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SEO Copywriting Services

Switch to SEO copywriting when you are ready to rank your website on Google. Success starts with strategy. The strategy that works as hard as you do. It's time for you to get familiar with SEO (search engine optimization) and copywriting. You cannot do SEO copywriting services for print and direct mail. So what's the deal?! Why are SEO copywriting services expensive?

Have you researched product reviews before? Take a look at product review websites. Product review websites have information followed by a call to action at the end. Product review websites are full of SEO keywords and copy. Take a look at this article's headlines and sub-headlines… All of it is SEO copywriting.

The headlines on this article are enhanced to get ranked on Google. The information on this blog comes written with copy.

SEO copywriting doesn't have to be for a product review page. SEO copywriting can go used on landing pages and blog posts. SEO is a standard that is required everywhere on the internet. A good example is amazon e-commerce. A few SEO headlines or sub-headlines could help sellers reach specific markets. SEO combined with Amazon's web authority help rank your product higher on search results.

SEO catapults your web ranking while copywriting vacuums sales for you.

SEO Copywriting is one of the few services that I offer. I offer my SEO copywriting in bundles of 3. I find packaging my SEO copywriting in piles of three pieces more comfortable for my clients.

What Does SEO Stand For In Business?

What Does SEO Stand For In Business?

If questions like this intrigue you, you'll be wise to know SEO stands for search engine optimization. I'm sure that you'll agree that you need business traffic. One thing is for sure: you need SEO to have a successful business. The only people I believe can get away without SEO are celebrities, but they're an exception.

Assuming you're not a celebrity, you need to add SEO keywords to your website and your blog.

As you can see, my website goes found on Google search due to SEO. No SEO equals no traffic (people) to your website. You can blog and get traffic, but your traffic won't be qualified prospects. SEO keywords are phrases and sentences that hundreds and sometimes thousands of people search every month. My sub-headline, "what does SEO stand for in business," is an SEO keyword that gets at least 100 searches every month. That means 100 people are searching for information regarding SEO and its business definition.

Sounds incredible? SEO is amazing, and without it, ranking your website would be very difficult. With our technological advancements… we are lucky.

Key takeaways: SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO helps your website get noticed by Google and eventually by people. SEO helps drive niche-specific traffic to your website.

SEO Marketing Salary

SEO Marketing Salary

An SEO marketing salary varies. According to salary dot com, an SEO marketer's salary ranges from $50,000 - $130,000. As a copywriter, I'm surprised how much the highest SEO marketing strategists get paid! Yet again, SEO is in very high demand.

As long as the internet is around… SEO will be around. Websites are far below their potential without SEO. Come to think of it -- if your competition is using SEO and you're not, your competitors have the edge.

By now, you're probably thinking, "Josh, you've mentioned this already." I have to continue to get my point across. No SEO equals no traffic! So, don't go on selling your company short. Please don't sell your employees short either, they deserve more work, and you deserve more business. So, if you don't have SEO implementation, do it now.

Key takeaways: An SEO marketer's salary ranges from 50k-100k per year. Businesses with content need SEO, and this is good news if you are an SEO marketer.

Best SEO Software For Small Business - 3 SEO Tools For More Traffic

Best SEO Software For Small Business

You probably never thought you'd have to invest in an SEO tool. I want you to know that investing in your business is a good investment. You're going to get your money back and more. You are here due to your interest in the best SEO software for small business.

I will share with your my top three SEO tools for small business, and they are - -

  • SEMRush: SEMRush, located in Boston, Massachusetts, is arguably the best keyword research tool of our time. I did a week trial of SEMRush and was thrilled by the results I generated. The first blog post I published on this website was optimized with SEMRush, and in as little as two, maybe three days tops… my blog got indexed by google. SEMRush lives up to its hype, but for the price tag, it's expensive. Still, if you've got the money, have your sights on SEMRush. SEMRush is $100 per month.

