How To Make Money From a Website Without Ads

How To Make Money From a Website Without Ads

Take your free resources to the next level. I want to show you how to make money from a website without ads. For starters, you have to know how to make money without paid advertising.

Jay Abraham once said, "if you spent money to market, it ain't marketing." Not to say you can't make money with paid advertising. It's just that… to be an excellent marketer, you need to know how to make money without spending.

Most successful entrepreneurs know how to make money without spending. Join the vast majority of entrepreneurs and discover how to make money from a website without ads.

Your ads need to have either affiliate links or a product or service to make money on your website without ads.

How To Monetize a Blog Without Ads

How To Monetize a Blog Without Ads

Straightforward, you need products and services or affiliate links in your blogs to make them profitable. But forget about "how to monetize a blog without ads" if you don't use SEO.

Up-front, your blog will struggle without SEO. SEO directs your traffic through keywords straight to your website. SEO helps monetize your blogs without ads.

Blogging is so advanced it's simple! Here's what your blog post should have —

  • SEO keywords: Drives targeted traffic to your website.

  • 1000+ words per post: Google prefers to rank blog posts containing 1000 words or more.

  • Affiliate links: Affiliate links give you commission every time visitors click on your links and buy. Signing up for affiliate programs is free.

  • Product or service page: Your best option to monetize your blogs is having a product or service.

  • Social media: Social media is great for making connections! Social media can help monetize your blogs by bringing more people to your website. More traffic equals more conversions.

There, you have your simplified approach. You can't go into blogging thinking, "I have to make money this week!" Instead, you have to go into blogging with a mindset of "I've got to create more useful content."

Key Takeaways: SEO monetizes by bringing people to your business. Your blog posts should have 1000+ words to have more of a chance to get indexed by Google. Don't add affiliate links to every blog post; for affiliate marketing, do 2 blogs with affiliate links for every 30 blog posts without affiliate links. Make way more blog posts without links.

Affiliate Marketing The Smart Way

Affiliate Marketing The Smart Way

Your passport to affiliate marketing the smart way is to create mounds of content. I'm not going to be one of those "make six-figures in 7 weeks" types of gurus. Nope, not in this blog!

I'm a realist and will tell you that you make money with loads of content in affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is about content. How fast can you create content? Can you create 1 or 2 blogs a day? Write down how much content you can write a day and try to improve. If you can write 2 blogs a day, that's 60 blogs per month. If you can do 60 blogs for 12 months… that's 720 blogs in year one!

If you can do 720 blogs by year one, you'll be successful. The amount of traffic you can generate with 720 is ridiculous! You would have so much traffic with 720 blogs that are SEO optimized.

To affiliate market the smart way, you need to have a strategy (in this case, content creation every day) and stick with it.

Key Takeaways: Affiliate marketing is the industry of producing content. Track how much content you can create per day and always try to get better. If you do one article or video a day, work your way up to two or three per day. Optimize your blogs with SEO for utmost performance.

Is Affiliate Marketing Legit?

Is Affiliate Marketing Legit?

Affiliate marketing is pure joy when you know how to do it. You have to get bliss out of content creation to ardor affiliate marketing. Getting back to your question; Is affiliate marketing legit?

Affiliate marketing is legit, but you have to have an overabundant amount of content. Affiliate marketing satisfies your hunger if you have a knack for content creation. The way I was taught was to do affiliate marketing through blogs and articles. Let me explain. Some people think affiliate marketing is adding an affiliate link to every post… that's not true!

In affiliate marketing, you're supposed to have a mindset where you are there to help people. Create 30 articles and do two product reviews with affiliate links. After these instructions, create another batch of 30 posts and two product reviews with affiliate links.

Keep repeating the process until you make some sales. You see, more content will give you more traffic. More traffic equals higher probabilities of sales. The only way your affiliate marketing sales will slow down is if you slow down. As an affiliate marketer, you are in the business of creating content. You are in the business of informing people. The sales come after your visitors feel grateful for your valuable information.

Affiliate marketing can be a gratifying skill since you are helping people by informing them. You have your answer — affiliate marketing is legit. You'll love the way you randomly get commission deposits into your bank account with affiliate marketing.

The only way I know how to do affiliate marketing is with blogs and articles. I'm sure you can do affiliate marketing with YouTube videos. If you want double the results, stack your blogs and articles with YouTube videos.

Key Takeaways: Affiliate marketing is legit if you produce ample amounts of content. Don't add an affiliate link to every post. If you create 100 pieces of content — only 4-8 of the blogs should have affiliate links. Affiliate marketing is all about commission checks and deposits.

Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing

Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing

Try a little self-indulgence for a change with the benefits of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a skill. Affiliate marketing is not something where you bombard your web page or YouTube channel with links.

Do I have affiliate marketing knowledge? I do have affiliate marketing experience. I completed the Wealthy Affiliate training program and have a grasp of what the industry is all about. Reward yourself with the benefits of affiliate marketing —

  • Work anywhere without supervision pressure

  • Leverage other peoples resources (product and services) and make money

  • Make more income with countless affiliate programs you can sign-up with

  • Live the life you desire, be your boss, and work the hours you want

  • Get ahead of your competition by making money while you sleep

  • Make your content profitable for free

When I used to do affiliate marketing, we had a guy in our community who had a steady income and worked full-time. As an affiliate marketer, the man I'm speaking of had 900 blog posts! Can you imagine how much traffic you can bring to your website with 900 blog posts?!

Let's do some math. Let's say you bring in 90,000 people to your website every month, and you close (sell) 10% to your visitors. That's $9,000 per month! And that's me doing a rough estimate… you could make more.

Key Takeaways: You can work from anywhere and leverage other people's resources. You can sign up and promote as many different companies as you'd want. You can be your boss and work your hours. Don't forget you can make money while you sleep. You can create good content without costing you a dime.


If you didn't know, now you know that you can monetize your website without ads. Ads are good to create traction for your business. I've read many marketing books. Marketing books have taught me that we all must be able to generate income without paying for it.

I took this lesson as; we should know how to generate clients without paying for it. Once we have mastered the art of marketing, then we can go ahead and dive into paid marketing.

There you have it! You can make income with your content. You have to produce a lot of content to get the most out of your affiliate marketing labor.

Always remember, as an affiliate marketer, you are in the business of content. If this sounds like a great fit for you, work hard, and I'd love to hear your success.

How do you monetize your website without ads? Share your wisdom with us in the comment section.

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