Real Estate Copywriting - 3 Places To List Your Properties

Real Estate Copywriting

You've probably noticed that real estate listings have virtual tours. We live in an increasingly complex society, and generating more appointments with clients is necessary. Real estate copywriting goes rarely used by many agents. Don't believe me? Go to Zillow or your local real estate company's website. You'll come to notice that little to no listings have copy.

In today's competitive marketplace, your online listings should have copy. Real estate copywriting will get more appointment signups. Do you believe the square feet, bedroom, and bathroom details are enough to get your prospect to fill out the appointment card?

Do something extraordinary and list your properties with copywriting. The more compelling your message, the more desire for an appointment.

Copywriting For Real Estate Agents

Copywriting For Real Estate Agents

Maximize your listing potential with copywriting for real estate agents. Countless real estate listings are missing a story! The other day I awoke to a rude awakening that real estate agents aren't writing descriptions for their properties.

Being moved by my shock, I decided to contact my mentor Gary. I asked my mentor, "Hey Gary, do I need a license to write real-estate copy?." Gary replied," No, not at all. Here are some samples that I've written for several real estate investors."

After such revealing information, I thought to myself, "why aren't real estate agents maximizing their listings with copywriting?" The answer I may never know…

But on the bright side, you have a lot of potential! Take a look at your competitor's listings and tell me if they have copywriting. Don't just extend your reach; extend your message's memory in the mind of your prospect.

It's a snap to construct a headline for your property listing! All you need to do is list the biggest benefit in your headline, and that's enough to move your prospect. I'm an avid book reader. I love books! When I'm on Amazon book shopping, the books with the better headlines are in my mind all day long. I can be driving, eating, or reading and pondering the book which promises "Business growth with sales funnels."

It's amazing what a headline could do. Now Imagine having a solid headline and story with your every real estate listing? Dynamic growth!

Your copywriter doesn't have to be as much of a real estate expert as you. Your copywriter should have an extensive brief questionnaire for you to fill out.

I send my clients a thirty-question brief that familiarizes me with what I'm going to promote.

It's a cinch… fill out the questionnaire, and I'd be able to draft a cogent sales message.

If you are a copywriter, I believe it's important to have a brief for your clients to fill out. I believe AWAI's copywriting course teaches you to send a brief to clients. If you have a brief, you are good to start writing. If you're a copywriter who doesn't have a brief for their clients to fill out, now is your time to compose one.

We will likely get to see an increase in copywriting for real estate agents. Many real estate listing sites are missing a property description, and virtual tours are on the rise. Of course, actual physical tours are still a must.

Your sales copy complements your virtual tour tool, thus getting your more scheduled visits.

Key takeaways: No, you don't need a license to do real estate copywriting. As a real estate agent, your copywriter should have you fill out a copywriting brief. Expect an increase in demand for copywriting for real estate agents. Virtual tour software and copy is a revved-up duo, and almost no one is writing copy.

1. Zillow Commercial Real Estate Listings

Zillow Commercial Real Estate Listings

Zillow commercial real estate listings are not your average purchase. Commercial real estate can range from warehouses, farmland, hotels, apartment complexes, and much more.

At a glance, commercial real estate is an investment where you look for an ROI (Return On Investment) in the long-run. Zillow commercial real estate listings are popular right now.

If you are looking to list your properties, give Zillow a shot. Zillow is one of the most popular home search engines available today.

Key takeaways: Commercial real estate is typically large investments. Zillow commercial real estate is one of the most popular websites to post your commercial properties for sale

2. Direct Mail Real Estate

Direct Mail Real Estate

A gift that will go used and appreciated is direct mail real estate. Not until recently have real estate agents gotten more involved in direct mail real estate advertising.

The other day, I received a "we would buy your house from you, cash" direct mail real estate sales letter. I received a fridge magnet with a real estate business card and some baking tips. That was creative and smart! With your direct mail real estate efforts, you should have a copywriter do the writing for you. Supply the answers to a questionnaire, and you'll maximize your direct mail efforts.

If you decide to launch a direct mail real estate campaign, make sure you write a thousand words or more per sales letter. The higher the price, the more words you need to justify the purchase.

A small insight into the copywriting industry….

Some copywriters write 30-page sales letters!

And yes! Several prospects read all 30 pages! What does this mean for you as a real estate agent? Direct mail sales letters can be as long as a mini catalog. Many wonders of the copywriting world are, "How long should my copy be?" The longer the copy, the better! Believe it or not, people read long sales letters from start to finish. If a prospect is serious about what he/she wants — they finish the sales letter regardless of word length!

Direct mail real estate is a worthy investment. Direct mail is respected as long as you have a targeted list.

Key takeaways: Direct mail real estate is worth it as long as you have a targeted mailing list. The higher the price of something, the more copy you need to justify the purchase. Long-form copy is better than short copywriting! Copywriting is better than no copy at all.

3. Craigslist Homes For Sale

Craigslist Homes For Sale

Craigslist is not underrated! Craigslist goes used worldwide for everything. Many entrepreneurs under-utilize Craigslist. There are spam emails on Craigslist, but those get redirected to the trash bin. However, you can get emails that are genuinely interested prospects.

Cutting to the chase Craigslist homes for sale is legit. When I'd look for a home or apartment to rent in my college years, I'd look on Craigslist. If you want to have a bit more recognition locally, use Craigslist homes for sale to advertise your listings.

Craigslist, unlike other online posting sites, allows you to post mammoth-sized sales letters. If you are now considering posting your property listings on Craigslist, hire a copywriter to write your property descriptions. Don't want to hire a copywriter? Learn how to write copy and do it yourself.

Test the market with Craigslist and post 3 times in one day (this worked best for me) breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Key takeaways: Craigslist is a great place for you to post your property for sale. Craigslist allows you to write long-form copy without word limit hassles. Homes are high priced, and you need lengthy copy to justify a purchase more thoroughly. Posting your listings 3 times a day is a great strategy since people tend to be online during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

A Story Goes a Long Way

A Story Goes a Long Way

I know you are brimming with ideas, and those ideas should go listed in your property description. Write about the location and how safe it is with proof (google has all these facts). If you are selling a home in a gated community, mention the biggest benefit of living in a gated community. I've got the answer to that… security! People choose to live in gated communities for the fact that they are safer. Gated communities and the schools nearby have great ratings… all of these juicy details go left out by several real estate agents. Don't be one of them. Stand out from the rest and be the go-to guy or gal.

Recently I was on Century 21 online and was looking at homes. The first home I clicked on had a description that went like this…

"Cute home conveniently located near schools and shopping centers. Good for first-time buyers."

I'm telling you, the description was less than 50 words. I thought to myself, "this market can use some copywriters."

Bringing this blog home to a closing: What's your opinion about writing copy for your real estate properties? Is there a reason why so many properties lack descriptions? Share in the comment section why property listings lack descriptions. Lastly, share what's your experience with real estate and copywriting.

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