How To Get Ahead In Advertising - Earn Trust & Respect

How To Get Ahead In Advertising

As a writer, you know how important it is to write with integrity. Carefree writing will not show you how to get ahead in advertising. False claims are still around today, along with plagiarism. These two business misdeeds are due to the absence of knowledge.

How do you write copy and earn value, trust, and respect?

You provide reviews or testimonials for your current or past clients in your advertisement. Testimonials/reviews influence and convince your mind that you need what you are getting sold.

The cool part about providing proof is the impact of what others say about your business. Who would you trust? Your next-door neighbor who bought that Toyota Prius you've been thinking about… or a car salesman? Answer: your next-door neighbor.

The same rules apply to you and your business. Will your prospects believe what you have to say about yourself? Or, will your prospects believe the dozens of five-star reviews others have left for you?

The answer is obvious! If I may elaborate, I narrow down my book shopping by observing positive reviews. The more famed book gets my money.

The majority of the time, I choose the author who has more reviews. Now, let me give you an advertisement formula which shows you how to get ahead in advertising.

Victor O. Schwab Formula:

Get attention, Show advantage, Prove it, Persuade to grasp advantage, Call to action

This formula can go found in How To write a Good Advertisement by Victor O. Schwab.

This formula will earn you value, trust, and respect since it's ethical. The "prove it" portion of this formula makes sure you provide facts every time! Being as honest as you can and giving proof will get you ahead in advertising. Combine evidence with this next pillar, and you'll do great!

Key takeaways: People respect ads that give social proof. If you have reviews and testimonials, don't be shy and show them. Use the Victor O. Schwab formula I mentioned above to boost the trust factor when you advertise.

Informative Advertising - Long-Form Copy Made Simple

Informative Advertising

Who said you couldn't make advertising easier on yourself? Informative advertising can go used on standard copy and long-form copy. I'm sure you know that advertisers get paid by word count. A long-form copy can be over 30 pages long! My mentor let me in on his experience writing pages among pages of copy for the financial industry. My mentor told me — If your advertisements were 30+ pages long, they'd read all of it.

Truly interested prospects will read every word of copy if they are seriously interested. If you are writing lengthy sales letters, you need informative advertising. Let your readers in on some insiders by giving them information. The more facts, the better.

Informative advertising is necessary when the product or service you are selling is complex. My first client in copy was the hardest copy I have ever written. The industry I had to write about was supply chain management. Of course, I had to make the advertisement clear and informative so prospects wouldn't get frustrated and turn away.

The project was 3,000 words, and I felt like I could have written more. The amount of information I had to write to familiarize the client was enormous.

If I were interested in investing in Bitcoin (as a newbie), I would prefer to read an informative sales letter. I Have no idea how Bitcoin works, but if I have an ad in front of me with 10+ pages of information… I prefer long copy over short copy.

Like my mentor said, "clarity trumps persuasion in some instances." Complicated industries are where clarity defeats persuasion. Use informative advertising for those arduous niches and bring clarity.

Key takeaways: Long-form copywriting can reach 30 pages! Prospect who are truly interested will read the copy if it's as long as 30 pages. Informative copywriting mixes well with long-form copywriting. Clarity in writing for complex niches is better than persuasion. If you were interested in investing in something you're new to, would you rather read a 500-word sales letter or 10+ page sales letter?

Testimonial Advertising - Helps You Work Smarter, Not Harder

Testimonial Advertising

That's why you are here. You are looking for ways to work smarter, not harder. Testimonial advertising is social proof that you are what you claim you are (business-wise). Social Proof in Influence, Science and Practice by Robert Cialdini is a weapon of influence. Testimonials are a form of influence since it has an "everybody is doing it" effect behind it. Testimonials all affect us. We don't purchase the lowest rating stuff on Amazon. We tend to buy things on Amazon, which has overwhelming amounts of positive reviews behind the product.

Testimonials are so powerful since they hook me whenever I'm shopping for books. One day I was shopping for a Hebrew book (I study Hebrew in my spare time), and I saw a purple book that was my style. The cover had gorgeous Hebrew all over it, along with 123 positive reviews. But there was an ordinary-looking book on the same topic with 566 positive reviews, and I was sold immediately. I bought the least attractive book that had 443 more positive reviews and…

I'm super happy with my purchase!

I'm not the only one who goes influenced by social proof. Everyone prefers to choose the product/service with more evidence behind it.

What does this mean for you? Whether you are an advertiser or not, you should collect your reviews, testimonials and use them to your advantage. Testimonial advertising is used many times by copywriters for amplifying persuasion.

A trick I learned from Bob Bly is placing a small handful (3) of testimonials beneath your sales letter's headline. Your readers will be drawn by the social proof and compelled to read your entire letter.

Frankly, good sales letters should have social proof. I ask for testimonials and reviews in my questionnaire that I send to my clients after they purchase.

Some clients are new to their industry and don't have reviews which is understandable. If you have a handful of reviews, it's important to give them over to your copywriter. Your sales letters go improved cogently with reviews and testimonials.

Testimonial advertising should be in as many sales letters as it can. You are sitting with a lot more potential in your grasp. Why not add testimonial advertising to your sales letters?

Benefits Of Testimonial Advertising

  • More appreciation, trust, and respect

  • Stronger message impact that compels your prospects to act

  • Testimonial advertising (social proof) is proven to influence, so it must work

  • Using evidence is the right thing to do

  • Your advertisement will be more effective over copy without testimonials

Key takeaways: Testimonial advertising is proven to work in Dr. Cialdini's Influence, Science and Practice book. Add testimonials to your copywriting sales letter for a powerful presentation. You will become a great copywriter if you practice utilizing your client's testimonials in their sales letters.


Getting ahead in advertising could be as simple as implementing your client testimonials and reviews. Debunked by Dr. Robert Cialdini -- Social proof is a weapon of influence that works.

When you're starting to doubt implementing testimonials and reviews, remember that you buy products online with the most 5-star reviews. The customer thinks the same way. After all, we all want to get our money's worth.

Use social proof to your advantage and upgrade the quality of your advertising.

Do you install testimonials into your advertisements? What's the outcome?

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