Is Google Ads Worth it? - It's Only Worth It With This 1 Secret

Is Google Ads Worth it

It's no secret that Google ads are the "big dog" for search engines. Next, comes the question, is Google ads worth it? The results are in, and Google ads are certainly worth it…

Only if you have content on your website with SEO

Anyone who knows how to run Google ads will tell you that you need content first. Google ads come second when you have a substantial amount of content on your website. If you have read the book Traffic Secrets, you'll discover that paid ads are worth it if you have content already on your website.

Imagine that you have 60 blog posts generating 6000 viewers, and you combine those 6000 viewers with Google ads. You'll "blow-up" with traffic! The cool thing is that you can rely on your website content once your Google Ads budget runs out.

I'm sharing with you the strategic approach I like to go by. Create content first before you promote with paid ads.

Content generates traffic and trust. Take a look at your favorite website, and you'll notice they have dozens of blog posts. Successful websites usually have content. Content works, and it gains trust!

Google Ads For Small Business — Dominate Your Niche Locally

Google Ads For Small Business

How small businesses grow with Google ads. Google ads for small business is a good approach if you have a website. Your website can go found if you have your business listed locally on Google My Business.

I wouldn't recommend Google Ads for small businesses if you don't have a website. Where will your traffic go without your website listed online?

Google ads for small business benefits —

  1. Local industry dominance

  2. More traffic

  3. More sales/money

  4. Listed first in Google over your competition

  5. Double or quadruple your viewers when stacking your content marketing with Google ads for small business

It's as simple as that, folks. Google ads for small business in my perspective….

It is only worth it if your website already has content…

You will hear me say this repeatedly until I'm proven otherwise. Google ads are strategic when you have SEO-rich content on your website, currently bringing traffic to your business. If you don't have content on your website, guess what is going to happen…

Your website will become a deserted shopping center! When your ad money runs out, then your traffic runs out. Having content on your website is smart since your business has content to fall back on when your paid ads budget runs out.

I think you'll agree that your excitement will be exceedingly great when you combine your content with paid ads.

Got any better ideas? If you do, I'd love to hear them in the comment section. The paid ads with the existing content technique are not something I came up with at the top of my head. I got this paid ad and existing content technique from Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson.

If anyone knows how to generate traffic, it's internet guru Russell Brunson.

How To Make Money With Google Ads

How To Make Money With Google Ads

I have two methods I have to show you how to make money with Google ads. Your first option is selling Google ads for cash. Your second option is using Google ads to promote your business.

Let me explain why these two methods can make you money.

  1. Selling Google ads for money: How can you sell google ads for money? You can sell google ads on freelance platforms with your copywriting skills. If I wanted to sell Google ads on a freelance platform, I would charge per ad. Google ads are habitually short. So It's better to sell your Google ads in bundles of 7. Bundles of 7 are what I prefer since your prospect can purchase 4 piles of 7 to get a month's worth of ads.

  2. Promote your products with Google ads: Do you have a product or service to promote? If you do, then you can make extra income by running Google ads. The rule of thumb I follow is to have existing traffic already on your website via content. Once you have content and Google ads promoting your product or service, your traffic should go up, not down. Assuming you have a landing page with great copy, you can make more conversions with the hacks I just showed you.

Google Ads VS Facebook Ads — One Needs To Improve

Google Ads VS Facebook Ads

Get the latest scoop on current advertising fads. Many people wonder who is the winner of Google ads vs Facebook ads. Hard-won wisdom, Google ads are better than Facebook ads.

Google ads aren't as strict as Facebook ads. I'm in the advertising industry, so I know Facebook ads are a headache when selling them to clients. There are countless instances where Facebook randomly can not display your ad. Are these dozens of people putting out spam or false advertising? Nope, some advertisers create great ads and, for no reason, get their Facebook ads taken down.

I like to think of it as a malfunction in the Facebook ads software. Of course, not all your ads get taken down by Facebook, just some. But look — is it worth the headache of selling a month's supply of ads and hoping none of the ads get taken down by Facebook? No, it's not worth it! Then you will have a handful of unhappy customers telling you how their ads (which you created) and not all displayed on Facebook.

Do you see the headache in running and selling Facebook ads? Cold-hard-facts, Google ads are better than Facebook ads.

With Google ads, your ads are guaranteed not to get taken down. Google ads are worth selling and self-promoting your business.

So what made Google ads the clear winner today? Google ads win by saving you a Facebook ads headache. I have nothing against Facebook. Facebook is nice, and you could make some connections and money with them. I like Google's advertising platform better.


Posting Google ads is simple enough for anyone to do. Content creation is not something every business owner has the skill to complete. Content creation is composed of SEO, research and being able to speak your experience with words.

If you are already a successful business owner, you can easily document useful tips for the young bucks or young gals entering your industry. Like an expert, Russell Brunson said in Traffic Secrets, "document your journey when you blog."

You don't have to compile a research paper every time you blog. When you blog, share useful information. Your business advice is plenty to be able to compose impactful blogs.

You can make money with Google ads, but you've got to make sure you have a product or service to advertise. My other option for you was to sell the thing that sells the thing. In other words, sell Google ads to business owners to make some money. If you sell Google ads, you're in the advertising industry.

It's not like your money-making options come to a full stop with selling products, services, and ads. Facebook has blown-up in popularity with entrepreneurship. If you do it right, you can make money online with Facebook ads. Given a choice… I'd pick Google ads over Facebook ads any day of the week.

That's all I have for you in this post! Always remember to have content already on your website before attempting to utilize paid ads. I'd rather have you informed and ready before you spend your hard-earned cash without a vision. Leave a comment below on how you've learned how to utilize paid ads. Your advice is highly encouraged on this website.

Have paid ads worked for you in the past?

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