Freelance Copy Editor

Freelance Copy Editor

"How To Become a Freelance Copy Editor"

Fulfill numerous online orders in need of your freelance copy editor skills. Many people are joining the copywriting industry half-heartedly. The problem is that people buy cheap copywriting, and then they find out that they made a mistake. Next, the dissatisfied customer looks for a freelance copy editor to make the project better.

I often try to stress for you not to hire a cheap, low-experienced copywriter. It will cost you more in the long run to fix ineffective copy.

If you are looking to become a freelance copy editor, build a Fiverr account. With Fiverr, you can post your copy editing gigs and have great luck. Fiverr allows you to post up to seven separate gigs. That means you can post a copywriting gig and a copy editor gig. Two is better than one, so why not.

You can seriously become a freelance copy editor with 1 account on Fiverr. But chances are, you want to make sure this journey is worth it. Take a deep breath and discover these freelance platforms where you can post your gigs online and get started…

  • Freelancer

  • Truelancer

  • Upwork

  • Pro Blogger

An account for all of the above platforms, and there shall be no excuses for lack of work. Plumb the depths of the freelance world and gain a lifelong skill.

Freelance Copy Editor Jobs

Freelance Copy Editor Jobs

I've got the solution to your job hunt! You need to expand yourself wider. Let's face it, the internet is more competitive than ever, and one job search engine won't cut it.

Freelance copy editor jobs are hot in sandy beach areas like Los Angeles. Ok, maybe I jumped the gun there. My mentor and I get a kick about most copywriters living in Los Angeles or Florida. I guess we copywriters/editors love the beach.

On a serious note, here are job search engines where you can expand your job search horizons —

  • Indeed

  • Zip Recruiter

  • Career Builder

  • Glassdoor

  • Craigslist

  • Snag a Job

  • LinkedIn Jobs

So the question is — Have you broadened your search to where you've applied to all the copy editing jobs possible on the list? Try applying on all the platforms, and hopefully, you'll get the copy editing job you've been waiting for.

I remember my first copywriting job for an advertising company. I didn't think I was going to land the job! The job I believed I was underqualified for was the job that considered me for hire. Out of nowhere, I got a call and was told, "We can sure use your copywriting skills for our digital advertising." I was stoked and replied, "Let's do this!"

Don't think this kind of "luck" is impossible. You can surely land your dream copy editing job if you're persistent and…

If you work on your cover letter!

Work on your cover letter and write it with your best copy capabilities. That way, when you attach your resume with your cover letter, your future boss is hyped!

The secret is to write your resume and cover letter with copy! In the end, you are applying for a copy-related job, so writing your resume with copy is not a bad idea. This is what worked for me, and it can work for you too.

Freelance Copy Editor Salary - Freelance Copy Editor Rates

Freelance Copy Editor Salary

Do you want a better freelance job? With the freelance copy editor salary these days, who doesn't! Believe it or not, copy editing is just as high in demand as copywriting. My experience says freelance copy editing is more popular than copywriting.

Of course, I may be the only one noticing how sought-after copyediting is. Copy editing was my most popular gig in late 2020 and early 2021. The impressions of my copyediting gig had far outnumbered my copywriting gigs. Many entrepreneurs make the error of outsourcing their copy for cheap alternatives. Copywriting is a premium-priced product, so looking for cheap options is understandable.

You can get it right the first time and hire a peerless copywriter. Hiring a premium copywriter saves you money!

Most of the time, I get copy editing inquiries. Then I feast my eyes upon hacked pieces of copy filled with errors.

It would be better to write many of the copyediting projects that you get from scratch.

There are outsourced pieces of copy that have no formula. No formula equals no flow. Picture having a copy editing project in front of you and noticing that formula is missing. It's a nightmare! At that point, it's worth re-writing the project from scratch!

If you are willing to solve copy editing trials, your freelance copy editor salary isn't too shoddy. Just a note to tell you about the benefits of a freelance copy editor salary —

  • Be at peace with your pay - Skills pay the bills, and copy editing is one of those skills. Charge what you want and work your way up — until you are satisfied with your pay.

  • Access your payments sooner - Copy editing is an intangible product which means there are no shipping costs. The same goes for your pay. You get paid virtually, and that money goes directly into your bank account.

  • Fulfill numerous online orders - Copy editing is in high demand, which means that more people are looking for your skills. What better time to get in and fulfill those orders from paying customers!

  • Master two skills (writing & editing) - As a copy editor, you'll get acquainted with copywriting and copy editing. Rest assured that you will increase your copywriting and editing skills with this skill choice. I think you'll agree that copyediting is similar to training your mind for the craft of copywriting.

Whew! Good stuff. The good stuff doesn't stop here. What you will likely charge for your freelance copy editor rates is —

  • $0.05 - A nickel per word is an adroit way to get experience! As a copyeditor, it's ok to charge what you charge for copy. Copy editing is harder than it sounds. Sometimes copy editing is harder than copywriting. The pay is not appealing since you'll earn $50 for 1000 words of copy editing. As a rookie, who can argue with $50 plus experience?

  • $0.25 - A quarter per word should be your next goal when you are ready to upgrade your pay. Leap into the pay raise of a quarter per word and earn $250 per 1000 words of copy editing. Ahhh! The payment is starting to sound much better!

Expert level freelance copy editor rates —

  • $0.50 - For experienced copy editors only! Once you get to this level, you can charge $500 per 1000 words! What money worries? Once you are averaging a project per day at $500, money worries are limited, and… Skills pay the bills.

  • $1.00 - A dollar per word is border-line guru pay. You can edit 1000 words for $1,000! Imagine getting 5 orders in one day? That would equal $5,000 in a single day… unbelievable, to say the least…

Copyediting has a great ring to it! So if it's your passion, why not give it a shot? If copy editing doesn't fulfill your satisfaction, you can always switch to copywriting. The two skills are virtually identical.


Is copy editing for you? For most of the blogs regarding copyediting, I've mentioned its difficulty.

If copyediting is your passion, with time, your experience will process copyediting as a simple task.

Plus, there are so many books out there that teach you the art of copyediting. For any intangible skills, we have books as a resource. Ultimately we have no excuses that something is too difficult for us.

What is your favorite copyediting book? What techniques do you perform for your copyediting? Comment below and share your copyediting experience.

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