Make Money While You Sleep

Make Money While You Sleep

"Clever Skills To Know"

I'm talking about internet business skills. Physical stores cannot make you money while you sleep. Transition your business to an online business. Now you can make money while you sleep.

Physical stores have closing hours of operation. Online stores don't have hours of operation, and they are 24/7. Meaning you could be in the middle of a dream while snug and get in multiple orders. As soon as you wake up, you notice that you have made money while asleep. All you have to do now is ship the item.

If you have Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon), then Amazon does the shipping and handling for you! When you thought Amazon couldn't make life easier, they came through with shipping and handling.

So if you don't believe me look up Amazon FBA, and your horizons of opportunity will sprout. Making money while you sleep is possible!

Fearless Blogging - Blogging For a Living

Fearless Blogging

Fearless blogging is maxing out your blog website with your product or service. Fearless blogging is to resort to guest blog posts after you have used every niche-related SEO keyword possible.

Before I continue to express how to be a fearless blogger, I'll simplify with bullet points. Fearless blogging involves —

  • SEO: Aggrandize your SEO until you can't find keywords anymore for your niche. Always use SEO keywords for your sub-headlines, and never skip a day. In return, you will get thousands of visitors a month.

  • Guest posts: Take the phrase fearless blogging to heart. Look for the top 100 blog websites related to your niche and.. send guest blog post proposals. Once you do this, you'll have a few bloggers giving you the green light to go ahead with the collaboration. The benefit? Your top 100 bloggers will have thousands and thousands of people migrating to your website.

  • Product or service creation: According to The Essential Habits Of 6-Figure Bloggers, you can levitate your business to the top by adding a product or service to your blog. If your blog is about writing resumes, add a resume writing service to your blog. If your blog is about ritzy clothing, add a clothing e-store to your blog. Create a logo for your brand to be able to scale your business larger (branding).

  • Consistency: No pampering required. Just good ol' persistence for you to be on top of your fearless blogging every day. If you think you can skip weeks and blog other weeks… think again. These days, it takes little time for your fans to migrate to a more consistent blog. If your competitors have more blog consistency than you, they can win over your audience. Be consistent.

  • Videos: Whether you use YouTube or upload your videos manually, videos can upgrade your blog. I recommend using YouTube for video content. YouTube is #2 in worldwide internet rankings. I know I'm supposed to focus on telling you about blogging, but we're assuming you are a fearless blogger. I'm considering you maxed out your blog, and you are looking to break barriers. YouTube content is to ascend your blog to the next level.

  • Podcasts: I must be late for the party! Ever since 2021 started, all of the business gurus on my Twitter have been posting their podcasts. Podcasts are the big trend of today. Add podcasts to your blog to reach newer heights of business and trust.

  • Subscription Landing Page: A subscription landing page should be one of the first customizations to your blog. Once you get heavy traffic to your website, you want to keep as many of them as possible with a subscription pop-up or button. When you obtain a subscription list, you open the opportunity for email marketing.

Key takeaways: Fearless blogging is to post daily and persistently. Fearless blogging includes creating your product or service to sell on your website. SEO helps you get the most out of every blog. Persistent posting is a must to be a fearless blogger. Once you maximize your fearless blogging adventure --Move forward and consider podcasting. A subscription landing page is great to retain followers and email market to them.

Writing An Ebook

Writing An Ebook

Not everybody's favorite option to make money. But writing an ebook will make you money while you sleep.

If you have a fervor for writing books, an ebook is a way to get cognizance and make money. One time, I conversed with an English Major Scholar, and she told me she wanted to write a book. She was telling me how hard it is to get published. I told her if she had ever considered writing an ebook.

She paused as if a breakthrough was right at her doorstep. She said, "You know, I've never thought about it." If you decide to write an ebook, all you have to do is write something impactful and useful to your readers. If you are good, you'll get five-star reviews. If you get five-star reviews, you have more social proof influence. More influence will equal more popularity and sales.

Where do you sign-up for something this good? Search "publish a book on Kindle," and you'll find the info you need to sign-up and take it from there.

Key takeaways: Getting a paperback book published isn't the easiest task. If writing is your passion writing an impactful ebook can get you noticed and… Make money while you sleep. Thinking about becoming an ebook publisher? Type... "publish a book on Kindle" in your search bar.

Ecommerce Specialist - FBA Makes It Easier

Ecommerce Specialist

I bet becoming an eCommerce specialist was the most obvious option to make money while you sleep. With companies such as Amazon and eBay, it's possible to make sales while you sleep. You may have noticed me use the word "possible" several times so far. The truth is, not everyone is aware that you can make money while you sleep.

As an eCommerce specialist, you can post your products online for sales, and you can make a sale while you nap or sleep. Have you ever ordered something online past midnight? I have, and I'm sure many night owls who work night shifts have.

If you're thinking about becoming an e-commerce specialist, try Amazon FBA. Fulfillment by Amazon is on another level! You pay an affordable monthly premium, and every shipment gets handled by Amazon. Your packages are handled and shipped by Amazon.

That means you can make sales in the middle of dream… wake-up and know Amazon has shipped your packages for you. Just when we thought opportunity couldn't spoil us, entrepreneurs, anymore.

Key takeaways: Amazon and eBay are proven to make entrepreneurs money while they sleep. Amazon FBA handles your packages for an affordable fee. Night owl shoppers are out there, and I'm one of them.


Not the easiest skill to achieve but making money while you sleep is feasible. Online stores are open 24/7 and have orders pour in at random times... Even when you are asleep.

Blogging can make you money while you sleep as long as your website has a product or service for sale. Don't forget to create extensive content so you can get tens of thousands of people to your website.

Many successful entrepreneurs expand their horizons by writing ebooks and getting paid for their intangible items (ebooks). Kindle store is open 24/7, so as an ebook author, you can make money while you sleep.

Decisively, we all know e-commerce can bring you money while you sleep. Amazon FBA has helped many get successful with their internet store. When you invest in the Amazon FBA program -- It will make Amazon do the shipping and handling for you!

What is your favorite way to make money while you sleep?

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