What Does Digital Media Offer That Tv Advertising Does Not?

What Does Digital Media Offer That Tv Advertising Does Not?

The answer is simple, tv advertising, for one, isn't cheap. Tv advertising sleeps, and digital media advertising does not sleep. Some paid programming channels run all day, but not everyone gets on cable to watch paid programming.

YouTube comes installed in every modern smart tv, and this is a problem for cable networks. Did you know YouTube's internet ranking is #2 in the world? YouTube is where digital media gains the edge on tv advertising. As you now know, YouTube comes flooded with ads, and you can't do anything but wait 5 seconds until you can press skip.

Within those five seconds, several digital media marketers pull in dozens of leads.

What does digital media offer that tv advertising does not?

Five things digital ads have that tv ads don't —

  1. Affordable ads: You can set your ad prices with digital media low. If you place your ad budget at $100, then that's what you get. You can set your budget as low and as high as you want. Digital ads have flexibility with their pricing.

  2. #1 & #2 market place on the internet (Google & YouTube): Google and YouTube are the best on the internet, and you can advertise without your budget reaching overwhelming costs.

  3. The internet doesn't sleep: Notably, we both know the internet doesn't sleep. Tv paid advertising does sleep. Do you notice tv paid advertising is only at certain times of the day? With digital media, your ad can go posted on YouTube and Google Ads day and night.

  4. Scalability: With digital media, you are not limited to YouTube and google. You run ads from every social media platform for a dynamic marketing combo. Digital media is much more scalable than I'm mentioning.

  5. Lasting use value: You can go back and forth with your advertising using digital media. As far as tv advertising goes, you'll have to wait your turn.

Digital Billboard Advertising

Digital Billboard Advertising

Designed for today's billboard advertising! Digital billboard advertising looks better than those paper ones that fade out of color.

One day I went to Selma (a small town south of Clovis) and was stuck in traffic. As I reached closer to the intersection, I gazed upon a digital billboard. I was proud to see a small town doing so much better. What caught my attention the most was the billboard's features. The digital billboard said, "Post your ad here for $80 a month." Digital billboards are the future and could make ordinary billboards defunct (obsolete).

The digital billboard advertising that I encountered would display more than one ad. It was one of those slide show digital billboards. It's a genius way for the owner of that digital billboard to get some cash by simply owning the billboard.

Taking a guess, you want to know if it's worth advertising your product or service on a digital billboard...

Suppose the digital billboard near you is in an active area, then yes, it's worth it. Make sure you are getting your money's worth if you plan to pay for digital billboard advertising. It's not the cheapest, and the closest digital billboard advertising spot costs $80 per month for 12 months. A yearly contract goes required for the billboard that's near me. So if you're willing to invest a total of $960 per year, make sure that your area has heavy traffic (literally).

The digital billboard near me has heavy traffic in every corner of the four-way intersection. Digital billboard advertising is the future replacement for paper billboards. What do you think? Will digital billboards thrive in the future?

Social and Cultural Impact Of Advertising

Social and Cultural Impact Of Advertising

I'm sure you can find a more academic blog spot to give you the social and cultural impact of advertising. But as someone who is in the advertising industry, I believe you'll find my experience valid.

The cultural impact of advertising is here, and I'll give it to you like this: Are you aware of the video gaming industry? The video gaming industry has spread to smartphones. The gaming industry has a massive culture with them. One day, I played a Google Play Store game called Ball Blast, and I fell for it...

I saw Russell Brunson's Lead Funnels Book and couldn't resist. I bought the book for a little over $7. If you know me, you'd know that I love books! Books are my soft spot. I can spend lots of dollars on books and not feel bad after.

Anyway, when I bought the book, it took me a day to soak in, "I bought a book from a video game ad."

It's safe to say the cultural impact surrounding video game ads got the best of me.

What about the social impact that social media advertising has on us? One time I wanted to belong with some of the hotshots in the copywriting industry and bought a book off someone's tweet post. I wanted to get noticed. I was a beginner copywriter at the time, and I wanted to get closer to the author. The book was still good, so it wasn't a wasted effort.

The social impact that social media advertising had on me was the emotion — Feeling of belonging. We can always create a fanbase environment through social media, and the effect is subscribers and followers.

Of course, the social impact of advertising has been around for a while. The new "big dog" in town is video game advertising.

Placing your ad on a video game ad is so dynamic it got me to spend some money on it. I understand advertising, so I don't often say, "They got me!" But, a video game ad did get me to buy.

Video game advertising is the future, in my opinion. Look into it and share your experience with other visitors of this chat in the comment section and me.

By Now You Know The Internets Potential

So, if you've been promoting tv ads, it's never too late to adopt digital ads. Everything is shaping towards digital advertising. Television ads are still a good investment, but in my opinion, you have so much scalability with digital ads.

Some of today's opportunities go hidden since most people are only familiar with standard billboard ads. Not anymore! Several towns are adopting digital display billboard ads near busy intersections. If you're looking to gain more local clients, digital billboard ads are a great idea.

As time goes on, ads get more creative. I never thought a video game ad would get me to purchase something. Keep your eyes on video game ads since smartphone games are super popular. More popularity equals more qualified prospects when you have some value to offer.

Share your experience in the comment section regarding digital and television advertisements. What's your experience with digital and tv ads?

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