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The secret of making people like you get more bang (copy) for your buck! Does it stress you finding the right freelance copywriter rates? You know the sort of copy rates, I mean. The copywriting rates that pull many readers into your product/service. The copy so smooth, which slip n slides your readers to your call to action. The copy so persuasive visitors can't help but take out their debit cards. You are probably thinking, "I know Josh! I want great copy, but it's too expensive."

The truth is, the cost of a quality copywriter is high because copywriting works. Now be careful, don't assume when a copywriter's rates are high, it's automatically quality! You don't want to fall into a rip-off. Taking notes on Russell Brunson, Jay Abraham, John Caples, and much more - - There's no getting around that premium copywriter rate. Copywriting is not dead! Copywriting is more sought after on the web than ever before! At least 59% or 4.66 billion people in 2020 are active internet users! Let's say the internet goes down in some tragic incident… Hello, direct mail and newspaper ads! Copywriting has a long shelf life!

Freelance copywriter rates range from $25 - $25,000 per page! Gulp! Yeah! That's really how high copy can go for! But assuming you are a successful company and looking for a legit copywriter who knows what good copy is all about - - $250-$500 per page is the magic number (to start). You could always better your copy game and find the savviest writers ever if you want powerful results - - It just costs a small fortune. I prefer to sell my copy in bundles of three. I find that entrepreneurs want more copy but at a settling price, and that's where I come in. We'll save my copywriting rates rant for another time.

Key takeaways: Freelance copywriter rates range from $25-$25,000 per page. My magic number is $250-$500 per page, depending on experience level.

Why Hire a Freelance Copywriter? - Earn Action Faster

You should hire a freelance copywriter. We know words that sell! Many people try to write the copy themselves but let's face it - - our business keeps us busy with daily tasks. And you may not have the time of day to formulate and create your pristine copy. If you fit the bit for what I said and agree, then outsourcing to a pro copywriter is your best option.

A freelance copywriter's job is not to write "salesy" copy. Writing copy is a science. Copywriters must possess the skills necessary for the profession. Skills include formulas, emotions, cliffhangers, headlines, sub-headlines, captions, SEO, calls to action, and so forth.

Do you see it? Do you see how time-consuming copywriting would be for a business owner?

A properly trained freelance copywriter doesn't get his/her skills from new 21st Century copy information. No, no, no…

A properly trained freelance copywriter gets his/her skills from early to mid-20th-century copywriters. Look up Claude Hopkins and Eugene Schwartz for reference. These gentlemen and many more perfected this artful skill.

I've heard people say, "Times change!" And I respond with, "I agree! Times change, but people don't!" It's as simple as psychology. Our copywriting ancestors did all the research and tests for us. No sense in reinventing the wheel when the wheel works plenty.

Key takeaways: You hire a freelance copywriter to generate more revenue and profit for your business. You employ a copywriter to save you time. Lastly, you hire a copywriter who's studied the copywriting greats from the 20th Century.

How Much Does Website Copywriting Cost?

Not all copy comes priced the same, and some copy is more expensive than other copy. Direct mail copy will cost you more. Supply cost would add up in direct mail, and you would need to pay for materials and postage.

How much does website copywriting cost? It ranges from $25-$25,000 per page, as I mentioned earlier. Fun fact, website copywriting is the most in-demand copy. Entrepreneurs are promoting their websites with copywriting. More and more businesses are going virtual or a combination of physical and virtual.

Take a look at this year's health crisis. Millions of people had to adapt to working at home. And now, more people will work and do business on the internet than ever before. Website users from here on out will only increase.

Website copywriting and 20th-century copywriting techniques still apply with modern times. Your only difference is - - you need a web designer to make your web copy look pretty!

Seriously, a web designer can make your copy look stunning and ultra-modern with their design capabilities. I need to tell you about SEO copywriting. SEO copywriting is perfect for your e-commerce product descriptions. SEO copywriting is copywriting but with SEO keywords embedded in your copy.

SEO copywriting is at least $100+ per page more expensive than ordinary web copy. SEO keywords get you ranked in Google and can bring your business heavy traffic! SEO copywriting is what you want to get better at if you're trying to get more traffic to notice your hot new product or service.

When I do marketing, I use SEO copywriting when writing product reviews. Don't be afraid to charge more for your SEO copywriting! An SEO keyword research tool can average from $50-$100 per month! I use SEMRush, and it's arguably the "new sheriff in town." SEMRush costs $100 per month, so I charge what I need. Plus, it's benefitting my clients DOUBLE! You get two services in one! SEO is not cheap. Many companies hire SEO experts and pay them handsomely to rank their websites on Google.

