How To Start a Copywriting Business - Golden Nuggets Hidden In Your Writing

How To Start a Copywriting Business

You've probably heard that creating an online business is easy. It's not easy to start an online business. And having unrealistic expectations while brand new to the industry is not good. I will share with you some tips on how to start a copywriting business.

First thing, you need to invest in your copywriting education. Before you start an online business, calculate how long it will take you to soak up your education. Your learning process could take you half a year.

I want to call your attention to your website. You can't maximize your copywriting business without a website. Copywriting is a virtual service, and you need a virtual store, aka (also known as) website. Depending on how hard you work, you can have it done in a month to optimize your website.

Your website needs to go written with your finest copy. Let's add that month to your six months preparation, and we're at seven months.

Now for the surprise, you have to exercise your marketing skills. Author Dale Carnegie and his books can show you how to market effectively. Again research some books by Dale Carnegie. So we factor in an extra month of marketing education, and we get a total of eight months.

Eight months is my rough estimate to get traction going for your business. Don't fall for those ads that say you can start your copy business in under three weeks or something crazy.

The way I look at it, with tight laser focus, you can have your copywriting business running in under twelve months. You've got to be consistent, patient and goal-oriented.

Challenge yourself if you are fresh in the copywriting game and get your business rolling by your first year.

Does Copywriting Work? - Why Copywriting Is Important

Does Copywriting Work

Make a small investment in yourself and read a book from a copywriting Great! You will get a grasp of copy's science. Does copywriting work? I believe copywriting does indeed work.

Copywriting enhances your sales message. Are you invested in your business growth? If yes, copywriting should be important to you. Academic writing will not outperform copywriting in advertising. Copywriting is readable to a majority of the population. Academic writing, on the other hand, is complex and a pain to read.

If you put yourself in the shoes of your customer, you'd rather read an advertisement with copywriting. Copywriting absorbs you into their words with their killer headlines. Copywriting doesn't slow down after your headline! Instead, copywriting leads your prospects through the funnel and straight to the call to action.

Academic writing doesn't have sales formulas like copywriting. If academic writing had its own set of rules for sales, copywriting would beat it easily.

How? Copywriting has tested and still tests their generated results from their advertisements.

Have you heard of advertisers say they're a billion-dollar man or woman? We copywriters give ourselves those nicknames since the entrepreneurs we write copy for dramatically increase their sales. It doesn't mean we are a "billion-dollar" profitable business. It means that's the number we've produced for several entrepreneurs all combined equates to that "billion-dollar" figure.

I gave you an insider to the real copywriting potential. I still have yet to find a form of writing that outperforms copy in sales and action.

Let it put simply like this -- It isn't easy to sell online-only services. I have sold physical products locally and online-only services. Selling virtual products is harder… by a lot. Trust in online-only products has fallen drastically throughout the years!

Tons of people have been scammed on the internet for virtual products consistently for a couple of decades. It's only natural for people to be on high alert with online purchases.

Don't get me wrong, people still buy online, but gaining trust is now more important than ever before. Your challenge is gaining your prospect's trust.

Fortunately, people advertising locally can earn trust and cash much faster. During my Offer-Up and Craigslist sales phase, I would meet with people and deliver goods. The five-stars reviews were nice too.

Bottom-line: Copywriting work! You'll notice more phone calls, emails, and online sales with copywriting.

Freelance Copywriting Rates - How Much Can I Charge

Freelance Copywriting Rates

You charge as much as you want as long as you deliver the goods. Freelance copywriting rates are competitive! But if you are good at what you do and have a unique selling proposition, you can charge well.

I don't consider myself a guru, but copywriting expert and author Bob Bly said it best, 'A nickel per word.' A nickel per word is a handsome fee.

Is the price high? Yes it's high but there are copywriting gurus who charge much more. A nickel per word. I'm acquainted with a copywriting guru who charges $2 per word. If you do the math that’s $2 x 250 = $500.

My mentor charges $2 per word. He generated a total of $200 million for a handful of entrepreneurs in his career.

When you are doing numbers like that, $2 per word is not unreasonable.

My answer to your question is a nickel per word. If you charge a nickel per word, you'll earn well until you can increase your rates.

How To Find a Good Mentor - Earn Quality Experience

How To Find a Good Mentor

Fine-tune your experience by investing in a mentor. I will show you how to find a good mentor, but you have to act quickly. Ask a mentor if he/she is interested in giving you mentorship and exchanging your work for experience. The sooner, the better, or someone may find your mentor before you do.

The first thing you have to do is search on LinkedIn. What is your industry? Search your industry, and you'll get numerous results. You'll have to glance at people's profiles and scroll towards their work experience. The more experience your prospects have, the more qualified they are to mentor you.

My mentor has around 30-32 years of copywriting experience, and I discovered that through looking at his profile. I was fortunate enough to get a yes from my mentor and am trading my work for experience.

Everybody is discovering their potential by working with a mentor, and you should too. I believe finding a mentor is easier than finding a client (at least for me).

It's as simple as using LinkedIn and searching for people in your industry. From here on, all you have to do is work hard and be willing to learn.

Copywriting Job Description - Earn Income and Experience

Copywriting Job Description

Copywriting jobs are more popular than ever. You have a handful of search engines where you can find copywriting jobs. Most copywriting job descriptions will have degree requirements.

I don't believe you need a degree to understand copy. Some companies require a degree. It seldom fails when a copywriting job description contains a degree requirement.

Don't lose hope! Not all copywriting job descriptions have unrealistic expectations.

Make sure you list on your application your years of copy experience. Mention your mentorship experience too.

Don't forget to add copywriting to your resume and cover letter. Not only does a resume and cover letter sound more convincing with copy… Your employer will respect your creativity.

Take a Giant Step

Take a Giant Step

By now, you should be aware that copywriting success doesn't occur overnight. Take your giant step and first decide whether or not starting a copywriting business is for you. How willing are you to get your company rolling? Will you get discouraged by month 3 or month 6? I sure hope you don't get discouraged.

Be careful with ads claiming copywriting results promising results in "24 hours."

Me being upfront with you, your copywriting business process will take some time. From your education process to gathering testimonials…

Starting your copywriting business takes time...

The best thing you could do is be consistent, patient, and strategic. If you want to supercharge your results, find a mentor. If you'd like to take the job route, it's not that difficult to land an advertising job. You must have the ability to write copy and have a stellar resume to land a copywriting job. Websites like Indeed and Zip Recruiter come stacked with copywriting job opportunities.

Resolve right now and commit to it. I look forward to hearing about your progress. Comment below on what copywriting route you're thinking about taking.

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