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How To Find Freelance Work

Are you feeling in the zone today? Yes, you certainly can make a living from your laptop. That's the beauty of freelance work! Today I will show you how to find freelance work. Failure is not an option! And if you can't find any work don't get mad at me.

What I'm about to share with you works as long as you are disciplined. The thrill of working from home doesn't kick in until you "crack the code." Do you know what the code is? Strategy and discipline to follow through with your system.

Failure to follow through will only result in you scamming yourself out of your time. When I was a novice in freelancing, I would throw a bunch of hissy fits. I would shout, "darn it, did I get scammed into thinking this was possible?! Looking back, I'm appalled by my reactions to failure. I didn't even follow through with my strategies when I would list them in my planner. Don't let this be you.

Instead, strategize what you want to accomplish every month in your planner and…

Follow through!

The unexpected thrill of success becomes expected when you fulfill your strategy. You pulling through with your goals on your planner will make you think, "that was the outcome I expected."

Freelance with confidence as long as you have a strategy. Suppose you don't have a system, then create one. Remember, failure to follow through with your strategy will result in disappointment. I believe you have it in you, but more importantly, you have to believe that you deserve success.

Best Freelance Websites For Beginners

Best Freelance Websites For Beginners

Fasten your seatbelt and discover the best freelance websites for beginners. These freelance websites are not only for beginners but for experts as well. If you are an expert, you can join the competitive freelancers' brackets and charge what you charge. Ok, enough buildup! Let's me show you what you can work with —

  • Fiverr: No, I'm not a spokesperson for Fiverr. I love Fiverr, and so does my mentor. You see, the way I was taught was how my mentor was taught. He started with Fiverr, and I did the same. A student follows the steps of his instructor. Build your Fiverr account and profile with Fiverr. Make sure you smile and have business attire in your profile picture. Next, as a beginner, you can post up to 7 gigs on Fiverr! Fiverr has level 1 and level two rankings. When you reach level 1, you can post 14 gigs. Wow! Dollar signs all around. On Level 2, you can post almost 30 gigs and advertise your gigs on Fiverr's platform. Do your best to get to level 2. The ability to promote your gigs on Fiverr's platform is underrated. Fiverr has a little over a million users. Imagine having the ability to advertise on a platform with million(s) of users? This freelance website is gold!

  • Upwork: Not my favorite freelance website, but Upwork is the second most used freelance website. Upwork has an approach where you send proposals to people looking for your service. Your drawback with Upwork is competing with people that are more experienced than you. Upwork's usability is not my favorite, but they're getting better! Recently Upwork uploaded a feature where you can post your gigs, so the work comes to you. Upwork adopted the gig posting feature similar to Fiverr. I don't spend too much time on Upwork, but ever since their new gig feature, I will be more active on Upwork.

  • Freelancer: Freelancer is a great website in third place with its popularity. Fiverr is in first place when it comes to popularity. Upwork is in second place popularity-wise. Freelancer is worth giving a try since you can pay less than five dollars to promote your proposals at the top of your future client's proposals. You may be thinking that you rather save your change but, this proposal boosting feature is underrated. The cool thing is that many freelancers do not invest in the proposal booster. Freelancer could be a sleeping giant. Get involved with Freelancer before it becomes competitive and saturated.

  • Truelancer: If you are starting and offering rock-bottom cheap rates, Truelancer is a good place to start. Experimenting with Truelancer, there are more foreign freelancers on the platform. That's not to say Truelancer lacks potential. The underestimated freelance platforms are the ones that end up doing the best. When Fiverr was not as popular, my mentor told me he made 200k in 2 years with Fiverr! Very impressive! That's why it's important not to underestimate newer freelance platforms. Open your Truelancer account today. Don't miss out.

Highest Paying Freelance Jobs - 4 High Paying Industries

Highest Paying Freelance Jobs

Reach profitable new markets with these 4 highest-paying freelance jobs.

  1. Copywriting: No surprise here! As a copywriter, I had to list this obvious high-paying skill. Copywriters can charge anywhere from $250-$25,000 per page of copy! I'm not exaggerating when I say copywriters can go paid ridiculously high. My mentor charges $750 for 500 words (half a page). Famous business guru Dan Lok in his book F.U. Money and Unlock It tells a story about his mentor. Dan's mentor wouldn't write copy until he was certain he would get $1 million out of the project. Wild? Yes! Inspirational? Absolutely! If you are looking to get a copywriting job, you can start your career at $50 per hour.

