Introduction To Copywriting

Introduction To Copywriting

The Only Writing Your Business Needs

Who writes sales letters with hard-to-read words these days? Your first order of business regarding this introduction to copywriting is to — Consider writing in the sixth-grade reading level. That's right, writing in the sixth-grade reading level is all you need to write great copy.

Don't misconstrue my words and leave out obvious punctuations. Write short sentences, 15 words or less. The shorter the sentences, the better. Do you see how easy this is? You are already discovering how to write copy.

Next, you need to answer every incoming question that your reader will have. How do you solve incoming questions that your reader may have? Write "because" at the beginning of your every sentence.

For example —

(Rough Draft)

Your barber needs new clippers. Because your hair looks fuzzy. I know a better barber in town for you. Because she uses Wahl's world renowned clippers. It's better that you set up an appointment with her. Because new customers get 15% off. Because she wants new customers to become clients.

(Final Draft)

Your barber needs new clippers. Your hair looks fuzzy. I know a better barber in town for you. She uses Wahl's world-renowned clippers. It's better that you set up an appointment with her. New customers get 15% off. She wants new customers to become satisfied clients.

Do you see what a difference the word "because" makes at the beginning of each sentence? When you edit out all of the "because" words, your copy flows well, and it answers any objections.

As your introduction to copywriting, I want you to study these copywriting tips and resources —

  • Copywriting formulas

  • Copywriting books

  • Swipe file websites

  • Copyediting books

  • Copywriting emotions

  • Copywriting research process

Look into the list above and absorb all of the juicy details to become an excellent business writer. You may feel like I did you a disservice by giving you an investment list, but that's the way it is.

Copywriting is not a get-rich-quick gimmick. Copywriting is a skill that you have to build up. The truth about get-rich-quick methods is that they don't exist. You can get wealthy off copywriting within five years of no holds barred hard work. But if you think, copywriting will get you rich within a year, then prepare to be disappointed.

Copywriting is a skill that goes made up of several different writing components like —

  • Formulas

  • Headlines

  • Stories

  • Flow

  • Calls to action

  • Proof

As you can see, copywriting is in a league of its own. Academic scholars use academic writing. Entrepreneurs and business owners use copywriting.

What writing are you currently utilizing?

Key takeaways:

  1. Write in the sixth-grade reading level.

  2. Write short sentences that are 15 words or less.

  3. Write "because" after every sentence to answer any objections.

  4. Eliminate all of the "because" words during your editing process.

  5. Copywriting is a skill, not a get-rich-quick scheme.

What Is Online Copywriting?

What Is Online Copywriting?

I get this question a lot! I get the question of what copywriting is in general. But the question regarding what is online copywriting goes commonly asked by non-website owners.

Let me take you back in time when copywriting was in its earlier years. Copywriting back before the internet was utilized in print. The most common form of copy back in the day was newspaper and direct mail copywriting.

The newspaper has somewhat lost its popularity, so direct mail is the survivor of print copy. On a side note, don't underestimate the power of direct mail copywriting.

Getting back on track -- Online copywriting goes used for social media ads and website marketing.

Have you familiarized yourself with Google ads or Facebook ads? Those platforms are the ones where your online copywriting triumphs. Don't worry. The chances are that your competitors are not running online ads with copywriting. But look — now is your chance to dominate your industry by running ad campaigns with copywriting.

Let me tell you a story — It was an early Monday at my old Air Filter job when my phone was pinging and ringing all day. My co-worker asked, "Do you have something else going on?" I replied, "You know, I guess I do."

After answering my co-worker's questions, I realized that the copywriting ads I posted over the weekend were working!

So, if you have a business, you can scale your online ads with —

  • Craigslist

  • Facebook

  • Website

  • Pinterest

  • Google Ads

And much more…

The way I advertised my business as a beginner was through Craigslist ads. Locals can find your ads and contact you for an appointment on the same day that you post.

To answer your question, "what is online copywriting?"

