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How To Write a Sales Letter

Are you familiar with academic writing? Writing that is so sophisticated that it's at the college reading level? If you want to learn how to write a sales letter, you need to lower your copy's reading level to 6th-grade reading level.

Ask the pros, and they'll tell you the same thing. You have to adapt to writing simple words and sentences. When you write easy to understand sentences, your audience can finish reading your sales letter easily… and that's the point! The point is for you to write easy and smooth sentences that'll take your prospect from point A to point z.

Below I'll share with your four steps that are necessary to write a sales letter --

  • Get attention: Your headline is the most important piece of your sales letter. You need to write a headline that will compel your reader to dive into your sales letter. Try infusing your biggest benefit into your headline. Keep your headlines short.

  • Generate interest: You keep your prospect interested by sharing your brand's highlights and how it will make your prospect's life better. Here is a good spot to start storytelling.

  • Create desire: To build your prospect's desire, you list your benefits on this portion of your sales letter. List your benefits in bullet points. If you can't think of a headline, write your benefits first and then go back to your headline.

  • Ask for action: Ask for action! Say it as you mean it. Tell your prospect to "order now." If you are trying to get subscribers to say, "subscribe now." You can restate your offer on this portion, telling your prospect what they will get when they buy from you, and then you hit them with an "order now."

You probably thought there would be more to your sales letter, but it's as simple as the bullet points above.

To get a more thorough explanation for writing a sales letter, research AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action).

Advertising Headline Examples -- 5 Successful Headlines

Advertising Headline Examples

Having a tough time with headlines? Luckily I've got some advertising headline examples you can use to inspire you.

"How to Win Friends and Influence People"

This headline is also a book by Dale Carnegie. What makes headlines like this so special is the curiosity effect. The headline also has logic. For example, we don't get friends -- we earn them. The benefit is influencing people.

You Can Laugh at Money Worries—If You Follow This Simple Plan

Before I break down this headline, notice how all of the headline words are one-syllable words? One syllable words make copy easy to read. We all have money worries, and this headline gives hope with an easy strategy. The emotion you can detect in this headline is hope, confidence, and simplicity.

Why Some Foods "Explode" In Your Stomach

This headline is a curiosity headline. It makes you want to know what foods to avoid. The emotions it emanates is fear of missing out and curiosity.

How I Improved My Memory In One Evening

It's a headline that stirs curiosity to improve memory. The benefit is clear as day! Enhancing your memory in the span of one evening is fast and beneficial to the prospect.

Who Ever Heard Of A Woman Losing Weight—And Enjoying 3 Delicious Meals At The Same Time?

Dieting is hard, and there's no denying it. When you diet for weeks, it feels as if your cravings are rampant. Someone who is dieting would be curious and relieved to get the insights beneath such a headline. The benefit of this headline is women losing weight while enjoying three meals a day.

How To Get a Job In Advertising -- Try This To Get Your First Advertising Job

How To Get a Job In Advertising

Looking to land your first advertising job? I'll show you how to get a job in advertising by telling you how I did it. Some advertising jobs are not easy to land. There are advertising jobs that require a degree and 3+ years of experience on top of it.

The way I landed a political advertising job was with my resume. I customized my resume with business writing. I listed all of the legends of copy that I studied, and it was enough.

I got a call from my employer, and he said, "Josh, we need someone to advertise with email marketing, and your copywriting skills could sure help." I told my former employer (Scott)," Let's do this!"

I'm not attempting to brag. It's obvious what got me the job. It was my copywriting skills and my compelling resume.

It's not like I was telling lies. I knew how to make my offer as an employee compelling.

Please try it. Update your resume, and business write all of your skills. If you've had mentorships, testimonials, and studied copywriting legends… make sure you put it in your resume.

You're wondering where I found my advertising job? I found my advertising job on Indeed.

Indeed asked to take a skills test, and I did well on it. After my skills test, the phone calls came in, and an advertising company hired me.

A heads up, Indeed employers require a skills test before your next steps. The skills tests are not hard. If you know how to write copy, you should be able to pass your skill tests.

Hire Copywriter -- Double Your Investment

Hire Copywriter

I'm sure you'll agree that business and time go hand and hand. That's why you might not have time to write copy yourself. If you want to hire a copywriter, ask what copywriters he/she has studied.

If you were to ask me what copywriters I study, I would tell you, John Caples and David Ogilvy. I have a stack of books written by successful copywriters. I prefer to study copywriters who are in the Copywriters Hall of Fame. Very few make it into the Copywriters Hall of Fame.

My two favorite Hall of Famers are John Caples and David Ogilvy.

When hiring a copywriter, you have to be aware of how high prices may be. Some sell their copy at a dollar per word! Is a dollar per word unreasonable? Not at all! Depending on how good your copywriter is, a dollar per word is a great deal.

I typically charge a dime per word, which is considered expensive. On my Fiverr gig, I have a lower price on my gigs than a nickel per word. I'm trying to get to Level 2 Seller on Fiverr. Once I'm level 2, I'll raise my prices back up to a nickel per word.

When you decide to hire a copywriter, you are employing a revenue/profit generator. Could copy help double your money? Copywriting could double, triple, and quadruple your money.

I sold a couch that cost the owner $200, and I sold it for $600. It's not that we were looking to rip anyone off. The value of the couch was in range. The owner of the sofa had happened to buy the sofa on sale. With that said, my copy helped someone triple their investment.

Copy is powerful, and the choice is whether you'd like to hire a copywriter or learn the skill yourself. Learning the skill of copywriting may take a bit more time.

You Are Ready To Write Sales Copy

Hire Copywriter

Perhaps you wanted more thorough information on how to write a good sales letter. I gave you the formula to follow (AIDA), and it should be plenty for you to start practicing. Remember to write at a middle school reading level and avoid difficult academic writing. Your headlines should contain 9 or 11 words max. Your biggest benefit should always be included in your headline.

Speaking of headlines, I shared some of the most successful headlines and broke them down for you. Headlines are the life of your advertisements, and it's crucial that you practice writing headlines.

Some copywriters write down the benefits of the product or service they are promoting first. That way, you can develop more ideas of what your headline will be.

Moving on, I went over how to shortcut your way to a job in advertising. Give Indeed a try and customize your resume and cover letter to the best of your ability. Don't forget to mention your copywriting talents in your resume. Good luck!

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