What Is AIDA About? - Revealing Growth With One Formula

Growing your marketing efforts with an old yet proven formula. AIDA is hands down my favorite formula for writing short and medium-length ads. What is AIDA in marketing? AIDA is a copywriting formula that stands for attention, interest, desire, and action.

The solution to your copywriting efforts could fall back on one formula and bring consistent results. AIDA was/is a copywriting formula that doesn't age. Advertising legend David Ogilvy writes about AIDA in Ogilvy Advertising.

Attention: Write a great headline first and foremost. Grab your audiences attention with grabbers like:





Write your product/services attention-getting facts until you reach interest in your advertisement.

Interest: Storytelling is a great way to keep your prospect interested. Now that you have your audience's attention start gaining their interest. Use words like…





Desire: Some writers start on desire first. Your first task in writing the desire portion is to write your product's benefits. Some writers begin on desire first to get the flow of thoughts going and onto the paper. Writing the benefits first is a momentum technique to get your headline faster. This approach of writing the benefits first is not mandatory, but it helps get your mental juices flowing so your paper isn't blank all day long.

Action: The easiest part is asking your traffic for action. What do you want? More subscribers? More sales? Make it clear in your call to action what you want your viewers to do next. Ask your audience to act now. Believe it or not, during a sales letter, the reader wants instruction. Readers want to be told what to do next. Don't ask them to take their time. Tell your prospects to act now!

Key takeaways: AIDA is amongst the most popular formulas. AIDA is a formula that is not dated. AIDA was used decades ago, and AIDA goes used today.

Advertising Writing - Increase Action

It's copywriting. A proper advertisement has a formula and emotion embedded in it. The next time someone asks you what advertising writing is? Tell them it's copywriting. Advertisements work and have been working since advertising was only paper and ink.

When you write an advertisement, your goal should be to write your biggest benefit in the headline and use a caption on whatever photo you use.

Did you know readers of advertisements have an interest in the caption of your picture? You must use a caption for your image.

Advertisements can go seen everywhere! Those ads on YouTube that are inevitable were a written script before it was made into a video.

Advertisement writing is the profit-generating industry, just like copywriting.

The way digital advertisements have shaped up in our time is with short descriptions. Online ads take up a small space on the web.

Could you advertise your business on the top of Google's search engines? Yes, your ads could! However, when you use Google ads, they are purchased ads.

There is some platform where you can post ads online for free.

This platform is known as Offer-Up. OfferUp allows you to place your products up for sale for free. Craigslist can only do free ads in some product categories, not all. When I would post furniture ads on Craigslist, they'd be free. But when I'd post my resume on Craigslist, the ad would cost me $5.

Advertisements are simply pieces of copy, intending to increase action from your traffic.

Key takeaways: Advertising writing should have your biggest benefit in your headline. Always add a caption to your pictures. Google Ads use short copy. Try Offer-Up to advertise your products for free.

Improving Business Writing Skills - The Only Exercise You Will Ever Need

Business writing skills are copywriting skills. Did you know copywriting back in the day was called business writing? Why people decided to call business writing by the name copywriting - - I'll never know.

Business writing skills are what you acquire when you study the art of copywriting. Business writing skills consist of formulas, logic, emotions, headlines, sub-headlines, captions, and calls to action.

You strengthen your business writing skills by going to and writing all the ads on the website by hand with paper and ink. As soon as you rewrite the swipe files by hand, reread what you have written at least five times out loud.

The technique I just showed you might seem crazy, but bear with me…

It works!

This writing secret is what all successful copywriters practice to stick the copy in their memory. Try it! You'll grasp the meaning of copywriting a lot faster with these secrets.

Business writing could be long or short. Business writing should not be confusing with overly complex words.

Your business writing should aim to be clear and logical. A lot of times, clarity in business writing triumphs over persuasion.

Persuasion is good, but it should not feel forced when you are writing. Some products or services you are describing can be arduous.

Key takeaways: Re-writing successful advertisements by hand with pen and paper makes you a better copywriter.

Why Is Business Writing Important?

As mentioned above, business writing skills are very crucial to communicate your message to your audience.

Business writing is a maker and breaker for customer attraction. Good business writing equals interested buyers. In contrast, complex and poor business writing equates to no action.

