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Magazine Advertisement

"Gain Client Devotion"

You want your client to fall in love with your magazine advertisement with one glance. An editorial-style magazine advertisement is worthy of success. According to Ogilvy Advertising, you should make your ads editorial theme/style.

"If you make your ads look like editorial pages, you will get more readers. Far more." - David Ogilvy

Why is it that your magazine advertisement will have more pull if it's editorial themed? Editorial theme is not over obtruding with big fonts and images. An editorial theme makes your presentation look like a well-researched advertisement. A magazine advertisement for a client or for yourself needs to be editorial-themed for maximum readership. It's not a made-up theory but a tested method by advertising legend David Ogilvy.

Here's what you can benefit from your editorial theme magazine advertisements —

  • Mean more to your clients: When you make a great first impression with your professional editorial style magazine ad — You'll mean more to your clients. Now, all you have to do is deliver your stunning product or service and leave a lasting impression. Once you leave a good lasting impression, you'll mean more to your clients.

  • More money: More magazine responses equals higher sales closing rates. Higher sales closing rates result in more money! The point of making your magazine advertisement editorial style is to make more money. People trust editorial themes more, and trust can equate to sales.

  • Advertise with your best breadwinner: Advertising is all about testing ads that work and testing ads that flop. With your most successful ads, your experimentation is over. Use the best ads out of the bunch. Save more money by using only the winner ads out of the handful.

  • Spark a Referral Cause and Effect: Make a great impression with your new magazine advertisement clients and get referred! Many don't realize how powerful a referral system is… And you have the opportunity to have your clients refer you to their friends. And your clients' friends can refer you to their other friends. Do you see where I'm going with this? Getting referred can have a chain reaction where you keep getting referred and keep raking in income!

Key takeaways: Make your magazine advertisements editorial style.

Persuasive Advertisement(s)

Persuasive Advertisement

A dazzling display of persuasive advertisements can get you more prospects. Now there are two ways (in my opinion) your Advertisement can go displayed with —

  1. Clarity: Clarity is for those harder-to-understand niches. If you are dealing with a complex niche, try to be more clear than persuasive. Don't force the persuasiveness since it will make you lose smoothness.

  2. Persuasiveness: If your niche is not all that complicated, then go ahead and be persuasive. I want to share three compelling emotions you can use — Fear, pleasure, and familiarity. Practice embedding these emotions in your Advertisement, and you'll climb new ranks.

Let me tell you a story — My mentor once told me to use clarity over persuasion when the niche was too complex. At first, I didn't believe it, but once I got a supply chain management client, I was shocked by how epicurean (complex) the niche was! Clarity made my presentation much smoother and understandable.

If your niche is not complicated, by all means, go ahead and be persuasive. Remember to use the AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action) formula to get the best out of your compelling advertisements. Hopefully, the three emotions can go utilized by you to make the most out of your ads.

Key takeaways: Use clarity when the niche you are promoting is complex. In complex niches, clarity triumphs over persuasion. Use AIDA to formulate your ads.

In-Game Advertisement

In-Game Advertisement

Until now, only a fortunate few know the secrets of in-game advertising. There aren't many people who know you can advertise your business through video game ads. I'm referring to Google Ad Mob. With Google Ad Mob, you are not limited to video game ads — Your ads will go displayed through any app in the Google play store!

I know I've told this story several times, but video game ads got me. I bought a book off a video game ad and was happy with my purchase.

If you're displaying Google Ads, join the group of people making money with Google Ad Mob. I think Google Ad Mob is genius. You are leveraging the app store to reach people across the country… It's not like Google Play is some ghost app store. Did you know that in 2020 there were 108.5 billion user downloads from Google Play Store? This should be exciting for you, considering you can stretch your advertising much further.

Don't forget the benefits that come along with your Google Ad Mob campaigns…

With In-Game Advertisements, you get —

  • People familiar with your brand: Imagine displaying your ads for the whole world to see. Eventually, everyone will recognize your brand.

  • More Ad Clicks: Video games can get people in a good mood. People in good spirits will respond better to your ads. At least that's how I felt when I passed my level on Ball Blast and saw Russell Branson's ad. I was so glad I passed the level, and my mood convinced me to check out the ad. Who knows, perhaps the same effect can happen with millions of people?

  • Close a Percentage of Prospects: There are millions of people using Google Play Store Apps, and you get the opportunity to make your sales pitch. And if you're compelling enough, you can close a small percentage out of hundreds of thousands of prospects. Big opportunity when dealing with Google services.

  • Achieve Your Goals: Imagine closing 1% of a million viewers… That's 10,000 prospects! And guess what? I'm only using a rough estimate of how many people are using Google Play Apps. There could be well over hundreds of millions of users during your campaigns. Rest assured, you can reach your goals faster with the level of scalability.

  • Customer Loyalty: Showing off your brand through in-game advertising will get you more customer loyalty. Think of it — How many people buy Gucci or Coach? It's expensive, but customers are loyal to it. You want to have that luxury brand effect with your product or service. Representing your brand through in-game advertisements can give you customer loyalty and... value that can't go measured.

Isn't it time you treated your business with something new that can scale to new heights? Join the few that know about the power of In-game advertising today.

Key takeaways: Advertising with Google Ad Mob broadens your horizons with new opportunities. With Google Ad Mob, you are app store advertising.


Magazine advertisements aren't the cheapest options, but they work when done right. So why not get it done right from the start? Run magazine campaigns with editorial style similar to David Ogilvy.

Persuasion is good but remember to use clarity to its fullest extent when the niche is too hard. If your niche is easy, then go ahead and write persuasively.

Feast your eyes on the new advertising market -- In-game advertising. You have the opportunity to capture the app store market and promote your products and services. Exciting stuff.

Have you done magazine advertising? What were the expenses for your magazine advertisement(s)?

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