How To Sell Ads Online

How To Sell Ads Online

"Turbocharge Your Sales"

That's right! Turbocharge your ad sales by creating multiple freelance profiles. I'm not talking about creating multiple profiles on one freelance platform. I'm talking about going to several platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, Truelancer, Upwork, and Guru. And this is how to sell ads online.

Now picture yourself having an account with these 5 freelance platforms I just mentioned. You can scale your business and not limit yourself. Of course, it won't be easy to make sales on all of these platforms. With commitment, you could find yourself having so much work that you'd need an employee to help you with so much demand.

And I would want for you to get to the point where you can say, "I have so much work!" Those are the problems we entrepreneurs all wish to have. The issues where we're overwhelmed with work and…

Cash flow!

So you have your profiles set, and your descriptions are dripping with copywriting excellence. Now what? It will help if you increase your ratings. Freelance platforms will not promote your gigs if you don't have any sales. No reviews equal no reputation. I have a short-cut for you. Ask all of your friends and family to buy an ad from you and leave a positive review. Don't have many friends and family contributing? Go to all of the local businesses near you and make your pitch.

When you pitch to your local businesses near you, charge cheap. I'm talking about $5 an ad cheap. If you hit your local barber with, "yeah, it'll only cost you $125," they'll probably show you where to exit is. The point is for you to gather as many 5-star reviews as possible to get noticed.

Key takeaways: Create a profile with Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, and Truelancer. Ask friends and family to support you and buy your five-dollar gig and leave an excellent review.

How To Sell Ads On Your Website

How To Sell Ads On Your Website

It's not difficult to sell ads on your website. You need to ensure that you have plenty of search engine optimized content on your website. You want to make money, so logically you need traffic. Now the revelation on how to sell ads on your website is with…

Google Ad Sense

Have you heard the saying, "making cents out of sense?" You will make meager cents if you lack content. You will make dollars with bulk and quality content. Google Ad Sense pays you to promote other people's products by placing small banner ads on your website. When people roam your website and click on the tiny ads Google Ad Sense displays, you get paid for it. That is why you should have plentiful content, so you bring as many people to your website as possible. People may click on your Google Ad Sense ads and buy. And guess who gets a piece of that income? You do.

One last option for you to make money and sell ads on your website. Create a service page on your website. It's that direct! Since you are an advertiser, turn your service page into a copywriting work of art. If you have great numbers with your traffic, your service page is a perfect way to monetize.

Key takeaways: You can monetize your website with Google Ad Sense. Create lots of quality content for more traffic and money. If people buy anything from your Google Ad Sense banner ads, you get a piece of it. Add a product or service to your website and increase your income.

Remote Freelance Writing Jobs

Remote Freelance Writing Jobs

The remote freelance writing jobs you've been waiting for. They're all on job search engines. Here are a few job search engines you could try out to land your first remote freelance writing job—

  • Indeed: Indeed has filters so you can narrow your search to remote freelance writing jobs only. Click on filters then click on remote, and all of your results should be relevant to what you're looking for.

  • Career Builder: Career Builder is not bad! It can be competitive, but Career Builder has your back. Career Builder has staff that sends jobs updates you can apply to. It's like having someone nudge you to stay on top of your job search.

  • Zip Recruiter: Go to Zip Recruiter's website and scroll at the bottom and under "Trending Job Types", click on "Remote," and you'll be re-directed to what you are looking for.

Don't limit yourself! There are far more remote freelance writing job search engines than I mentioned. I want to turn your attention to the hot, in-demand remote freelance writing industries for a great career outlook.

7 Remote Freelance Writing Industries

  1. Translator: Translation is a career that will always be in demand. There are 12 popular spoken languages to choose from. You can translate Zoom calls or translate written letters from one language to another. Your possibilities with language translation are sky-high. You can be a virtual translator through Zoom meetings… especially in our current times.

  2. SEO Expert: SEO is a great way to go since it's not boring, in my opinion. Many big companies need SEO experts since they have enormous marketing budgets. SEO is a form of marketing since you're optimizing websites to get the maximum amount of traffic possible. SEO experts are in high demand, and you can expect to get paid well for your skills.

