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Updated: Jan 11

Freelance web copywriting has been around for some time now. But you'd be surprised how many of the younger generations don't even know what copywriting is. I'm 25, and friends my age would ask me, "what is copywriting?"

Freelance web copywriting can go sold either on your website or your freelance platform account. How many sources of freelance web copywriting income can you have? Several! I have four, which happen to be - - Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, and my website. I could have at least six sources of income with Guru and Truelancer.

I'm focusing on my four for now, but you can aim for six freelance web copywriting income streams. In today's post, I'll be showing you how to get clients as a copywriter.

Getting clients as a copywriter is no walk in the park. Then I'll show you the three most popular freelance platforms you could use right now to get some traction going. I use the three media's I mention in this post, and so do some of the very best copywriters on the internet. Without further delay, let's go over these well kept freelance gold mines.

How To Get Clients As a Copywriter

Possibly the most frequently asked questions - - Is how to get clients as a copywriter. From experience, I'm going to tell you, selling a service is a lot harder than selling a product.

Depending on your product, anyone local or online is familiar with it in some way. As for your service, there's a lot more explaining to do. Cutting to the chase, you get clients by marketing. When you market, you're selling and putting your brand out there. Ultimately you have to adapt to network marketing, and…

Build Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is very underrated, and I firmly believe LinkedIn has potential. LinkedIn has millions of entrepreneurs on there looking to make a deal happen. Some people still push Facebook group tactics, but it's a more challenging route in reality.

Have you been in a copywriting Facebook group and struggled to get your message across to your prospect? You are not alone.

When I use Facebook groups to look for clients, I get excited to see clients asking for a copywriter on public posts. There's just one problem. Each potential client would already have 30 plus messages with copywriters asking to pick them.

Isn't it annoying? Please get involved in the LinkedIn hype. Three's no unprofessionalism on LinkedIn.

Take your time and decorate your LinkedIn profile and start making some connections. LinkedIn has groups you can join, and it gives you less anxiety. I'm on a copywriters group on LinkedIn, and the other day I saw a post where someone was looking for a copywriter.

For a second, I thought it was Facebook and thought, "oh boy, the requester probably has 30 "pick me" comments." Nope! The person who was looking for a copywriter had three comments on her post! Which would you prefer? The social network (Facebook) with your prospects having 30 copywriters after their money? Or the social network (LinkedIn) with candidates only having three copywriters competing for their money?

I'm going to bet you'll go with the social network with less competition and more professionalism.

LinkedIn is built for this reason - - to be the social network for business owners. Once you grasp that marketing will ultimately give you clients, you'll short cut your way past your competitors. I wish when I started copywriting, I would have taken marketing more seriously. I would have saved countless hours of stress and worry.

It will make me happy to know that you went ahead and learned how to market, thus shortcutting your way to success.

So your LinkedIn profile is ready for action - - what do you do next? Start asking people to connect. Ask people who you believe could benefit from your service to connect. After you connect, send them an introduction of who you are and that you are glad to connect.

Warning! Do NOT ask for a sale right away! You need to take your time and build a relationship with your prospects. Talk about their interests. You could figure out their interests on their LinkedIn profile. Ultimately, be sincere with your relationship building.

And as time goes on, you could go for the sales pitch. You could get tips on how to network market with LinkedIn through a short book or course. You will feel a lot better marketing with confidence. I know you're thinking, "I'm a copywriter, Josh."

I know you are, but you need to consider marketing to grow your business and gain more clients. Network marketing is an endeavor worth considering.

Key takeaways: Invest in a network marketing course. Discover LinkedIn's marketing secrets to gain more clients and get paid what you are asking. Marketing is what I wish I would have taken more seriously to get clients as a copywriter. Marketing will save you more time and reduce your stress in your search for clients.

Freelancer - Yes, that's the name of the site

Freelancer dot com is not your hottest option, but it will be competing with the freelance platform sharks in a couple of years. I haven't had too much success with Freelancer.

I focus more on Fiverr and Upwork since they're the best right now. It wouldn't be a bad idea getting Freelancer dot com into your lens and going for it. My mentor got Fiverr into his lens when Fiverr wasn't in its prime, and he made six figures in two years. So, getting in early is never a bad idea. One thing about Freelancer dot com is that you make money on something they call milestones.

Milestones, in simple terms, are installments. So if I'm selling a copy project at $500, then there will be more than one installment because the transaction is on the bigger side.

Your only drawback on Freelancer is the installment features because we want the installment all in one transaction. But my favorite part about Freelancer is sending proposals! Proposals, too, will be your favorite feature of this emerging internet savvy beast. I'm talking about paying a little extra for your bid to appear at the top of your intended client's list. Now you can outshine your competition by appearing first on your client's proposal list.

