How To Advertise Business Online - More Production With Less Thinking

How To Be More Productive and Work Less

My mind use to work hard. My mind would tell me to tweet. I had a multitasker mindset. Until one day, I listened to advice, which soothed my urgency. Your obvious potential on how to advertise business online is hidden in your decisions.

Did you know your mind can get exhausted by decisions? According to USA Today, "Too much choice overwhelms your brain." Think about it for a minute. How does your mind ponder over your next meal, your next blog post, your next podcast, and your next follow-up message?

Try this, have your mindset on one task, and knock it out. Add a timer to the mix. How do you measure your performance? Did you finish your work before your timer went off? If you don't, try to improve your timing. I often blog twice a day. I expect to finish 1 blog post in under 2 hours. If I don't meet my expectations, I kick my butt and try harder. Then I move on to my next task on the schedule.

Some sage advice… don't overthink! Overthinking and decision fatigue slay productivity. It may sound like I'm doing a motivational speech, but decision fatigue has dire effects on online business performance.

A plain little tweak of planning your monthly schedule and sticking with rigid, no B.S. grit can have you smashing your daily online business marketing goals. First, you need to grasp the fact that decision fatigue is a real thing. Second, you need to schedule your marketing efforts and live up to them.

Lastly, do you have some activity that puts you in a serene vibe and gives you enjoyment? Do that activity as a pre-game reward. Afterward, go hard and give it all you've got.

Today you will discover 7 online secrets that are the best ways to advertise your business online.

Key takeaways: Avoid decision overload! Measure your performance with a timer. Meet your expectations by kicking your own butt. Do your "pre-game" activity that motivates you to get productive. Your "pre-game" activity could be reading a book, push-ups, meditation, and whatever inspires you.

Create a Free Blog Website - Are Websites Really Free?

Can you create a free blog website for free? Yes and no. You can build a website. But you have to pay for your domain to make your website address and brand run on the web. When I registered my domain, it only cost me $25-$30 with cybersecurity.

Creating a blog website online is a very well known method for putting forth the content you want to share.

So, where can you create your blog website free? WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Web Flow ect… A successful website without a purchased domain is not realistic. You have to buy your website domain for it to be yours and gain authority. So technically, creating a blog website is not free.

I use to use WordPress, but the templates it offered were not for me. I made the switch to Wix and couldn't be happier. There are better web building options out there, but I found my comfort zone with Wix.

Wix has many website templates for you to choose from, so pick a template that suits your needs.

Blogging and posting articles on the web are so powerful for your business. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), when put into effect, can give you thousands of online visitors per month as long as you know your keywords. SEO keywords in your blog posts are critical to getting your content indexed and eventually ranked in Google.

Trust me - - it's worth getting ranked by Google. Learn your SEO Keywords and write some good helpful content. You would daze at the thought of getting hundreds of thousands of visitors per month when Google ranks you on page 1 or 2…

Get those SEO rich blogs done!

Blog writing is not academic writing. Yes, blog writing has to be free of spelling errors. But academic writing is not required. Just write as you talk. Or how internet gurus like Russell Brunson say, "document your journey." The best part about blogging is your ability to work wherever as long as you have a computer and internet connection.

You can always build your blog for free - - registering your domain is what costs money. Having a registered website is well worth the cost, in my opinion.

Key takeaways: Creating a website is free, but registering your website is not free. SEO can add thousands of viewers to your blog. SEO rich posts can eventually get you ranked by Google. Writing your blog doesn't have to be academic writing. Documenting your journey is an excellent strategic approach for blogging.

Social Media Marketing Tools - Free Digital Exposure

What options have you considered with social media marketing tools? I use Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. Social media for online marketing can be alms or decision fatigue central!

What is social media for online marketing? Social media marketing utilizes social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc…) to gain clients, connections rightfully, and promote your product or service worldwide.

Looking at the numbers, about 81% of people in the U.S. have a social media profile. Social media for online marketing cannot go overlooked since they're super convenient for mobile phones!

Before I discovered the power of social media for online marketing… I would share my posts and believe I would get thousands of miraculous reactions. I was wrong - - my social media posts would hardly ever gain traction.

I've come to notice that social media for online marketing is generating the "liking" effect. When people begin to like you personally, they'll drive over to your profile and see what your product and services are all about. Next, your social media followers will begin to enter your website and perhaps buy your product or service.

If you are a beginner, it may be challenging to engage in social media. Engaging in social media is difficult at first. On the bright side, the internet is introvert and extrovert friendly. Practice socializing constantly.

With practice, gain more confidence and quickly overcome your social media anxiety. Like everything you want to get good at, practice is critical… And this is the case with social media marketing tools.

There isn't anything wrong with sharing your articles on social media. You can get more viewers by sharing your website content on your social media accounts.

I wouldn't expect a drastic hike in traffic with content marketing. Your website brings real analytics through SEO and ranking your website in the search engines as you content market.

