How To Break Into Copywriting

How To Break Into Copywriting

Here's an idea worth considering. You could start by getting an overall grasp of how copywriting is suppose to read. You have to look at successful pieces of copywriting and read them over and over. Once you re-read the successful copy, re-write it and re-read it over and over again. When you re-read successful copy, do it a couple of times slowly (word by word) and a couple of times fast.

After you do this exercise countless times, the copy and its fragments will begin to stick. With such as simple exercise, it'll show you how to break into copywriting and upgrade your copywriting.

Swipe file techniques like the one I showed you above help experts improve their skills. The exercises are there when you need them, and they're tested to work.

If writing is your passion, you'll be pleased to know that there are more ways to discover copywriting secrets. All you have to do is apply them to your career.

Continue to read below, and you'll notice that your options are many. Take your writing to the next level.

Copywriting Courses Online

Copywriting Courses Online

Challenge yourself with copywriting courses online. Everyone has their preference for wisdom, and online courses are on the rise. Many are on the hunt for the online business transition ever since the pandemic affected the world.

So is an online copywriting course the way to go? It depends on how you prefer to get your education. My favorite educational process is books. Picture books as written mentorships, and you'll value books much more.

Courses are a proper way of gaining knowledge. That's how I learned how to content market… with a course. It all depends on what method will get you to learn and applying what you know.

So what copywriting course is the right one for you? I recommend one company to choose your many course options from. The company is called American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI), which is always a good way to go. Do your research to see if AWAI is for you. Suppose AWAI is for you -- good luck with your success and study hard.

Key takeaways: The race for online business education is on the rise. Books are like written mentorships. Apply what you learn and avoid "paralysis of analysis." AWAI sells some of the best online copywriting courses.

B2B Copywriting Niches

B2B Copywriting Niches

Now you can stand out from the crowd by choosing a B2B copywriting niche. Have you figured out your niche yet? My niche was initially google ad copy. I decided to expand my horizons and focus on being a web copywriter.

Web copywriting is my niche, and it works out for me the best. I'm going to do you a solid favor and list many niches you can choose from to get your journey going.

  • Web copy: The copy with the highest demand. Everyone is making an online transition which gives web copy more aptness. You can offer your web copy services on freelance platforms stress-free.

  • Google ad copy: When we niche, we focus on one thing -- What Google ad copy is all about. Google ads are short, so you need to work on short copy and killer headlines to draw your customers. Google ads are only increasing in popularity, and businesses need your copywriting skills.

  • Facebook ad copy: Facebook ad copy is niche, but I'm not a big fan of Facebook ads. I do not favor selling Facebook ads to businesses since there's a lot of errors. For no reason, Facebook doesn't display all your ads -- I feel it's some spam detection software that Facebook has. If you want to promote your business with Facebook ads (for yourself), then you have the green light since there's less risk for you.

  • Direct mail copy: This is where the big bucks can come in. There are entrepreneurs out there who focus on direct mail only. Some may think direct mail is "old school," and it is. But look - direct mail copy works! The secret to getting to the pinnacle of effective direct mail marketing is to have a targeted list. With direct mail, you don't just spend hundreds on a campaign and target random people. You need an address list of people you know for a fact have purchased direct mail copy for their business in the past.

Key takeaways: To be niche, you need to focus on one area of your industry. Web copy is the most popular. Google ads are short, simple, and to the headline. Facebook ads could be a pain to sell but worthwhile for personal use. Direct mail copy is a bit dated, but it's amongst the most effective (with a targeted list) and high paying.

Best Book On Copywriting

Best Book On Copywriting

It's a tricky question. The truth is — everyone has their mental note of the best book on copywriting. Upfront, it's a difficult decision for me to pick only one book. I will have to say the best book is The Adweek Copywriting Handbook by Joseph Sugarman.

Joe's Adweek book is so protean (versatile)! This book is for all levels of experience, both novice, and guru.

Three reasons why you need Adweek Copywriting Handbook in your arsenal —

  1. Shows you copywriting emotions: J. Sugarman gives you the insights on 30 emotions you could weave into your story to have a dramatic sales-letter presentation.

  2. Give's you a formula to last a career: With your handbook, you get a nine-part recipe that makes long-form copywriting smooth sailing.

  3. Copy editing to boost readability: Sugarman doesn't stop at showing you how to write readable copy… He lets you in on some of his best copyediting methods.

Key takeaways: Many copywriters' definition of the best book on copywriting differs. Adweek Copywriting Handbook is my number one pick for the best book on copywriting. The book is solid! Lot's of golden nuggets in this text.


If you seriously want to break into the copywriting career, now's your chance to get the ball rolling. You are here since you want to know how to get started in the copywriting industry. You can't deny that you need to invest in yourself when it comes to skills. Thanks to the internet, we have numerous resources. I was happy to share what copywriting course is legit and what niches to look out for.

Sometimes reading is something we all have to adapt to doing. For our well-being, books are worth it. I'm sure if you've never invested in The Copywriting Handbook, you'll feel as if you are getting a mentorship once you grab your copy. The cool thing is that the book is something for the new and experienced.

Have you broken into the skill of copywriting yet? Do you have any course or book recommendations for us? Comment below. I'd like to hear your opinion.

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