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Updated: Mar 5

Have you begun displaying your copywriter portfolio? Showing your copywriter portfolio shows off your skills and — how you gain your prospect's trust. It's happened to me countless times — where a potential client asks, "can I see some copy from your portfolio?" When your client doesn't entirely know what skills you bring to the table, expect the "can I see your portfolio" question. If you have a website, display your portfolio and make that sale. There's a drawback to displaying your portfolio on your website, and it's…

The risk of having your copy stolen and plagiarized!

Avoid getting your works plagiarized and post your portfolio on a freelance platform like Freelancer, Upwork, or Fiverr. Or adding your portfolio to your website. Some copywriters send their portfolio directly to the prospect - - it works well. Have you heard of the Cult of Copy Facebook group? When you join it and get accepted, you'll quickly see how employers are like, "please send your samples." Hey, I would be asking the same thing if a lot of money was at stake, and so would you.

The key to having a portfolio ready is showing your prospect you have what it takes. Don't be that "one" copywriter who's prepared to work yet doesn't have a portfolio to showcase. Not having a portfolio to deliver to your clients will turn them off to your offer. You want to captivate your clients right away.

It would help if you didn't lose clients, so I'll show you how you can hold onto their interest. If you're brand new to copywriting - - create your portfolio by…

  • Selling something on Offer-Up: Post an item you don't need anymore for sale. Copywrite your product description and use it as a portfolio piece. Offer Up is incredible! You can post local listings. A local listing is much faster - - since you want to build your portfolio as quickly as possible.

  • Posting an ad on Craigslist: One thing all of the platforms I'll mention on this sub-head is, they're all convenient for local listings. Posting something for sale on Craigslist can get you the same-day deal. The point is to sell something fast and get your portfolio stacking.

  • Listing something for sale on Facebook: Facebook has local for sale groups, and that's perfect for placing something for sale and showing what your copy is capable of.

  • Write an ad for friends and family: Do you have friends or family that have a business? Offer to write an advertisement for them and place their ad in your portfolio.

Use the ads you have written and add them to a folder or thumb drive. You officially have some portfolio writings. Next time your prospect says, "send me some samples," send your samples with confidence. You've got this!

Key takeaways: Don't join sketchy groups on Facebook. I've joined freelance groups loaded with spammers, and I left my website address on my profile and got loads of spam emails. Start selling some things on Offer-up, Craigslist, and to friends and family. Use your copy for your product descriptions and add your copy to your portfolio.

How To Start a Copywriting Portfolio

Starting a copywriting portfolio is easy. The only way of creating a copywriting portfolio to be problematic is if you make it harder than it should be. Don't overthink it! Sell some stuff, and if you don't have some stuff to sell - - go on LinkedIn and provide value in advance.

Add some connections that run their product or service, write an ad about their product/service, and give it to your connection for free. If you don't get a response back, at least you have a new member to your portfolio. Start a copywriting portfolio by selling some stuff you no longer need and save that in your portfolio.

How To Build a Portfolio For Copywriting

How do you build your portfolio for copywriting? I've already answered this question, but I'll go ahead and answer it more thoroughly. Be productive. Take action every day. If there's something you should worry about, it's... not taking action! Assuming you know how to formulate copy, get a pen and paper and start writing.

Next, edit your copy and refine it. And just like that, you have a new member in your copy portfolio. I'm typing this blog post on my MacBook Air - - so I'm going to write an ad as if this MacBook Air is for sale. My MacBook Air is not for sale but do you see my proactive approach? I'm taking a proactive approach to build my portfolio - - even if I have to make it up. You may be thinking, "is it ethical?" I say it is.

Your portfolio is a demonstration of what you're capable of. If your copywriting is not quality, your prospects will know. Plus, I once hired a consultant who made at least six figures writing copy and told me to make up my copywriting portfolio. Fast forward a couple of years later, and now I understand what my consultant was referring to.

Key takeaways: Go on LinkedIn, view people's websites, and write copy for them for free! If your LinkedIn prospects are not interested, no biggie. You now have some portfolio pieces ready to go displayed to interested candidates. Observe your surroundings and write about some items as if you are about to sell them locally. Add your writings to your portfolio.

Your Draw Back Of Displaying Portfolio Publicly

Your drawback of publicly displaying your portfolio is getting your copy taken from you and it going used by someone else. But the reason I've had some trust issues displaying my portfolio online is because of untrusted Facebook groups I've joined.

Now, I believe generating your traffic organically and with social media is a safe bet. Don't let my experience with untrusted freelance groups on Facebook discourage you. Being careful of what groups you join is a better precaution. Your drawback is your portfolio going plagiarized and stolen. But, not many people on the internet who are scammers know the art of copywriting, so that's your good news.

Key Takeaways: Your drawback of publicly displaying your portfolio is getting the wrong traffic stealing your valuable words. Not many scammers know the art of persuasion - - they probably don't know what copywriting is. Everything should be ok posting your portfolio on your website.

Your Upside Of Displaying Your Portfolio

  • Increase your chances of landing a client

  • You can showcase your skills on your website

  • You can showcase your skills on your freelance platform profile(s).

  • More clients equal more money

  • More credibility

  • You develop a good habit of keeping track of your words

  • Keep track of your progress throughout the years

Key takeaways: Display your portfolio and gain trust. Show off your portfolio and demonstrate your skills to your clients.

Are You Ready To Start Building?

Are you ready to start building your portfolio and gaining trust? Get a thumb drive or create a folder on your laptop and organize all of your portfolio pieces.

The next time your prospect asks for some samples, send them three or four of your most refined samples. Usually, a prospect asks me for three of four copy pieces to determine if I'm right for the job. Hopefully, you get the job with your copy portfolio. Now that you made it this far set some time each day to write some copy and add it to your portfolio. Don't go into the copywriting industry empty-handed. Your competition can quickly snatch your prospects away from you in a blink of an eye.

Instead, build your portfolio and prepare to have your future clients blown away with you. Don't delay; add 1 hour of writing to your schedule and add it to your portfolio today.

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