Social media has a savvier strategic approach. Attempting to have a guest blog post from a famous social media expert in your industry are goals to strive for. If you get a guest post from social media influencers, their traffic and fans follow.

Finding a way to get a guest post on your blog, podcast, or social media is goals!

Key takeaways:

  1. Post your articles on social media platforms to drive extra traffic to your website.

  2. Practice chatting with other entrepreneurs on social media.

  3. Attempt to get a guest blog post on your website from a social media influencer.

  4. When you have a guest blog post, your guest's fans follow.

YouTube Upload a Video - Video Content Counts!

Perhaps this one wasn't such a shocker. 'YouTube upload a video' for business is good business.

Have you gone shopping recently on the web and somehow found yourself looking up a video of the product before your final decision?

I irrationally yet predictably watch videos of products before I buy them. YouTube is superb for adding more trust to your online presence.

Unlike other social media platforms, YouTube is a platform for video content. YouTube videos for business is an excellent way for you to build more trust with your viewers. Once your viewers gain confidence in you, they'll be more comfortable purchasing your product or service.

'YouTube Upload a video' for business can't go underestimated, with the numbers of YouTube reaching 30 million visitors per day.

YouTube was purchased in 2016 by Google and is #2 on the web for the most traffic. Everyone goes on YouTube to further justify a potential buying decision. Creating a YouTube channel is not difficult. You could start uploading videos for your business for free.

When you upload a video, it'll take up to a day to go uploaded entirely on YouTube. YouTube has 500 hours of video uploads every minute. It makes sense why YouTube takes so long to upload videos.

I don't have a YouTube channel, but I say go for it if you are dedicated to creating content consistently. YouTube is so dynamic. Consumers predictably watch a YouTube video of a product before they buy.

Once you get your YouTube workflow going, you should get excited. The other day I went to my parent's house and watched a podcast on YouTube. I then found out that my parents were loyal followers.

I'm not going to ignore the fact that my parents went from zero technology to following a podcast on YouTube. If I would ignore it, I'd be undermining YouTube and its power!

Key Takeaways:

  1. People like to look up YouTube videos on products before they buy. Videos gain more trust.

  2. You can post your podcasts on YouTube. YouTube uploads are free and count as useful content.

  3. YouTube is gaining popularity with older crowds.

SEO Tips For Beginners - Increase Your Viewership

Knowing the right tweaks to the search engines can improve your website, social media, e-commerce descriptions, and YouTube videos.

So, you know how to create a website and a YouTube account. Now what? Learn how to SEO!

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. SEO keywords are useful! People who research specific keywords, such as "Learn How To SEO," have data on how many people search that keyword every month.

When you take the initiative and create blogs with at least 1000 words and at least 5 low competition keywords, your website gets noticed much faster.

The more your website gets noticed, equals more people on your website looking to see what you've got to offer.

Your website will not gain traffic if it isn't search engine optimized. Google nor your potential online audience will know your brand's presence - - without SEO.

The same goes for YouTube videos. YouTube videos should have SEO to have targeted traffic take notice and view your content. Now that you have grasped how important SEO is, let me give you a few tips on how you can learn SEO TODAY.

  • Buy a book: Buy a book and learn how to SEO. A step by step book on how to SEO is more beneficial than scrambling everywhere searching for bits of information all over the place. Following a step by step guide can keep you organized until you finish your book. Before you know it, you'll learn how to SEO.

  • Buy a Course: I know this perhaps is not the most appealing way to learn, but buying a course will deliver the knowledge on how to SEO. SEO is not that difficult. When implementing your SEO tweaks, watch YouTube videos along with your process, and sharpen your SEO skills.

  • Google Search Bar: If you have made it this far, lucky for you, I'm going to teach you how to find SEO keywords for free. Type your niche or topic into the address bar (don't push search or enter), and whatever pops up on Google suggestions are SEO keywords that people search for to get more information. This method works, but when you can't find any more keywords this way further down the line… You'll need a keyword search tool. Hopefully, these methods help you increase your SEO knowledge. Remember your website, and heck, even some of your social media posts... must be optimized for your content to go noticed by google.

Key Takeaways: Discover how to SEO by investing in yourself. SEO books and courses will take you by the hand and teach you how to SEO like a pro.

Are Google Ads Worth It? - Paid & Free Traffic Fusion

I don't believe it's required to go the purchase ads route as a beginner. What I've decided to do is build my blog and generate my free traffic. When I'm near my peak of blogging, I do Google Ads For Business.

Are Google ads worth it?

Paid Google ads wouldn't be your best route as a beginner. When your ad budget has reached its limit, your website will need some free and organic traffic to fall back on.

Otherwise, if you try to Google Ads without organic traffic…

Your traffic stream shuts off as soon as your Google Ads budget runs out.

Google Ads for business is not free. But on the bright side, if you decide to pay for the service, Google Ads has a monthly budget cap tool that is adjustable.

