How To Write a Good Sales Letter

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Avoid the guesswork and get situated with a writing career that pays blissfully. Though it's tempting to jump the gun, I want to elucidate how to write a good sales letter. You have to write good sales letters before you start charging premium fees. You don't want to leave your clients volcanic in temper if your copy doesn't deliver.

Protect your valuable honor and deliver the best sales letters for your clients. Tarnished business ethics can weaken your long-term outlook. All a prospect has to do is look at a few negative reviews on your ratings, and it's over! Well, not entirely over… but your conversion rates will freeze faster than a thermometer in Antarctica.

Here are a few things that'll illuminate your sales writing process —

  • AIDA Formula

  • Writing your sales letters on paper first

  • Editing last

  • Incorporating your biggest benefit into your headline

  • Ensuring your first sentence flows smoothly with your headline

  • Storytelling

  • Listing the benefits

  • Writing a call to action

  • Writing swipe files for practice

Turn your free time into learning time, and continue to practice the list above. The list provided will train you how to write a good sales letter from start to finish.

Type Of Sales Letter

Type Of Sales Letter

The type of sales letter that will go used in this industry is persuasive sales letters. When you get those difficult niches to write about, you need to write with clarity. Clarity triumphs over persuasion when dealing with complicated, hard to explain niches.

So recline and rest assured. Suppose you have a complex niche on your hands. Do your best to write so clear and simple that your niche is easy to understand.

The two types of sales letters I want you to acknowledge are —

  1. Persuasive

  2. Clarity

If you can master both of the type of sales letters then you will be a great copywriter.

In my first week under copywriting mentorship, my mentor Gary told me to focus on clarity and persuasiveness. He told me, "Yes! Even if your niche is simple, clarity still trumps persuasion."

I was flabbergasted since I was advocating persuasion. I thought persuasion was everything, but clarity helps get your sales letters read faster and easier.

According to Joseph Sugarman (advertising legend), the point of your sales letter is to get read from headline to call to action.

Copy that's "persuasive" yet doesn't go read is useless. There's no getting around the harsh truth, but no matter how pretty your ad is — it's futile if your ad doesn't get read all the way through.

About a year ago, I got a lead, and he was telling me how he took a long while to read through my ad… and my mind went, "Ahhh!" Why? My client read my copy entirely through no matter how long it was.

The point is that my sales letter got read all the way through, and it worked.

My client was like, "It took me a while to read through the ad, and I thought you were the perfect fit for the job."

How do you know you are a good copywriter? Listen to your clients' feedback, and if your feedback sounds similar to my feedback — You know you've done a splendid job.

Key takeaways: Clarity beats persuasion when it comes to sales letters. Still, it would be best if you continued to strengthen your persuasiveness, so you're well rounded. Your sales letters should be easy to read no matter the word count.

Importance Of Sales Letter

Importance Of Sales Letter

Not everyone knows the art of writing a sales letter. People don't know the meaning and importance of sales letters.

Sales letters and copywriting are identical. Copywriting and sales letters have the same purpose, which is to sell.

The importance of sales letters is to grow your company and make more sales. The beauty of sales letters is that you want to keep challenging yourself after a while.

I wrote sales letters for a furniture business during my rookie copywriting years. I have connections with people in the furniture industry, so I thought, "why not?!"

After selling my first couple of couch sets, I wanted to write more and more sales letters. You get hooked after some time! Once you embrace that a proper sales letter can sell high-priced items, you begin to challenge yourself more and more.

Once you are trained to write a no-holds-barred letter, you'll be able to increase your clients' revenue.

I've sold couch sets for a company with sales letters. Once my client sold out on couch stock, new leads called and asked for more furniture sets.

The importance of sales letters is to generate a feeding frenzy (demand). For instance, it would be logical and genius for a tax accountant to promote their business through sales letters before tax season. We all have aspiring companies, and we need the right words to capitalize on our promotions.

Sales letters also give you the ability to…

  • Generate profits with direct mail: Direct mail is known to be the king of advertising. Some people believe that direct mail is dead, and that's far from the truth. My mentor, with 34 years of copywriting experience, told me that direct mail is king. When you have a targeted mailing list in the thousands — You retain big leads. If you didn't know, now you know. Kick back, take a deep breath and exhale. Direct marketing is still hot in our day and age.

  • Make money domestically and internationally: Making money online within your country is a no-brainer. But is making money internationally possible? Yes, you can make money internationally through the internet by writing sales letters. You can either monetize your website with online payments or use freelance websites. It's completely up to you. I prefer to go the freelance platform route. Freelance platforms have people from various nations doing business. And the payment process is so advanced that it's simple.

  • Peace of mind without money worries: In this case, we are talking about the long-term benefits of your success in the sales letter business. Once you charge what you ultimately want per sales letter, you can have peace of mind. Your desired income will take care of bills and other income frets. Don't forget that writing sales letters has an income potential of 10k per month or more. 10k per month has a nice ring to it. Wouldn't you agree?

  • Create a business out of writing sales letters: Who would've thought you could make a career writing words for clients. You get the facts — writing sales letters is a high-income skill. Sales writing is not meant to be cheap. Sales writing is a craft in its self and goes classified as a premium service.

Key takeaways: The importance of a sales letter is to bring in more leads and sales.


Unleash your creativity when you are working on your sales letters. It's important that you learn the game before you start charging premium fees. You don't want your reviews to be negative since negative reviews scare new clients away. Once you decide to jump on board to the sales letter industry, use your free time to practice with swipe files on

Your blueprint for achievement in writing sales letters lies in writing with clarity and persuasiveness. For complicated niches, work on the clarity of your sales letters.

By now, you should be enlightened that you can write sales letters both online and by direct mail. When promoting your freelance gigs online, you get the opportunity to make money with international clients. The best way to collect income from international clients is through freelance platforms.

Freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr give you leeway to work with foreigners and not worry about international fees. Freelance platforms take care of any fees relevant to global clients.

Now that you are aware that you can make a living wiring sales letters, -- Is writing sales letters for you?

Why do you have an interest in writing sales letters? Comment below.

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