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Web Design Advertising

Don't let your copy get skipped! Spruce up your ads with some web design. You'll be shocked at how effective it is. When it comes to web design and advertising, not everybody knows how to do web design. Big companies hire an advertiser and hire a web designer separately.

When we write copy, we get paid for our words. We don't have to do the web designing for our clients. Web design and advertising tend to be compatible for reasons that make them a power couple.

Web designers take a word document and convert it into a gorgeous web site. When you write your advertisement, imagine what your copywriting will look like on a landing page.

Usually, when you think of web design and advertising, you think of a landing page. A landing page is your website's home page. Why does a landing page need web design and advertising? A landing page is set to do one thing…

Make sales!

Entrepreneurs who are in the e-commerce field tend to hire landing page copywriting experts. Second, your client's landing page is going to need a web designer. If you are a copywriter, your job is not to web design your client's landing page. Your client will have to hire a web designer if he/she wants customization.

Assuming you are an advertiser, network and make connections with web designers. Web designers could help customize your client's copy.

Making network connections with web designers could turn out well. Web designers can refer their clients over to your direction if they need advertisements. You can hire a web designer on Fiverr, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Upwork, Freelancer, and Truelancer.

Web Design Language - Software Has Made It Easy!

Web Design Language

That's right! The web design language is easy now. Back then, from 2016 and years before…

Web design was hard!

Web design language back then was not easy to understand. Web design language used complex codes like CSS, Java, and UX. Now with website builders like Wix and Squarespace - - you can easily create a website.

All you have to do is click on a template you like and design by pressing buttons.

From 2010 and below, you had to hire a professional to code your website with web design language. I bought a thick book on javascript back in 2013. While studying Java script, I thought to myself, "this is hard! How am I suppose to do this?!"

Now software has made life easier. To create a website, all I need is a template and some copy. Templates are limited compared to a web designer. I've seen some websites where I'd ask myself how the web designer accomplished such a design.

If I had to rank the best way to obtain your dream website, I'd say hire a web designer. A web designer can make your website interact better than standard templates.

If you don't have much money to spend, then building your website is an affordable choice.

Why Is Web Design Important?

Why Is Web Design Important

The web would be too serious, boring, and no fun without web design.

Web design keeps your visitors on your web page for a longer time. A boring website will make your viewers leave fast.

Web design is important since stock photos and templates with stock layouts just don't cut it. The way your website looks is the way your store will look.

If you decide to hire a web designer, have your designer take care of your landing page and checkout page. A lot of sales can be generated with a good-looking landing page. Your checkout page should be easy for your clients to maneuver. If your checkout page is complicated to use and navigate, invest in a web designer.

There's a company that has some templates that look like a web designer created one by one. I'm talking about Web Flow. I'm not a promoter of Web Flow. I gave Web Flow a try for about a month, and their templates were so interactive and beautiful!

The template I purchased for $25 looked like something worth in the thousand dollar range. Do you want interactive? I suggest you investigate Web Flow. Web flow is for advanced users who have some tech-savviness. Web Flow did have me scratching my head in confusion with its buttons.

I'm not sure how well Web Flow websites rank on Google. I would research Web Flows effectiveness. Web Flow templates are hands down the most appealing, in my opinion.

The bottom line is web design is important for you and your brand identity.

What Is The Purpose Of Improving Your Business Writing?

What Is The Purpose Of Improving Your Business Writing

Everyone should have a desire to collect. As a copywriter, the desire to collect is an emotion of persuasion. Having a call to action is having a desire to collect. My best answer to why copywriting is important is - -

Headlines, sub-headlines, calls to action, emotion, story flow, clarity, etc...

Have you ever thought about printing flyers, brochures, posting ads, and thought to yourself…

How am I going to write this? What should I say?

The best way to max out your product or service descriptions is to write copy. All those times you wondered how you'd compose your sales description… your answer should have been, "Write copy!"

Copywriting is important and more expensive than your average content. I know you've heard me tell my furniture sales story's many times over. But look, you can adapt what I documented with my sales experience.

I would write an ad for less than a hundred bucks, and the average furniture pieces would go for $650+! With my help, I generated my client $550 of revenue.

Let's take it a step further. Let's say you wrote automotive sales copy and you sold a $10,000 car. With your online listing for as low as $500, you helped a client generate $9,500 in revenue.

If you're a copywriter or new to copywriting, don't underestimate the effectiveness of your copy. Copywriting works, and it's much better than a description at the top of your head.

Your calls to action don't always have to be a purchase option. You can have an e-mail subscription call to action for your viewers. Or you can tell your audience to "comment below." You are ultimately the decision-maker when it comes to your call to action. When it comes to your clients, they're the ones who decide what call to action you will write.

Copywriting is good at making your offer a must-have. With the formulations and tactics of copywriting, copy lingers around in your prospects' heads during daily activities. If your sales message is strong, it will linger in your prospects' minds, and they'll consider purchasing.

Copy helps buyers who want something be convinced that they want it. Copywriting is the art of persuasion. My first copywriting venture was writing furniture descriptions.

During my furniture sales phase… I realized that when somebody has money and is seriously looking for what you've got… copywriting is the bridge between the prospect and the sale.

Web Design Ads - A Nice Couple

Web Design Ads

Who doesn't want nice looking ads and landing pages? I have never heard an entrepreneur say, "Yeah, I want my website to look plain and robotic." Never! I know not one business person who prefers inferior, dull, and boring looking website.

This is where web design and copywriting do a fusion initiation. Write your copy the way your copywriting authors show you. Next, have your web designer spiff up your copy and create the best landing page ever! Persuasive words plus world-class web graphics is the way to maximize your brand.

Do you have any web design friends? If you do, I challenge you to ask one of them what they can do with a landing page's worth of copy. Your web designer and his/her answer will surprise you. Web designers can transform words into web art. You have to see it to believe it!

If you're a web designer looking to have your landing page re-written… have a copywriter re-write your landing page for you. As a web designer, you have the talents to make your copywriting look the way you want it to.

Make Web Design and Copywriting Connection

This will conclude today's article on web design and advertising. The key point is to describe your product or service on your website to where everyone could understand it. Afterward, I went over why web design is important.

I touched base on why copywriting is important; Copywriting is salesmanship in the written word. Lastly, I covered why web design copywriting is a powerful duo. Your website layout going customized with quality copy with emotional appeal is irresistible to your readers.

Today's post is very simple and straightforward. Are you a copywriter? If your clients want more from your landing page copy, refer them to a web designer. And if you're a web designer and have clients who can't seem to get sales, refer your web design clients to a copywriter.

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