Making Craigslist Ads

Making Craigslist Ads

"Thousands Have This Priceless Tool Yet Never Use It"

It's never too late to hop on the making craigslist ads hype train. When used locally, making Craigslist ads is wise! Craigslist is more popular than you may have thought.

Craigslist goes judged as a scammy marketplace, but it has gotten so much better against spam issues. So how do you make ads on Craigslist? It's beyond a doubt easy!

All you do is go to your local craigslist site, click "my account", create an account with your email, and you're all good to go.

For your second set of steps, click on "create a posting", and it should be straightforward for you from there.

Some ads (depending on your industry) cost $5 to post. Some ads don't cost anything to post. A good example is furniture. When I would post furniture for sale on Craigslist — It wouldn't cost me anything!

Regardless, the $5 charge is worth it! You can sell anything on Craigslist (that's legal) and enhance your business with this platform. Let me give you a secret since you've gone through my boring "how to" questions.

When making Craigslist ads --

Post 3 times a day

Post an ad on breakfast, lunch, and dinner hours. You will get far more responses posting 3 ads a day. If you own a service, you can get very busy with leads. If you have products in stock, you can sell lots of them with the 3 ads a day routine. Don't forget, the three ads per day will cost a total of $15 per day.

Use the 3 ads per day tip to blend right in with the experts. Right from the start, you'll surpass your competition which only posts once a day.

Key takeaways: Craigslist has cracked down on spammers by charging for ads. You need to create an account first before posting. Some industries charge $5 per ad on Craigslist. And some industries don't charge on Craigslist. Maximize craigslist by posting three times a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

Best Craigslist Ads - The Ads With Copy

Best Craigslist Ads

It's no shocker that ads with copy are the best Craigslist ads! Let me tell you a story, one time, I put up a Craigslist ad about lawn care (during college years) and got many leads plus…

Hater comments

I caught my competition telling me, "good luck making money with descriptions like that, pal." I would've responded to the hate mail, but I had clients trying to work out quotes with me (winky face (; ). As long as you're not false advertising, there's no shame in aggrandizing your Craigslist ads with copywriting.

You've got the killer ad, service, and grit, so go and get your money. You are exchanging legitimate products/services, and there's nothing wrong with that. Deliver your best efforts when you get hired, and you're golden!

If you are not sure how to write your best Craigslist ads with copy, look at my other blog posts. I have articles that show you how to write copy on this website. But if you're in a hurry, use AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) for your Craigslist ads, and you should do well.

Here are a few tips to broaden your Craigslist ads aptitude —

  • Write a good headline: A headline is an ad for your ad. Yes, I said that right. When you use a headline, it's as if you've created an ad for your ad. Copy headlines are the most solemn factor. Trust me. Every copywriting book will tell you that your headline is the most important part of your sales letter. It would help if you had more clicks on your ads, so master your headlines.

  • Include your industry in your headline: Craigslist is a "Let's get down to business" type of community. You need to include your industry in your headline, so it doesn't annoy the Craigslist community. For example, if you sell a tool shed, make sure the phrase "Toolshed" is in your headline.

  • Create easy-to-read ads: Don't use difficult words on your ads. Look, I appreciate getting taught a new word here and there. But don't write an ad as if you're trying to get into a prestigious university. Fun fact, ads should go written at the sixth-grade reading level. When you create short and easy-to-read sentences, your prospect can finish your ad faster. The point of a good ad is to have prospects reading your entire ad.

  • Use pictures: Do you have photos of the work you've done? Craigslist allows you to post photos of your product or service. If you have testimonials regarding your talent, post them. Testimonials will ensure you get more trust and more replies.

  • End with a call to action: Never end a Craigslist ad with uncertain sentences. Do you want action? You have to ask for it! Don't say, "take your time and think about it." Do say, "order now!" Don't say, "please don't hesitate to call." Do say, "supplies will fly off the shelves order now while there's still time." You need to have a desire to collect, and believe it or not -- clients love that.

Key takeaways: Expect to get emails from "haters" in your industry since your ads are top-notch and theirs are flimsy. Use the AIDA formula to compose your best Craigslist ads. Hands down, your headlines should always tell your #1 benefit. Your headline is the most important ad factor. If you are a plumber, make sure "plumber" is in your headlines. Upload testimonial photos on Craigslist to get more calls. Always have a justly call to action after your ads.

Do Craigslist Ads Expire?

Do Craigslist Ads Expire

Within 30 days, you can have your ads displaying. Craigslist ads do expire, and per each ad, it's 30 days. Not too bad if you ask me. A Craigslist ad costs $5! It's a sweet deal since your ads go posted for a whole month.

No too much to debunk here! Craigslist ads are generous with how much value they give you. I've had a few "lucky" breaks posting Craigslist ads and getting leads right before they expired. It's like those patient salesmen who get those end-of-the-month sales.

Key takeaways: Each Craigslist ad expires after thirty days after published. One ad is $5, and it lasts for thirty days.

Craigslist Ads Cost

Craigslist Ads Cost

Don't let $5 keep you from getting ahead. Craigslist ads cost $5 per ad. It's affordable, in my opinion, since your ad is up for 30 days. A month's worth of craigslist ads can cost up to $150 per month.

Try to track how much return on investment you can make with Craigslist. This is the only way to find out if your Craigslist advertising is profitable. If you are not making money promoting your business with Craigslist ads, then perhaps Craigslist is not the platform for you.

For $5 an ad, I believe Craigslist is the real deal. You could meet up with people in your area and take home cash on the spot.

Key takeaways: Craigslist ads cost $5 per ad. If you ran 30 ads in one month, it would cost you $150.

If you sell physical products, it's even easier to use Craigslist. All you do is post your ads and schedule a meet-up and take home cash.


Craigslist has come a long way, and for that, they deserve their respect. I'm not kidding --Craigslist was loaded with spam when they first launched! Now they cracked down on the spam by charging for ads, and it's helped greatly.

So if you want to stun your community by posting Craigslist ads in your area... there is no better time than now. Use your testimonials and write your copy as well as possible and post three times a day. Keep the momentum going with your daily posts, and you'll see a spike in lead generation.

Have you used Craigslist to promote your business locally?

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