How To Practice Copywriting

How To Practice Copywriting

"Be Your Own Boss & Get Paid What You Want"

Turn your free time into learning time and get paid what you want. I want to show you how to practice copywriting. Implement writing every day and get good enough to go full-time. Whether novice or expert level of copywriting, you can't deny the power of writing. Swipe file training is one of the best copywriting exercises.

Everyone gets taken back when they hear about swipe file training. Did you get caught off guard when you first discovered swipe file training? I did too!

I was saying to myself, "There's no way re-writing successful copy can make me better." After a few days of swipe file training, I began to smirk and go, "Ahhh, now I see what copy is about."

Let me explain. You need a pen, paper, and internet connection to practice copywriting. The internet is necessary to go to swiped dot co and write down swipe files by pen and paper.

Go to and write down the exercise by hand with pen and paper. Then read what you have re-written 5 times over. This exercise works! Try it and trust it.

Persuasive Online Copywriting

Persuasive Online Copywriting

Here's a technique that gains interest. The online copywriting market is hot! Many website owners are looking for persuasive online copywriters.

Persuasive online copywriting is good for business websites.

The truth is companies want their website to make more sales, and that's what persuasive online copywriting can help with.

As a service provider, I've made the error of making my home page the blog page. As a service provider, you want your home page to make it easy to reach you. That means your home page should have persuasive online copywriting and…

A call to action!

Your home page is your sales page. Include a call to action that leads clients to buy your product/service.

If you want to discover a fast way to write with persuasion, look into —

  • How To Make Your Advertising Make Money - This book is legendary, and John Caples gives you successful, tested headlines.

  • Influence Science & Practice - Dr. Cialdni's book shows you many tools of influence proven to persuade people. My favorite part of the entire book was the power of social proof. Want to learn the art of persuasion the best way possible? You can't go wrong with Dr. Cialdini's masterpiece book.

  • Ca$hvertising - If you get this book, get the audio version too. The audio version is fun! Dr. Whitman is genius and chose a narrator that makes the book sound like persuasive satire. This Ca$hvertising book can go used as a checklist for your persuasive online copywriting projects. Dr. Whitman went as far as including studies of colors that get clicked on the most. And Dr. Whitman reveals which fonts get the most favor from online viewers. Cool stuff!

Copywriting Rates Per Word

Copywriting Rates Per Word

You've probably noticed the buzz about copywriting and how much it costs. Copywriting rates per word can go found for cheap! Or expensive. Freelance websites have writers from other countries that charge low. On the other hand, there are native English speakers who are well qualified and charge enormous fees.

But you have reached this far down the post, and you need answers. To gain more experience, you need to charge $0.05 (nickel) per word. That means that you get paid $60 for 1000 words. Low is your payout, but your experience is expanding by cyclopean leaps. One thousand words to write for your first client is a good amount of words. By the time you're able to raise your prices — You'll be ready to write and deliver your value.

The upmarket copywriting rates per word cost between $0.50 - $1.00 per word. As an upscale copywriter, at $0.50 per word, you can expect to get $500 per 1000 words. That has a nicer ring to it! Wouldn't you agree? It gets fascinating once you get to charge $1.00 per word. You get to take home $1000 for only 1000 words of copy. Rest assured, your money worries will diminish once you get to charge $1.00 per word.

Here are a few of the copywriting rates per word benefits —

  • Be your boss and get paid what you want - As a copywriter, you can work for yourself and be your boss. Copywriting is an intangible service, so there are no restock or shipping fees associated with copywriting. Once you get the experience, you can set your desired prices.

  • Work from home without the stresses of supervision - If you've got hands-on experience, then you know the pressure of having a supervisor. With copywriting, you get the benefit to work from home and be your supervisor.

  • Charge higher rates faster - Working for a company can take its time with wage increases. If you work for yourself and charge per word, you can increase your rates more quickly. As you get overly booked, you must increase your rates to slow demand down and… Make it worth your time! Once you know your copy is the real deal, you can improve your price more often and get paid more.

  • Companies and clients will want you - Copywriting is a skill that sticks with you for the long run. The brilliant thing about skills is that you never lose them. A job can go lost, but a skill sticks with you. Once you master the skill of copywriting, there will be various companies needing your keen abilities.

Put the benefits to work right now by improving your copy skills.

Suppose your copywriting rates per word are not satisfactory to your liking — Charge per project. I started my copywriting career charging per project.

Eventually, I felt the need to price my projects per word, and it's spot-on accurate for my experience.


By now, it's all starting to sound repetitive. The truth is -- You can practice copywriting by re-writing swipe files.

Many copywriters will agree that swipe file websites are of great value! You get to practice writing the best copywriting sales letters for FREE!

Don't forget to make your home page a persuasive online advertisement. You want to be reachable by providing the basics (phone number, E-mail, social media buttons) on your home page.

My book recommendations for writing persuasive online copywriting are there for your convenience. Investing in those books is not required, but they are highly useful.

When you are lost figuring out what to charge, price your copy per word. As a beginner, a nickel per word isn't bad. $60 plus hands on experience for 1000 words is worth it! When you gain more experience and confidence, you'll be able to higher your prices.

What's your experience level, and what are you currently charging per word?

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