Just imagine having dozens and dozens of blog posts every week and merged with Google paid ads. Google ads for business are an option, but I would recommend building your organic traffic first.

Organic traffic includes content that you produce for free on your website and social media.

Key Takeaways: Google Ads are worth it, but you should have preexisting content. The moment your paid ads run out so does your traffic stream. Having organic content on your website is recommended before investing in paid advertising.

Targeted Email Marketing - Leverage Your Fans

Save your list, and email with caution. Targeted email marketing is a skill where (if done right) you avoid your emails getting sent to a spam folder.

It's not your customers who typically flag your email as spam. G-mail is the one who automatically sends your email into your prospect's spam folder.

And the worst part, your prospect would love to benefit from your newsletter. Similar to direct mail advertising, your emails have to get opened. If your emails never get opened, you won't capture as many prospects as you'd like.

Here's a trick to avoid getting placed in the spam folder…

Avoid spammy email templates

Have you seen some Clickbank website before? The templates have highlighter on their headlines and red ink. These sorts of emails will get placed in your prospect's spam folder.

My former political advertising employer, during training, warned the sales team not to send out overwhelming numbers of emails consistently. The fear was not about getting our emails to the prospects. The fear was to irritate G-Mail and get marked as spam.

I was trained to email on random days of the week at random times in the day. Our team was trained to write emails as if we were writing a personal letter.

If this news is discouraging, it isn't that bad. You have to dodge Google from marking you as spam first and foremost. Next, you have to write some great headlines. And lastly, you must compose your emails like personal letters. Avoid mismatching font sizes, red ink, and highlighter colors in your emails. Email marketing is delicate.

You should utilize your targeted email marketing list. Your email list is your loyal subscribers.

If your traffic felt the need to fill out their email address on your subscription button, they are interested in your product or service.

On this website, at the bottom of the home page, I have a subscription box. Let's say I generate 50 subscribers. My 50 subscribers can get my newsletter emailed to them without resentment.

Your subscribers subscribed for a reason - - they like your business. Imagine having a thousand email subscribers and emailing them your newsletter and, in turn, closing some sales.

Suppose you were to close 1% of 1000 prospects per campaign - - that's 10 sales! The internet is a powerful tool!

You may be thinking, "10 closed sales is nothing", but what if you close 5% of 1000 prospects on another day? You'll close 50 clients!

Key Takeaways: Avoid mismatching fonts, bright ink, and highlighter in your emails. Don't do email marketing every day, since Google decides whether you are spam or not. Your email marketing list is a list of your fans! Give your fans your content in a personal, conversational approach.

What Is Copywriting In Marketing? - The Revenue Generating Industry

You're not in the writing business. You are in the revenue-generating business. What is copywriting in marketing?

Copywriting in marketing is superior to no copy at all. Writing copy is not slick snake oil; writing copy is catching interest with words to your call to action.

What's sounds better to you?

"I will write an article with 1000 words for $25."

"Alas affordable and world-renowned articles written by a Purdue honors graduate for 25% cheaper than the competition. Use check out code "Best 1" and order your exclusive articles now."

My guess is you'd choose the second writing gig option over the first one. If your goal is to mention your product or services "specs" or "dimensions," you'll get defeated by your competition who's using copywriting.

I learned how to write copy by having a mentor and by studying Hall of Fame copywriters. The copywriters in the Copywriting Hall of Fame are the originators of this revenue-generating art.

Copywriting for marketing is my favorite way to advertise online. Copywriting is sales in written form.

Where can you put your copywriting to use? You can use copywriting on your webpages, direct mail, email, ads, e-commerce descriptions ect..

Key takeaways: As a copywriter, you are in the revenue-generating industry. Read books on Hall of Fame Copywriters to upgrade your skills. Copywriting is better than no copy at all.

Looking To Increase Your Presence? Add Everything On The List

Once you add everything on the list to your business, let me know how it goes. Online advertising has spoiled us with options. We have many opportunities to run advertising campaigns, but it's essential not to go into decision fatigue.

With so many ways to advertise your business online, it's easier to fall into decision fatigue. Avoid overthinking and start working and letting those hands move on your keyboard. Right now, I'm advertising my business online with a blog campaign. My goal to have at least 40 blogs by the end of the month.

My approach is batching my blog posts and editing them later. My goal is to meet my blog campaign quota first.

Let's give online business practices a laser beam focused approach. We'll develop more mental energy throughout the day. Avoid decision fatigue like the flu!

If you struck through the length of this post, chances are that you have a better understanding of how you can advertise your business online.

What is your next move? Have you decided on your next advertising campaign? I challenge you to focus on a campaign. Write down some goals on your calendar and…

Hit your daily production quota, no matter how hard you want to quit.

When you run a campaign for a month, comment below, and share your growth story with me. I look forward to hearing about your progress. Work hard, avoid decision fatigue, and love the process.

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