Now I know what you are thinking. "How much does it cost to boost my proposal?"

It costs from $2.50-$10.00 to skip the line and be #1 on your prospects list. I think it's worth it! You'd be surprised how very few freelancers pay to get bumped up on the proposal list. Your chance to catch your competition sleeping is now. Last point about Freelancer… competitors like Upwork don't have a feature where you can bump your proposals to the top. Keep your eyes on Freelancer. I know I will.

Key takeaways: Freelancer is new, so gaining momentum takes time. Freelancer payments are installments, and staying in touch with your client is crucial. Freelancer allows you to jump your way up on your prospects list with a small fee.

Websites Like Upwork - Upwork Pulls Serious Traffic

Websites like Upwork are money! Upwork is in second place as a platform with the most visitors. Upwork use to be number 1, but a freelance platform, in particular, surpassed it.

Still, in second place, Upwork has several users and several opportunities for you to make money. Upwork has some drawbacks. Upwork's client search could be better. And Upwork just made it more difficult to showcase your profile. Upwork now requires a membership to be able to showcase your profile. Showcasing your profile use to be free on Upwork, but that quickly made a sharp turn.

Don't be too bummed out by this news. You can still create proposals on Upwork. Your highlights using Upwork would be to bid on projects up towards $20,000-$50,000.

Those are enormous bids! Upwork certainly is the platform where you can get life-changing jobs that are thousands and thousands of dollars in profit. Upwork is the platform with the highest ticket jobs I've seen. Of course, when you decide to dedicate time to Upwork, you'll need to purchase proposal credits when you run out. Proposal credits are affordable.

I only spent $20 to refill my credits, and now I can send at least a dozen proposals. Upwork is worth it in my opinion if you discover ways to get around its disadvantages.

Key takeaways: Upwork has the second-highest traffic out of all the freelance platforms. Upwork is both a fixed and hourly priced bidding platform. Upwork allows you to bid on jobs in the $50,000 price range. Upwork has unfortunately made a membership required to make your profile public. Lastly, Upwork requires you to purchase proposal credits to make a bid. The good news is that proposal credits are cheap.

Freelance Hustle Hustle With Fiverr!

Ahh, my favorite! Freelance hustle hustle with Fiverr! Fiverr was once smaller than Upwork, and now it has surpassed Upwork. Fiverr has at least 1 million+ visitors. Freelance platforms are brilliant! Why count on your website alone? Why not leverage Fiverr to gain more exposure?

I'm no data analyst, but I know having million+ visitors on your website is extremely hard to do. I see Fiverr as leverage. Fiverr pulls in all your visitors for you with their one of a kind platform.

Fiverr is in a class of its own! Fiverr is so simple to use, and it's where I got my first client. I was so happy when I got my first client. I will say it was the most comfortable I've ever been to receive $50 (my rate as a beginner). Let's dive into the possibilities you will encounter with Fiverr - -

  • You can post up to 7 gigs as a beginner seller

  • The more you sell, the more Fiverr promotes your gig

  • Fiverr has analytic tools that allow you to see which gig is pulling traffic and which gig isn't

  • Fiverr pays bi-weekly via direct deposit

  • You can leverage Fiverr's traffic to showcase your freelancing talents

  • You can use Fiverr to make your gigs look high-definition by hiring designers on the platform - - for cheap

Key Takeaways: Fiverr is the best freelance platform on the market with the most traffic. Fiverr allows you to post 7 of your gigs. Fiverr promotes your gigs on their platform when you make sales. Fiverr platform is a fixed rate, not hourly (in my opinion, a fixed rate is better).

Take Your Pick - - Or Use All Three

Whew! Some useful information for you to test out. Right now, take your pick on the platform you believe will get you clients or take you to the next level.

You can use one out of the bunch or choose one if you're loaded with clients. I would recommend using all three freelance platforms and becoming the best copywriter on all three of them.

Are you interested in Fiverr? Click here and start earning some cash on the fastest-growing freelance platform today!

Ready to take on the highest bidders, earn money, and gain long-term clients? Click here to open your Upwork account today!

How would you like to get ahead on the platform everyone is sleeping on? Click here and open your Freelancer account today before the sleeping giant awakens!

To conclude, I hope this article was of great help. Keep working hard and keep marketing and keep expanding your vision of becoming a transformed copywriter. I thank you for reading this far along - - you are the real MVP. Comment below and share your results with me regarding these tips and tricks. All the best!

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