Digital Advertising Platforms

Digital Advertising Platforms

"4 Websites For Business Growth"

You are not familiar with all of these 4 digital advertising platforms. Sure, you'll be familiar with the obvious ones (Google Ads). One of these digital advertising platforms has so much potential that it can get advertisers to buy.

  1. Google Ads: The most obvious of the 4 platforms for business growth is Google Ads. Google ads are the best in the world! Am I making a dangerous statement? Not at all! Take a good look at Google's rank… Google is #1 on Google! If you want your ads to go found by Yahoo users, then find a way to promote your business with a platform more inclined towards Yahoo. If you are trying to promote your business with the granddaddy of search engines — Use Google! Google ads are a must for beginners and experts.

  2. Ad Mob: This is the digital advertising platform that has so much potential that it can get vigilant advertisers to buy. Ad Mob is a platform to advertise your ads through video game ads. One day I was playing Ball Blast (a phone game), and I lost. When I pressed "Try again," an ad popped up. The ad that popped up was a Russell Brunson ad that was promoting his book. I clicked on the ad and bought a $7 ebook of funnel templates. I don't believe anything has ever got me to buy so convincingly. Ad Mob is brilliant!

  3. Bing Ads: Bing is the second-best search engine on the internet today! Who wouldn't want to use Bing ads to get ahead competitively? Bing boasts in video indexing, so if you are a video marketer, Bing is your go-to right after you've maximized your Google Ads efforts.

  4. Instagram Ads: Instagram is the second best social media platform on the web today. So why not maximize your advertising efforts by using the best? First, maximize your search engine ads (Google, Bing, Yahoo) and then move on to social media ads like Facebook and Instagram.

After reading that chunk of digital advertising data, sleep on it and decide how to strategize your marketing methods for maximum business growth.

Key takeaways: Google ads are the best to start with since they are #1 for advertising on Google. Video game advertising is dazzling! You'd be surprised how many people have smartphone video games, and advertising in this method is nothing short of genius. Logically Bing is the second-best search engine, and it's the second-best place (in my opinion) to promote your ads. We know that Facebook has been under the weather for some ad performance, so utilizing Instagram ads is your next best option. Instagram is the second most popular social media platform so give it a try for your social media advertising

Types Of Digital Advertising - Digital Advertising With 4 Options

Types Of Digital Advertising

You know that digital ads are not free. So what types of digital advertising options do you have? You have 4, but there are more options. I will give your 4 of the best, so hang tight. I've got you covered.

4 Types Of Digital Advertising

  • Display ads: The ads you encounter the most on the internet are display ads. Display ads are a must to consider in your advertising strategy. Google is #1 in search engine rankings, so it's logical to advertise your display ads with Google.

  • Video ads: Right out the gate, you think of YouTube when you think of video ads. YouTube is ranked #2 on Google's search engines, so it's the best place to broadcast your ads and yourself.

  • Social media ads: The biggest fad on the internet is social media marketing. Social media ads are your second-best option after you've mastered doing display and video ads. With social media marketing, you can reach thousands and thousands of prospects. You can advertise your business with Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and much more. Social media ads are great for business, but you should have a strategy in place before you invest in paid ads.

  • Email Ads: I want you to tap on your G-Mail app and look where it says "Promotions." That's where ads are going organized… in the promotions folder. This morning, I went to my G-Mail app, clicked on my promotions, and saw the Match dot com promoting their platform. That's when the "aha" switch went off in my head. You can run legitimate ads for G-Mail and not go categorized as spam. Email ads are a good deal to scale your business. G-Mail isn't the only platform where you can advertise by email. My Yahoo mail has a lot of ads on it. Whenever you find a platform with ads posted on it, think of it as an opportunity for you.

That's the gist of digital advertising. You have more than 4 options to promote your business, but the 4 I shared are what I prefer. If I could recommend 1 out of the 4, I recommend YouTube videos. YouTube videos gain trust the fastest. Logically, a video can tell your prospects who you are instead of a dull "About me" page.

Key takeaways: You have the option to advertise with display ads, video ads, social media ads, and email ads. Before going with any of these advertising methods, have a strategy in place. And write your plan on your calendar.

Digital Advertising Jobs - Digital Advertising Salary

Digital Advertising Jobs

Don't look for digital advertising jobs with unrealistic expectations. You have bold new tools within reach to make things easier. I like to think of job search engines as success tools. Imagine what our grandparents had to go through to find their dream job. Our grandparents seemly had to find their job in the newspaper or word of mouth (referral).

If our grandparents had job search engines, they'd be blown away by how much easier it is to find a job. Ok back to digital advertising jobs. Digital advertising jobs can go found in these job search engines —

  • Indeed

  • Zip Recruiter

  • Craigslist

  • Career Builder

  • Snag A Job

  • Pro Blogger

  • Glassdoor

With all of your options, who needs to look for a job in the newspaper? Try all of these job search engines and don't say, "It didn't work." If you have tried all of them and applied to ten plus on each job search engine… You should have your digital advertising job in the bag.

An up-to-date secret to land your longed-for job is your resume. Big surprise! That's just my sarcasm. It's no a surprise that your resume is what gets your foot in the door. How do you boost your influence on the employer? You write the cover letter. In an increasingly complex world, we've heard the "you don't have to write a cover letter" advice. The truth is you don't have to have a cover letter, but if you seriously want your dream job, you need to go the extra mile. Go the extra mile and write your cover letter with some copy.

Digital Advertising Job Benefits —

  • Determine your future with a versatile skill

  • More joy with your pay

  • Help your company grow while in pajamas at home

  • Flexibility to stack your job with freelance side gigs and live more comfortably

  • You can start your own business once you've learned the ins and outs of your advertising job

The beauty of digital advertising is once you've obtained the skill, it's yours forever. Skills pay the bills, and they stick with us. Now that you know how to get a digital advertising job — let me show you how much you can get paid…

Digital Advertising Salary —

  • Lower Pay Scale: $32,000 per year

  • Medium Pay Scale: $61,996 per year

  • Higher Pay Scale: $101,000+ per year

Hopefully, this information is plenty to help you decide if a digital advertising job is right for you. If it's not for you, remember you can stack side gigs on top of your digital advertising job and earn what you want.

Key takeaways:

  • Lower Pay Scale: $32,000 per year

  • Medium Pay Scale: $61,996 per year

  • Higher Pay Scale: $101,000+ per year


As you can see, we have many advertising platforms at arms reach. Keep your eyes on AdMob since video game advertising is smart. When people play video games, they may get in a good mood after winning. So if your ad is something they may need, they may look into it.

And of course, you can glance at an advertiser's salary and see if it's worth your pursuit.

Which of the four methods of advertising are you considering? Are you currently running any video, email, video game, and social media ads?

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