  2. Software developer: Software is complex and in big demand! The freelance sites I mentioned earlier all have one thing in common… software development. Those freelance websites needed a software developer to create it. According to hired dot com, software developers in San Francisco make between $95k-$275k! It's no surprise to me that software developers get paid some serious cash. Software development is hard! I can't develop software on my own, no way. This leads me to the conclusion that software development has a long career outlook.

  3. Affiliate Marketing: If you want to make high ticket sales through the internet, you can invest in yourself by learning affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is promoting other people's products and getting commissions for it.

  4. Consultative marketing: As a beginner, consultative marketing isn't the highest paying skill averaging at $53,457 per year. When you are already a big hit (successful), you can earn $5,000 per day consulting. For example, in his audio series Your Secret Wealth, marketing guru Jay Abraham tells us that he would charge $5,000 per day and $25,000 per week to consult with him. Incredible, isn't it? If we do the math, $25,000 per week is an accumulated $1.2 million per year. If you're at the top of your game in your industry and haven't tried consultative marketing… look into this skill.

Freelance Proofreading - High Demand Writing Niche

Freelance Proofreading

Now get paid for your proofreading skill. Freelance proofreading skills are in high demand. Sometime in October 2020, I decided to create a copyediting gig, and it left my other copywriting gigs in the dust! For some reason, a lot of unsatisfied customers come to me to help edit their copywriting projects.

Some copywriters charge low prices in my industry (copywriting), and many entrepreneurs fall for the cheap price tag. Once entrepreneurs fall for the low price tag, they realize their copy is shoddy. Entrepreneurs then seek a premium copyeditor (like you and like me) and pay a little extra to make their copy effective.

What does this mean for you if you are not a copyeditor? It means that every freelance proofreading industry is in high demand, whether it be content or copy.

To give you an example of how requested freelance proofreading is; My copyediting gig had 800 impressions its first month running, and my regular copywriting gig only had 400 impressions. Copyediting had double the impressions that my copywriting gig had.

If you are a content creator, whether it be video or writing, the freelance proofreading industry needs your skill! Don't let time pass you by, and don't let your competition take all of your future freelance proofreading clients.

How To Receive Payment For Freelance Work

How To Receive Payment For Freelance Work

You need to know how to receive payment for freelance work. To get paid for freelance work securely, you need to work for a freelance platform. I get paid through Fiverr. You need to have a debit card to get paid online. I believe Fiverr has an option in the payment settings where you can get a check.

Since you are a freelancer, you are in the industry where you get paid for virtual services. So why not get paid virtually? Direct deposit on a freelance platform will install your money into your account in two weeks. Working for a freelance platform, you get paid bi-weekly, similar to a 9 to 5 job. If, for some reason, you can't receive payment through direct deposit, the check payment option is still there for you.

The nerve center of the online business world is to have your guard up. There are people out there looking to screw you over for your money. I'm talking about scam artists. On platforms like Fiverr, there aren't many scam artists. Fiverr has great cybersecurity. However, on my website and rarely on Fiverr — I've almost been scammed.

People would message me saying, "hey josh. I have a business proposal for you." "Give me your account password and username so I can run your account for you, and I only take a percentage of your earnings."… If you get a sales pitch like this in your email inbox or on Fiverr… report it right away. Or place them in your spam folder (that's what I do).

The truth is, nobody is going to borrow your account and pay you for anything -- that, my friend, is called a scammer script.

Never give away any personal information like your passwords on the internet with strangers.

Not trying to fear-monger. I want you to be vigilant and prepared going into your internet business venture.

Time Is Running Out

Time Is Running Out

Is your freelance industry running out of demand?! No! Of course, your industry isn't running out of need! I mean, time is running out, as in you should get started now. The more you ponder, thinking, "should I do this freelance thing?" The more you go into the paralysis of analysis, and you end up making no money at all.

To quote my favorite Dan Lok quote —

"There are some people who make things happen, some who wait for things to happen and those who end up saying 'what the Eff just happened." -Dan Lok

Be the person who makes things happen. I invite you to create your Fiverr account and make things happen now. Start living your dreams. Sign up here.

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