Copywriting For Beginners - It Takes Less Than Talent

Updated: Mar 10

Copywriting For Beginners

Copywriting for beginners takes skills and effort. Effort outweighs your talent in this case. Consistency is what separates successful copywriters from the "make-believe" copywriters. Consistency is what turns an average blogger into a six-figure blogger. The same goes for copywriters!

The internet business industry has countless people who enter and quit half-way through. Lots of copywriters give-up on the skill when they can't seem to make an income. How do I know? I almost left copywriting at some point in my career. I wanted to quit copywriting as a beginner since I wanted to see the cash pour in. As a beginner copywriter, you need to develop a "won't give up attitude."

"Everyone wants to climb the mountain, but the big difference between those at the top and those still on the bottom is simply a matter of showing up tomorrow to give it just one more shot." -Gary Halbert

This quote is how I feel about taking on a skill (in this case, copywriting). The most consistent person will come out on top. Those who take days off or quit will fall behind… unfortunately.

Today I will show you the ins and outs of freelance copywriting jobs for beginners. I will talk to you about your copywriting education. Third I want to share with you the importance of your resume when applying for copywriting jobs. Finally, I'll speak on copywriter rates and what you can expect to get paid going into the copywriting industry.

Key takeaways: Consistency makes all the difference no matter your skill level. As a beginner copywriter, you'll want to quit when the money doesn't come in. You need to stick with your skill and be steady with your productivity.

Freelance Copywriting Jobs For Beginners

Freelance Copywriting Jobs For Beginners

Good freelance copywriting jobs for beginners are at ad agencies. Ad agencies are big, and they are always looking for new talent. Where do you find these beginner-level copywriting jobs?

-Indeed: Indeed is one of the hottest job search engines in the world. As a beginner, you should apply to copywriting jobs on Indeed. Indeed allows you to filter the recent job posts within 24 hours! This filter feature allows you to be one of the first applicants. If your resume and cover letters are compelling, expect to get contacted soon by your future employer.

-Craigslist: Ahh, good 'ol' Craigslist! A platform that many trust and distrust. Negative views aside, Craigslist works! I've gotten so many jobs through Craigslist in the past. What sets Craigslist apart from the rest is the employers and the phone number they leave for you to contact. Whenever I'd see a job post, I'd call the employer, and I would get an interview fast. Craigslist is a place where you can get an interview quickly. Craigslist, with its hiring speed, is my first choice in emergencies.

-Zip Recruiter: Zip recruiter is similar to Indeed but a bit fancier. Zip Recruiter is a great option in case you can't seem to land a job on Indeed. I haven't had to resort to Zip Recruiter since Craigslist, and Indeed was always a success for me.

Key takeaways: Ad agencies are the ones with all the copywriting job opportunities. Craigslist can land you a quick job since employers leave their phone numbers on the platform.

Copywriter Education

Copywriter Education

Are you familiar with what you want to get out of your copywriter education? My education as a copywriter consists of exercises, books, and mentorship.

We all have a different story. Some copywriters discover their skills with courses or at a university. Some copywriters become experts by studying books. It all depends on what path you want to take.

Those options are cool and work as well. Below I will list several resources you can resort to getting your education no matter what…

  • Books: Believe it or not, books are my favorite for my copywriter education. Copywriter books are tips and secrets shared by the best copywriters of all time. Reflect on the best copywriters in the industry, and you'll notice they all have written a book. My mentor once told me, "Some would pay for $4,000 seminars, and I'll get the same value a year later in a book by that guru for less than $20 bucks." Books are unmatched (priceless).

  • Online Courses: Online courses work well for those who want the complete education package. Several online courses out there can teach you how to write copy in an organized, structured way. AWAI is a virtuous copywriting education platform that sells some of the greatest copywriting courses.

  • University: Going to a university for a copywriter education is not a bad idea. Be advised that education can cost a lot and possibly more than any option on this list. One more thing -- Make sure you choose advertising as your career major. A copywriter degree goes listed as an advertising major.

  • Mentorship: Finding a mentor is one of the fastest ways to climb to the top of your copywriting career. Your mentor can hand you some work. When you get into a mentorship, you are trading your labor for the experience. During the mentorship, you don't get paid. You exchange your work for experience.

  • Internship: An internship is for college graduates looking to get in the door. Similar to mentorships, you work for experience until you get hired. Internships are prime for gaining hands-on experience.

  • Consultations: Consultations cost a good chunk of cash, but it's worth it, in my opinion. I started my copywriting career with a paid consultation from a successful copywriter. The best question I asked was, "What books do you recommend for me to get started?" My consultant sent me a list of some of the best copywriting books I've ever read. If you're considering buying a consultation, make sure you have a list of questions ready.

That sums up the several ways you can obtain your copywriter education. The biggest shortcut out of all the options is finding a mentor. Don't overthink since the best thing you could do is get the ball rolling (get started).

Key takeaways: Mentorships are second to none, in my opinion. Mentors can hand down work to you when they're overbooked. Mentors also teach you how to properly write copy and prepare you for when you are on your own.

Entry Level Copywriter Resume

Entry Level Copywriter Resume

Everything you need to know about writing a brilliant entry-level copywriter resume is right here. I've written copywriter resumes in the past. So, I know what you can do to get employers to consider you for hire.

You will need to invest time and effort into your cover letter. I use to always skip over the cover letter part of my resume! It was out of laziness and ignorance that I would skip over the cover letter. I was told since youth, "A cover letter is not mandatory." Then I got comfortable excluding the cover letter.

As a copywriter, you could make your cover letter and advertisement proposition for the job. Fulgent right!? Not only are you educating your future employer on what you bring to the table — You are demonstrating your copywriting capabilities.

Once you have your future employer salivating from your cover letter, it's time to show your resume.

Your resume should have relevant experience. If you study copywriting greats, don't forget to mention them. Your resume is where it gets easy. Your resume is where you list your references and experience. List the most peculiar writing experience you have on your resume. All of your sentences should have copy. After all, you are applying for a copywriting job, so why not write your resume in copywriting fashion.

Congratulations, your entry-level copywriter resume has now become a professional-level copywriter resume.

Key takeaways: Skipping your cover letter is over. From now on, write your cover letters with copy and impress your future employers. Make sure to mention the copywriting legends you study.


The headline of this article is not misleading. You'd be surprised how many business enthusiasts overlook the power of consistency. Even if you are a newbie, consistency thickens your skills and keeps your momentum rolling like a snowball downhill.

Keep working on your copywritng skills even during your job hunt. It never hurts to keep your skills in tip-top shape. If you can get a mentor, get one, and if you live in a big city... get three mentors. Three mentors will ignite your career to levels you never thought possible.

What form of copywriting education do you currently have your sights on? Which of the many educational options are you considering?

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