Online copywriting is the business writing you use to write your ads... The writing used to convert more readers to leads and more leads to clients.

Key takeaways: Online copywriting goes used for websites and social media ads. Powerful ad campaigns go written with copywriting. You can use copywriting ads locally and worldwide.

How Can I Write Copywriting For My Website?

How Can I Write Copywriting For My Website?

First, you will need a pen and paper (optional but recommended). Pen and paper give you the ability to sketch out your copy before your write, with your AIDA formula on your blank sheet of paper.

Next, start writing your web copy in an organized manner. Some people start on "A" for Attention first for obvious reasons. I prefer to start on "D" for Desire first.

Starting on "D" for Desire first is out of the ordinary. Most writers begin on Attention first. I like to write Desire first since Desire is where you write the benefits of your project. When you write the benefits first, you can spot your #1 benefit for your headline!

Why is this important? Your headline must be good for a successful ad, no exceptions.

I'm telling you, once you write a prime headline, your copywriting will go considered. Now, I can answer your "How can I write copywriting for my website" question.

Once your best benefits go embedded in your headlines, create compatible first sentences.

Your first sentence should read smoothly after your headline. Here's an example —

Headline - How to get rich in five years

First Sentence - You work your butt off with new skills that's how!

Do you see how the first sentence flows with the headline? That's how your headlines should always flow with your first sentence. Your first sentence should be effortless to read. Once your first sentence gets read, the more likely your copy will get read entirely.

Here are the benefits to having a website loaded with copywriting —

  • Improve your odds of making a sale: Believe it, copywriting is the best writing when it comes to business. Copywriting will improve your odds of making a sale compared to ordinary academic writing.

  • Get more clients: If you have great copy on your web sales page. You will get more clients over formal writing. Copywriting is meant to compel your readers to turn to customers. And copy is intended to turn your customers into ongoing clients.

  • Get people to buy your product/service: What is the point of your webpage? You guessed right -- To make more sales! To maintain a website, it costs monthly. I use Wix, so it costs me $23 per month. And many people host their websites with other providers. What's the point of your website if it's not generating any sales? You are losing money if your website isn't positioned correctly. This is where web copy comes into play and turns your investment (website) into a profit.

  • The only writing you should have as a business owner: Many website owners are entrepreneurs, and they need their website to make sales. Many wonder what's the best writing for business owners. It's copywriting! Did you know that copywriting goes referred to as business writing? Copywriting is meant to make your readers take action. The action can be whatever you want it to be.

  • Be known as the best in your industry: Let's say you have three competitive businesses competing against you. You can get a leg up on them by copywriting your web page. Your web page will help direct more people to do business with you. A website with copy wins over a website without copy.

Key takeaways:

  1. Write your copy with pen and paper for better results.

  2. Write "D" for Desire first to generate your perfect headline. Your headlines must be good to flourish in the copywriting industry.

  3. Ensure your first sentence flows with your headline.


By now, you should be geared up and ready to take a jab at the copywriting industry. Is it difficult to write in the sixth-grade reading level? Don't think so. You can do this copywriting thing and get fabulous results.

Don't jilt the "because" technique. Great copywriters create ads that answer any incoming objections.

Since this post is titled "Introduction to copywriting," I want you to consider that copywriting is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You wouldn't want to get your hopes up thinking copywriting is an overnight success skill.

When running online ad campaigns, infuse your ads with copy to become more alluring. Remember, you can advertise worldwide and locally with online copywriting ads. If you promote to a worldwide audience -- you can advertise locally online with Craigslist and social media ads.

It may sound a bit bizarre, but copywriting experts say it's easier for your mind to retain information when writing it down with pen and paper. Need proof? Read The Wizard of Ads, and you'll hear what I'm talking about.

Are you in a rut trying to figure out your headline? Fret not! You can write your benefits first and decide what headline is perfect for your ad.

Why do you want to become a copywriter? Comment below.

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