  3. Web Designer: Without a doubt, web designers are in need every single day. Today I was thinking about redesigning my home page. I then thought to myself, "I need a web designe r!" Your duties as a web designer are to reduce your client's stress by spiffing up their websites to their needs. Web design is a bit competitive, but if you have a knack for designing websites, this is the remote freelance writing career for you.

  4. Resume Writing: Everyone needs a superior resume! I would consider hiring a resume writer if it meant I could land my dream job. I challenge you to go on Fiverr and search "Resume writer." You'll quickly see how popular this writing skill is worldwide. As a resume writer, you are in the industry of helping people get their dream jobs.

  5. Content Writing: Not the highest-paid gig, but amongst the most in-demand. Everyone needs content for their websites, and the market continues to flood. The demand is so high that you can still land content writing jobs even though the market has countless content writers.

  6. Virtual Assistant: There are business owners out there who would rather hire virtual assistants than local assistants. A virtual assistant could have various tasks to deal with. Your job as a virtual assistant is to aid your boss with his/her workload. The way it works is you get hired, and your client will give you a list of duties to perform within a deadline.

  7. Sale Funnels: You can charge well with sales funnels. As a sales funnel creator, you're a mixture of copywriter and web designer. Have you ever clicked on a website and saw a subscription form pop-up? This is what is called an email subscription funnel. How about a landing page that told you to "order now" or "call now"… that's a sales funnel landing page. Everyone needs sales funnels since they work! Sales funnels increase business growth. The demand for a sales funnel is real.

Freelance Copy Editing Jobs - What You Need To Know About Copy Editing

Freelance Copy Editing Job

Believe it or not, copy editing is just as popular as copywriting. On my Fiverr account, my copyediting gig has more impressions than my copywriting gig. Before I get into why copy editing is so popular, I want to bring your focus to freelance copy editing jobs.

There are copy editing jobs and copy editing gigs. If you get a copywriting job, one of your tasks will be to do copy editing. So, are you looking for a freelance copy editing job? Apply to a copywriting job, and you'll have your hands full with copy editing.

However, if your passion is copy editing, create an account on any freelance platform and post your copy editing gigs.

Why is copy editing so popular? The answer may not surprise you. Copy editing is popular since business professionals pay cheap premiums for copywriting. Then the entrepreneurs quickly find out that the copy they underpaid for is awful.

Often, entrepreneurs pay for a copywriter who isn't a native English speaker and regret it later. Then the stressed entrepreneurs look for copy editors like yourself and pay you to fix the errors.

Keep in mind before you go into the copyediting industry that it's not easier than copywriting. With copywriting, you can decide the formula and the story flow right from the start. With copyediting, you are trying to incorporate your copy with someone else's failed copy. The majority of the time, the copy is so bad that you have to re-write it completely from the start.

Key takeaways: Copyediting is just as popular as copywriting. Copyediting is popular since entrepreneurs commonly make the mistake of paying for cheap copy. Copy editing is not easier than copywriting.


Hopefully, this article gives you a basic understanding of how to sell ads online. At first, your gigs will be a ghost town. But try to get your friends and family to buy your gig and leave you stellar reviews.

Once you get reviews, the freelance platforms you are using will rank you. Once your gigs go ranked, you'll get more exposure. More exposure will eventually get you more sales.

Monetizing your website with Google Ad Sense is a good idea to earn some income. It would be best if you remembered to create large quantities of content.

I'm sure you are a freelancer or someone interested in freelancing, so I gave you seven industries that are trending today. Choose the industry that suits you best and create your gigs today.

The last random topic that I went over was copy editing. Believe it or not, many people are curious about copy editing. I gave you my personal experience with copy editing. It's strenuous and not as easy as it sounds.

So go into the copyediting industry with caution since you'll have to work hard on every project. Copyediting is just as hard as copywriting. A lot of times, copyediting is more stressful than copywriting.

How are you currently promoting your ads? Are you doing referrals, cold calling, or posting on freelance websites?

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