Your copy should be comprehensive, informative, and proficient. Below are a few points highlighting why business writing is important:

  • Business Writing & Testimonials: Good writers should have testimonials ready to showcase. And as good business writers, we should ask our clients for testimonials if they have any.

If you purchased some copy from me, you'd have to fill out the testimonials portion on your copywriting brief. If I didn't ask for testimonials from you, it wouldn't be good copy.

"Apparently, the principle of social proof works best when the proof is provided by the actions of many other people." -Dr. Robert Cialdi

Dr. Cialdini says that having social proof works best when you have more testimonials and reviews.

On a side note, the book I'm quoting is called Influence Science Practice by Robert Cialdini. I highly recommend the book! It'll magnify your business writing skills.

Got testimonials? Create a folder on your desktop and place your testimonials in there or on a thumb drive. Don't forget to share plenty of your testimonials with your prospect.

  • Business writing enhances web presence: I'm familiar with the blogging and content marketing industry. I've been familiarized with the content marketing industry for a few years. Blog posts and articles enhance your web presence. Business writing with SEO also enhances web presence. If you do e-commerce, business writing is a must. Business writing is better than no writing at all.

  • Business writing works: Business writing works! I've written one ad for one couch description, and that one ad sold all of the inventory. In business writing, you can do exhilarate things like writing two ads for a car and seeing which ad outworked the other. The way business writing works is the more expensive the product, the more copy you need to justify the purchase. Selling products or services? Business writing works better than typical sales pitches.

Key Takeaways: Good business writers should always ask their clients for their testimonials. Include your client's testimonials in their copy for the "prove it" factor. The more testimonials you demonstrate, the better. Invest in Influence Science Practice by Dr. Robert Cialdini.

What Is Copywriting In Advertising?

Copywriting is advertising! Advertising is copywriting. Advertising wouldn't be as effective without copywriting and vice versa.

In both copywriting and advertising, we use words that sell. Expanding more on the topic, copywriting is the process of writing promotional materials for businesses. Copywriting can be visual or textual or a combination of both.

Advertising copywriting goes based on marketing a product according to your targeted audience.

Key takeaways: Advertising and copywriting are the same.

Freelance For Beginners - 5 Platforms To Land Your Next Job

Freelance work can go found anywhere! Right now, I'm going to share with you the best freelance writing sites for beginners.

There are tons of options available online to explore. Freelance writing is lovely. You get to take naps, work at your own pace, and deliver quality writing from the comfort of your home. You are your boss, and you get to earn well. These freelance sites can escalate your credibility and skills. Here are some freelance websites to keep your eyes on:

  1. Guru: 'Guru' stands for the teacher, and in this portal, you can register yourself by defining the freelance services you want to offer. Employers browse this website to pick freelancers for their company. You could land good jobs on this platform. Make sure you take your time and customize your profile properly. Once your profile is all set - - blazon your profile and look for work.

  2. With more than hundreds of job listings, this website helps you find work, and you could submit proposals directly to the employer. From content writing to website building, you can find various writers on Freelancer. And you can apply for several freelance work on this platform... if you have an abundance of skills.

  3. Upwork: This is another portal to find writing jobs for your industry. On Upwork, one can find writing jobs for developers, marketers, information security, web designing, etc. Upwork allows you to post your gigs at your desired price. Upwork has a job post section where you can send proposals and bid for jobs. Upwork is worth investigating.

  4. ProBlogger: This website provides job postings related to freelancers, but one exciting feature is the culture it has created on the web. Both aspiring and proficient bloggers share their experiences on this website and promote blogging as a medium, which we appreciate in our freelance industry. There are several writing jobs on ProBlogger posted daily. ProBlogger is good for beginners. Employers on this site don't have unreasonable expectations for you to land the job.

The Wrap Up

I reviewed many typical questions in this blog. Some questions were simple.

Questions so simple they only would require two or three sentences to answer. And I answered some questions that I could talk about non-stop. If you're running an ad campaign, give the AIDA formula a try. I think you'll love the AIDA formula since it's proven to work.

If you would like to unlock your copywriting potential, go to and write down every ad in the "control" section by pen and paper. After writing down an ad, read it five times out loud and decode the sales message.

I mentioned this technique earlier in this article. Copywriting exercises work! Grab a pen and paper, go to and practice your copywriting skills now.

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