Key takeaways: Website copywriting costs from $25-$25,000 per page. Intermediate copywriters charge $250-$500 per page of web copy. SEO copywriting is the "new sheriff in town." Get a web designer to make your copy POP on the web with their design expertise. Internet usage is on the incline, not the decline.

Benefits Of Copywriting

Your benefits of copywriting include:

  • More readership: Now, you don't have to have your fingers crossed, hoping people will read your content. Instead, you are confident traffic will read your content - - your headline and body copy are irresistible.

  • More action: Every piece of copywriting should have a call to action. It's not copywriting if there's no call to action! You set the rules for the action you want. Do you want more subscribers? Tell readers to subscribe. Do you want people to buy? Tell them to buy. Do you want people to comment on your blog post? Tell them to comment on your blog post. It all depends on you and your client's desirous action requests.

  • Increased sales: If you think copywriting is not necessary for growing sales… stop reading now. Copywriting is critical for making a sale. If you believe dimensions and specifications are enough for your product to sell, it's not. It would help if you had a story flow along with emotional appeal and a strong call to action. Try this, and you will be surprised at the outcome.

  • Social media traffic: Yes, you can use copywriting when sharing your posts, products, and services online. For instance, if I want to tweet my genuine new product, I copywrite the tweet with a call to action. Do this with all your social media accounts, and you'll be pulling more traffic with social networks. My favorite social media platform to share my copywriting is Pinterest. Pinterest is the #3 most used social media platform used in the U.S.

  • More compliments: I've gotten compliments from posting products for sale online. My most memorable praise was this young lady who bought a couch and said, "I liked your post. It was so pretty with the images too." In reality, it was the copy that made her couch seem so pretty and nice. It was a fine-looking couch! Often, we entrepreneurs need the right words to make our products and services stand out from the rest.

  • Organic Traffic: When you decide to give SEO copywriting a try, you'll discover more organic traffic. With Google Analytics, you can see where your online traffic comes from. When I would create SEO copywriting content, I would notice my organic traffic increase. Organic traffic is what Google loves! Your website content is what ultimately generates organic traffic. Organic traffic is not the easiest to acquire, but it's among the best!

How To Charge For Copywriting

Are you ready to start charging for your skills? Here's how to price your copy. You charge based on your experience. Do you want to charge a lot more, a lot faster? I have three words for you…

Get A Mentor!

You need a mentor if you want to climb the ladder faster! Of course, you have to do the work in searching for a mentor. I say go on LinkedIn and ask around for a mentorship. You won't get paid while working for a mentor.

You are exchanging work for experience. Always be patient and respectful of your mentor and his/her time. You may not know it but having a mentor is like earning an education.

My mentor has 30-years in the business. My mentor has generated $200 million for companies with his sales copy. You may find a mentor who will have generated up in the billions range for their clients. I can't stress enough not to get discouraged when you don't get paid during your mentorship. Remember, you are exchanging your service for education that can't go measured!

When I started copywriting, I was charging $50-$100 per page. With mentorship, I increased my rates from $250-$500 per page! Do you see the difference a mentor can make? Mentorships are like earning a major pay increase.

You charge your copy based on experience, in my opinion. Some may charge based on the course they have completed, and this works too. But look - A copywriting course can be expensive! And a copywriting course may not be the same in quality education as having a mentor.

Plus, a mentor can send work that his/her clients can't afford to you. Yep, a mentor can give you clients (which is difficult to get). Bottom line…

Having a Mentor Rocks!

Key takeaway: You charge based on your experience. You may be able to scale your rates with a course you completed. You can jump-start your learning and earning process by finding a mentor. You can find your mentor on LinkedIn.

I'd Like To Hear Your Thoughts - Leave a Comment

How is this information suiting you? I would love to hear your thoughts on whether this information was of great use to you or not.

On this website, I plan to give you the best news to kickstart your copywriting business. Starting is one of the most problematic and most stressful attempts in our industry. I created this website to interact with you and to provide quality copywriting services.

I have no plans to build a copywriting course in the future. With that said, I will give advice that could go on a course to you for free through blogs. I have one job, and that's writing the copy! So give these tips and tricks a try and get back to me with your results. Don't forget to drop a comment below before you leave.

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