Local Online Advertising - Promote Your Business For Free

Yes, you really can promote your business for free. The fun begins when you realize how vital local online advertising is. Do you own a physical store for your product or service? Switch to online sales or make your business a hybrid business - both physical and virtual.

Success with free local online advertising starts with you. For free-market exposure, you need to be willing to put in the time and effort with plenty of devotion. Your local online advertising that works as hard as you do... is taken for granted. Local advertising is free!

For some reason, people think free doesn't work on promoting their business. It's time for you to work on your local online advertising efforts steadily.

The more steady you are with your advertising, like clockwork, the more your business will grow on the internet. The truth about the power of free local online advertising could shock you. The free organic content you create is more important than paid advertising!

Now, if this is your first time learning about local advertising, don't wonder about paid ads. Get everything you can with what you have.

If you turn your website into a paid ads amassment - - you risk turning your website into a ghost town.

Once your paid ads budget runs out, your website will turn to your content (if you have any) for "backup" traffic.

Today I'm going to show you some tweaks to get your business noticed on the web and off the web.

Getting fans on the internet doesn't have to be expensive. All you need to get your business noticed consistently is your consistent effort.

Affordable Local SEO - Show Your Business To Your Community

By searching your industry and city in Google's search bar, you'll get some suggestions from Google. Those suggestions Google is giving you are SEO keywords.

When you add all of your affordable local SEO keywords to your website and Google My Business listing... you will attempt to index your business on Google's search engines.

SEO is good for selling your product/service to people across the U.S. and the world.

Affordable local SEO keywords (free) are limited, but SEO keywords (non-local) are full of potential.

Do you have a website? Search your industry and city in the address bar, and before you push "search," see what Google suggests on the suggestion list.

Write down the list and use those words for your copy or blogs. Dominate local SEO in your area. You'd be surprised how few companies utilize local SEO keywords.

If you own a physical store, then local SEO for business is perfect for you. What local SEO can do for you is to make your physical business visible on the internet in your area.

When you search "food near me" and when many companies pop up on your search results, those are businesses that have been search-engine-optimized. Local SEO is NOT limited to Google's search engines. Local SEO is a feature on search engines like Yelp, Bing, and Yahoo.

Benefits Of Google My Business

Google My Business is a platform where you can list your business locally. Google My Business hasn't been around for too long since it launched in June 2014.

Your benefits of Google My Business is free publicity. Google My Business is perfect for local SEO, and what's even more impressive is that it's free. Google My Business will allow the city you're in to take notice of your business, especially if your rating/reviews are great.

Google My Business could also help people find your business location through the google maps mobile and desktop application. Google My Business comes packed with benefits, and displaying useful information is one of them. What helpful information do I speak of? The hours of operation, location, photos, reviews, and your website.

When I search for a place to eat or shop, I check the hours of operation before I go. Adding directions on how to get to your business are considered useful information. Photos of your business could also make your potential customers gain trust and get an idea of what your business looks like.

The call now button is undoubtedly vital. All your potential customer has to do is push the button, and it'll make the phone call to your business.

Google My Business is free! If you have a local store, you get a bargain of a deal with Google My Business. One time, I went out to eat some tacos at this famous spot in Sacramento. I was so impressed that I left the taco business a five-star review. Now, Google notifies me about my reviews on random days. Notifications are saying, "your review has 900 views."

One review of my honest opinion and my review managed to impact a taco business with a potential 900 hungry customers!

Is business slow? Are you worried about visibility? List your business on Google My Business for free and get your free traffic of customers.

Free Ad Posting Sites - Advertise Your Business For Free

Sometimes using free tools are your best option. There are up to twelve posting sites that I'm aware of. However, I'm only going to name a few. Some of these free ad posting sites are relatively new and don't have much of an audience right now. Free Ad Posting Sites:

  1. eBay: eBay is a great Free ad/product posting site. Before I ever became an Amazon Prime member, eBay was my go-to shopping place. eBay was my favorite because they deliver my goods faster than Amazon. eBay's Facebook page has at least a Nine-million likes. eBay is famous for its bidding options. eBay is like an online auction. Overall eBay is an excellent platform for selling products, and I recommend building your account if you are in e-commerce.

