Bing and Yahoo, but Google is king! Google ads are feisty since a paid Google ad can place your business on page #1. Google ads are temporary, so understand that paid ads are not permanent when Google ranks your ads on page #1. It's better to have your website stacked with content first and paid ads second.

It makes sense to use your SEO on your website. Plus, when you add paid ads on top of your content, your traffic will be scorching hot with visitors.

So do Google ads work? Yes! Google ads certainly work. You'll be surprised to discover that you can go listed at number 1 in your niche with Google ads. Still not convinced Google ads work? I typed in "copywriting" in Google's search results, and Google reported 61,500,000 results for the term "copywriting." You mean to tell me Google ads don't work when in reality, Google ads can put you at #1 on page 1 of your niches search results.

I'll take it as a yes! Google ads do work! As a copywriter, I know I don't have the popularity and content to put me on page 1 of google. But with the content I already have and a paid ad campaign, I could spend my way to page 1 of Google for my industry. Google ads are powerful! Give it a try once you've got content running on your website.

Don't forget to make your ad copy compelling. Make every last penny of your investment work.

Want to gain an unfair advantage over your competition? Google is among the "top dogs" to consider advertising your product or service with. Google ads can get expensive, but for the right price, you'll achieve your ad goals. Let's say your niche is Web Development. When someone searches for web developers, your Google ad copy will appear at the top. Even if there are web development companies at the top

Facebook Ad Copy

Facebook Ad Copy

Everybody's talking about Facebook ad copy and the results you can reap from it. One of America's most favored social media platform with billions of users worldwide is pure gold.

There's one problem! Facebook ads are faulty! Many advertisers don't do Facebook ads for their clients. Facebook ads have frustrated many clients! Facebook has made some changes where their system forbids your ads and does not display them! Ugh! Whew! Sorry folks, I'm frustrated that one of America's best social media platforms makes advertising harder than it should be.

You can't count on Facebook to display all of you or your client's ads. I know a few freelancers on Fiverr who have some unhappy clients. Facebook blocked (some) their ad copy from going displayed. It's not that Facebook sees your ads as spam or false advertising. I think it's a fault in the system.

Many freelancers who sell Facebook ads are placing a notice on their gigs, stating Facebook may not display their ads. What a headache, right?!

If you plan to post Facebook ads, remember that some of your ads won't go displayed.

What do you do if your Facebook ads are not getting displayed? You have to contact Facebook customer support, and they'll try to fix your problem.

Contacting Facebook customer support to fix your ads isn't a big deal. It's only a big deal when your client thinks he/she got scammed and gives you a bad review for the fact that they don't contact Facebook's customer support for themselves.

All faults in Facebook ads aside… you can make some money with Facebook ads. If you are planning to post some Facebook ads for yourself, make your ads compelling! Use all of your copywriting knowledge when writing your ads and write kick-butt headlines.

If you are thinking about building some Facebook ads for your business, go for it! If you are thinking about writing some Facebook ad copy for your clients, make sure they know the risks.

How Much Are YouTube Ads?

How Much Are YouTube Ads

YouTube ads can be the key to your success if you produce video content. You've probably heard before that content is king. YouTube videos are content and promoting your videos is a good move. Before we go into specifics, you are probably wondering how much are YouTube ads?

YouTube ads can cost from $0.10-$0.30 per view or action generated. When do your ads stop?

When your daily budget is done, let's say your daily budget is $10. If you get a calculator, you'll realize your daily budget will run out when you reach 100 views. With your daily budget at $10, you'll generate 100 views a day. This is my rough estimate, and it could cost you more.

It's important to have plenty of content of your own to get the best out of your YouTube ads experience.

Fun fact, many people search videos of a product before they buy it. If you are a video content creator, you have money-making potential. Videos help win trust with your prospects.

YouTube ads get two thumbs up from me. Remember to have video content posted on your channel before you invest in paid ads.

What Are Your Next Steps?

It's simple, you either learn how to write ad copy or pay a professional. Copywriting is a skill that can't go known overnight. Writing exquisite copy takes time. If you decide to take the chance to learn how to write copy, my advice is to get mentorship or read books from the best copywriters ever.

With books by the legendary John Caples or Eugene Schwartz, you can learn the art of persuasion. Soon you'll be on your way to whipping up some of your finest ad copy masterpieces.

If you can write copy, you can compose ad copy content. Fidgeting around with the internet software is your only challenge. Once you get the hang of your ad copy software, you'll be in good shape to generate more people to your business.

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