  • Ahrefs: Ahrefs is a company with its headquarters in Singapore. Ahrefs is top-notch! Ahrefs gives you so many results on SEO keywords that work. Ahrefs is my current SEO tool, and I'm not going to lie… it's my favorite so far. The lists of keywords on Ahrefs are huge! Ahrefs has similar handling like SEMRush, but Ahrefs has the keywords with the lowest competition colored in green. Ahrefs is well organized and is a must-try if you are new to SEO software. Ahrefs is expensive, with their base membership going for $79 and the standard membership going for $179 per month. Yikes! Costly but effective nonetheless. I don't know much about Singapore, but they did an excellent job with Ahrefs!

  • Jaaxy: Jaaxy is what I started within in my beginner stage, and it's legit. Jaaxy is punctual with notifying you when Google has indexed your blogs and webpages. Kyle and Carson are the owners of Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate. I did some research and could not find the origin of Jaaxy. Kyle and Carson are Canadian, so I assume Jaaxy is made in Canada. My experience with Jaaxy was pleasant. I created at least 100 blogs with Jaaxy keywords and got indexed by Google on at least 75% of my blogs. Jaaxy is on the cheaper scale of $50 per month. As a beginner, Jaaxy is a good place to start.

After sharing with you my top 3 picks, you are probably mad at me. The price is high for SEO software for small business, but that's the reality of SEO software. My recommendation is to get a free SEO software trial and stock up on keywords before purchasing. That way, you know which SEO software is the right match for you.

Key takeaways: SEO software tools aren't the cheapest. My favorite SEO software tool is Ahrefs. Do free trials to see which SEO tool fits you best.

Why Does SEO Take So Long?

Why Does SEO Take So Long?

You've probably noticed how long it takes to see results from your SEO. SEO isn't something you do one time and say… "we're all good here!" SEO is something where you keep plugging keywords into your website consistently. Now you can take a deep breath and know that SEO is something you do all the time. You apply SEO to your blogs, product descriptions, social media posts, landing page, about me page, and almost everything internet related.

SEO takes a long time if you do five blogs and say, "I'm all set to get traffic." SEO is not an overnight success. SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. If you are asking yourself - - "why does SEO take so long?"

You need to change your approach and realize the more you work on your SEO, the more traffic you'll generate.

I'm a copywriter and a blogger. When I run content marketing campaigns, I keep feeding the search engines, one article at a time. Then the next day, it's time for another post. If you have 60 SEO articles, don't post them all in one day! Instead, post your articles day by day. Your 60 articles will become a 60-day campaign if you post them one by one.

I find the day by day approach to be the best way to generate traffic to your website. Approach your campaigns in the day by day method, and you will be shocked by your Google Analytics.

If your Google Analytics are already doing very well and you're getting plenty of traffic to your website - - SEO isn't your problem. Perhaps you are getting plenty of viewers on your website, but they all leave and purchase nothing.

SEO isn't your problem. Your problem is that your offers aren't compelling enough. How do you make your offers exciting? You make your offers compelling by using the right words.

Key takeaways: SEO is something you do consistently every day to your content. If you have many articles, don't post them all at once. Post your article one by one, day by day. If you have traffic and no buyers, consider making your offer persuasive.

Time To Get Your Content Ranked!

Don't just stand by, waiting for your luck to come. Take charge and invest in SEO for your business. Your business deserves to get ranked and have tens of thousands of potential customers. Providing your business with flimsy content is selling you and your team short. You deserve the best. SEO is not cheap, and SEO is not free. People do SEO for a living and have to get paid. The same way a plumber is not free… they have to get paid as well.

SEO is an investment in your business, and without SEO… I don't know many businesses that are successful without it.

Your next actions steps are to start a free SEO trial and stock-up on keywords related to your business. As soon as you stock up on keywords, write some articles and consistently post them on your social media.

Lastly, come back to this page and share your results with me -- I'd love to hear them.

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