  2. Craigslist: Craigslist is only free for some business industries. For instance, a long time ago, I would post my resume on Craigslist, and it would cost me $5. But when I'd post furniture listings, it would be free. It's strange, isn't it? I know Craigslist isn't free anymore, unfortunately. But I feel like I must at least share the success I've had with Craigslist. Craigslist is like a newspaper-style directory but on the web. You can find jobs, gigs, products, homes, cars, and more. The cost now for a Craigslist Ad is $5 per ad. Years ago, whenever I needed money, I would post an advertisement in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening. I'd indeed have many leads with this system that I would follow.

  3. Offer-up: This is a good website for selling stuff locally for free. The response rate of customers on Offer-up app is consistent. I've bought several things on Offer-up. I've also sold several items on Offer-up. This app is free, and so are your posts. Offer-up has gained more popularity. Offer-up bought out its competitor LetGo and stirred some anger. But the angry loyal followers of LetGo had no choice but to join Offer-up since Offer-up works.

Social Media Advertising Effectiveness

Got a Facebook page, a Twitter account, or a Pinterest? Almost all social media platforms allow you to advertise for free through posts.

Social Media Advertising Effectiveness is big. Below I'll list a few social Media Platforms that you could try for free advertising.

  1. Facebook: Facebook has many local community pages that you could join and advertise your business. For instance, the other day, I joined a massive Facebook group that aligned with my niche. I can post my articles on my profile and not go viewed as spam. Facebook is a big one for free advertising. If you have a website, share your articles on Facebook consistently, and you'll surely notice some analytic activity going from Facebook to your website.

  2. Pinterest: Pinterest is one of my favorite platforms to advertise my blog posts. There are several reasons that I grew fond of Pinterest. I grew fond of Pinterest because Pinterest ranks my blog posts, to my surprise, better than other social media platforms.

  3. Twitter: Twitter is great for free advertising, and it's unique! You can add hashtags to your posts, and your hashtags could give you business exposure to thousands of Twitter users. You can add your business website to your profile, so whenever someone visits your profile, they will likely visit your website. Twitter is underrated! I have followed famous bloggers on Twitter, and they have followed me back! More shockingly, these famous bloggers have sent me messages to check out their podcasts. By the simple fact, that renowned bloggers respond to my messages on Twitter is an indication that Twitter has potential!

How Much Does It Cost To Advertise On LinkedIn? - Network and Make Connections

Advertising with LinkedIn is not free! But making lifelong connections on LinkedIn is free. Which sounds like a better option for you? Making your lifelong connections, of course! Have you heard of a book called How To Win Friends and Influence People? I recommend you read the text as it teaches you how to network market.

I want LinkedIn to go perceived as a free networking site where you can make connections, post articles, find jobs, and find clients. LinkedIn is pretty impressive! LinkedIn has hundreds of jobs you can look for in your area. You could find remote jobs on LinkedIn if you would like to work from home.

LinkedIn has a premium membership if you'd like some added features. Before I had a website, I would post my article on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has the hashtag feature where you can gain exposure through your hashtags. If you'd like to post your articles somewhere instead of building a website, LinkedIn is an excellent option.

If you'd like to gain more clients and learn how to network market - - you should invest your time on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is similar to Facebook, but without irrelevant posts and pictures. LinkedIn is a business social media platform.

At Least Give It a Try

You deserve more traffic. Do you want steadiness? Do you want people in your store? Give Google My Business a try. I mentioned many free local online advertising options, but if you could choose one… choose Google My Business.

You don't have to update your listing regularly like a website. You get your business listing posted on Google, and all you have to do is deliver outstanding service. Once you have your Google My Business listing live and running, avoid quarrels with clients. Avoid bad attitude with clients and be professional.

If your Google My Business reviews are low, it reflects you and your business. If you are kind and professional, you won't have to worry about negative online reviews. Plus, when you're experienced, your customers will respect you and give you high ratings online! High online ratings equal to more customers!

I hope you found this information useful regarding free local advertising and free local social media marketing.

If you have any questions regarding free local online adverting, comment below and ask me. If you've given Google My Business a try, share your feedback with me. I'd love to hear your results. Good Luck!

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