Types Of Advertising - 4 Types Of Advertising & 1 To Avoid

Types Of Advertising

Imagine life without advertising. Life without advertising would be limited. Advertising is salesmanship with all the fun and excitement. A business wouldn't be scalable without several types of advertising.

Advertising, whether it is in print or online, helps scale your business to greater heights.

I have four advertising options you can choose from to find an opportunity or scale your business to the next level.

Without further or do, let's see what opportunities are right before our eyes.

Digital Advertising - 4 Platforms For Advertising

Digital Advertising

What do you want from digital advertising? Do you want to invest in digital advertising, or do you want to run your show (business)?

Digital advertising platforms that promote your business…

  1. Google Ads: Google is amongst the most popular search engines in the world! Google Ads can place your ads on page 1 of Google! The Google "hype" is real! To be on page 1 of Google search can take years. But Google Ads can place your ads on page one until your budget runs out. Google Ads is the real deal. Don't run Google Ads until you have at least a month or more worth of content on your website.

  2. Craigslist: I may be sounding repetitive, but my top 4 is what has worked for me! Craigslist is a good place to do local digital advertising. For some industries, Craigslist ads are free. Craigslist is not the best for selling virtual services. If you sell physical products and services, Craigslist is a good place to advertise your business locally.

  3. Offer-Up: Offer-Up use to be a local delivery only business platform. Now, as a seller, you can sell locally and through shipping with Offer-Up. Offer-Up was nice with local online sales only. Offer-Up scaled larger by allowing sellers to do shipping. Offer-Up can be an e-commerce jewel mine.

  4. Social media networks: I'm sure you are familiar with Facebook Ads by now. The truth is all social media networks are adopting the ad feature. Pinterest has ads now! I believe Twitter adopted the ad feature (I never saw that one coming). Let's say you have 100 blog posts that generate twenty thousand visitors per month. You proceed to purchase some Google Ads to magnify your ads. You take your process a step forward and stack all of your social media accounts with ads. Your website will become a traffic congregation central! I finally understand why Dan Lok, in his book F.U. Money said an "Internet business is scalable." Cold hard facts, internet business, is the most scalable form of business I've ever come across.

Don't have your digital advertising accounts set up? After this article, make your move and enhance your business with newfound success.

Key takeaways: Transitioning your business to online or a hybrid of both physical and virtual makes you scalable. You can advertise with Google, Offer-up, Craigslist, and social media networks, whether new or experienced.

False Advertising - Avoid It At All Costs

False Advertising

As an advertiser, you know how important it is to avoid false advertising. Why take chances getting in trouble and tarnishing your reputation. False advertising is not being honest about your copy.

False advertising could be a simple "cures your acne" to an exaggerated, "make one hundred thousand in three weeks." Making claims like such will get you backlash.

You are not a con artist, so you don't have to worry about false advertising and its aftermath. False advertising has been working well for con artists scamming people of their money. I got finessed by a con artist earlier last year.

The company promised me content and delivered nothing. Then the company had the nerve to ask for an extra $70 to deliver the goods. I was so angry, but hey, we know false advertising con artists are in the "game" for a short while. One thing is for sure -- con artists have to worry about the FBI and IRS coming after them relentlessly.

How to spot false advertising —

  • Look out for cynical claims which you know are too good to be true.

  • Don't fall for phony BBB (Better Business Bureau) logos on the website.

  • If you have a gut feeling you've been scammed, don't give the con more money no matter how he/she tries to justify it.

  • If the reviews look made up and modified, say no to that company.

  • Search the business on Trust Pilot. I wish I would have listened to the negative reviews on Trust Pilot the day I got scammed.

Key takeaways: False advertising is illegal and should go avoided at all costs. You spot false advertising by examining reviews on Trust Pilot. Don't believe a website with a Better Business Bureau logo. Scammers can copy and paste a BBB logo on their web page.

Advertising Jobs - Don't Give Up Until You Get One

Advertising Jobs

With the job application process... You have to apply to multiple jobs to get various offers…

And choose the offer that is worthy of you!

Here's a list of websites where you can find advertising jobs today—

  • Zip Recruiter

  • Indeed

  • Craigslist

  • Snag a Job

  • LinkedIn

  • Career Builder

  • Glassdoor

I shared with you several job search engines to aid you on your advertising job journey. If you say "I can't find an advertising job," yet you haven't tried all of the job search engines above…

You are not operating to your fullest potential. Apply like no tomorrow to all the search engines I shared, and you should have your advertising job in your back pocket.

Consistency is key with everything. Stay consistent with your job search, and you will succeed!

Key takeaways: Indeed and Craigslist are the places that hire quickly! Give those a try first. Stay consistent with applying to several advertising jobs. When you apply to jobs, be consistent and don't give up until you've used all of the job search engines I listed above.

Social Media Marketing World

Social Media Marketing World

Wouldn't you like to get your feet in the social media marketing world? I want you to know social media marketing is not chaotic. As you are starting in social media, you won't get comments and reactions right away. The responses and comments on social media come later. You will get more visitors to your website when you do content marketing on social media.

Traffic is good! We want traffic. So how do you get followers on social media? Look up 50 inspirational people in your industry and follow them. Every time I do this, I get random people following me, but I don't mind it since those followers I get are in my industry.

Two forms of marketing you can use on social media…

  1. Content marketing

  2. Network marketing

I'm sure there are more social media marketing options, but I mentioned the two I focus on. Content marketing is uploading videos, articles, and podcasts daily. Content marketing works on getting numbers on your website (page views, site sessions, post views, session duration, site bounce rate).

Network marketing is sales. If you think network marketing sales is like the door to door sales, it's not. Network marketing is being your best positive self. Generosity goes preferred in network marketing. With network marketing, you win friends. You win friends by being yourself in conduct. With network marketing, the "sneaky" salesman tactics go ignored.

When you get network marketing right, you'll have connections, clients, and resources.

Your action step to get acquainted with content marketing is writing an article a day for 30 days and posting your articles on social media.

Your second step is to invest in yourself. Discover network marketing secrets with How To Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie. How To Win Friends & Influence People will cost you 11 dollars and some change. It's worth every penny! You are investing in your skills with this book.

Network marketing takes practice, so give it a shot with some guidance.

Key takeaways: You can get your feet wet in the social media industry with content and network marketing. To network market on social media, you need to invest in How To Win Friends & Influence People. This small investment will teach you how to win friends who, in turn, become clients.

Are You Ready For Your Brand Entrance?

Are You Ready For Your Brand Entrance

By brand entrance, I mean grand entrance. Advertising is a form of marketing, and we know how important marketing is for your business. Why stop at only one form of advertising? There are many forms of marketing out there ready for you to implement.

Digital advertising is on the rise, so use the four platforms I shared with you. When you market your business, you sell your brand, so make it count.

If I could recommend one useful skill to you, it would be network marketing. The more you build your network, the more you can build your net worth.

What will be your action steps following your post? Comment below and let me know what has been working for you. Let me know what form of advertising you currently have your sights on.

I look forward to speaking with you.

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