Copyediting VS Copywriting

Copyediting VS Copywriting

Sometimes I wonder why copyediting is more popular than copywriting. If you came here to find out whose the winner of copyediting vs copywriting, the answer will surprise you.

As a Fiverr seller, I would post my copywriting and copyediting gigs, and one would outperform the other. Copyediting would get hundreds of impressions over copywriting. Copyediting would get dozens of more clicks than copywriting.

Would I recommend that my clients choose copyediting over copywriting? No, I wouldn't recommend my clients to select a copyediting project over a copywriting. Copyediting is fixing copy someone else botched. It's easier for me to do copywriting from scratch instead.

If you are thinking about buying a copyediting project, take notice that your copywriter won't know what formula your copyediting project used. Editing a copy project without knowing what procedure and emotions were used makes the copy look sloppy.

Copywriting wins over copyediting. Copywriting from scratch is formulated, and you know what you are getting. Copyediting is a headache compared to copywriting. It's like me collaborating with another copywriter.

Collaboration is not bad, but many times, the copy is so bad that it would be better off if I re-wrote the entire document.

The winner is copywriting, hands down!

Key takeaways: Copyediting is harder. With copywriting, you know what formula's you are getting. Copyediting can be sloppy. You are mixing your copy with the failed copy of another copywriter and fixing their errors with copyediting. In terms of popularity and demand, copyediting wins. When it comes to effectiveness, copywriting is victorious.

How To Get Started In Copywriting

How To Get Started In Copywriting

You can rely on copywriting exercises and books to get you started. I want to save you money by showing you how to get started in copywriting for cheap.

Never again will you have to doubt your abilities! Do this, go to and buy books of your choice from those legends. Before you investigate the link I shared with you, make sure you finish this post since I have more tips for you.

So you have the books you need to get your learning going… what next?

While you wait for your books to get shipped, go to and start copying the ads on there.

Write every ad you possibly can by hand(paper and pen). On Swiped, you have a small lifetime's worth of successful copywriting files.

After every swipe file, you copy by hand, re-read the file five times over. Read it a couple of times fast and a couple of times slowly. You may think this technique sounds nutty, but it works!

When I went through a paid consultation, I asked the success copywriter, "How many swipe file exercises should I do?" She replied, "As many as you can! The more exercises, the stronger you flex those copy muscles."

I was skeptical at first, but as soon as I started to pay more attention to copywriting exercises, my writing improved drastically.

No more guesswork for you. I believe you can learn everything you need in copywriting with a two-step solution. Your two-step solution is studying books written by copywriting greats and doing copywriting swipe file exercises.

You won't lose any more sleep over questioning your writing abilities.

Key takeaways: Discover priceless copywriting lessons from the greats in the Advertising Hall of Fame. Books and swipe file exercises are your two steps to get your learning on the right track. It would be best to do a swipe file exercise a day for five days out of the week. While studying your copywriting books, invest in composition books to store your notes in.

How To Get Started In Copyediting

How To Get Started In Copyediting

Move ahead and invest in books that teach you how to get started in copyediting. Copyediting is a high demand copywriting skill. Research the Halbert Copywriting Method Part III and get it. This book will show you how to edit copy effortlessly.

Copyediting may sound like an easy task, but it's not. You should take into consideration that the copy you're editing is severely botched. But on the bright side, copyediting is popular, and if you can adapt to the work load…

You can adapt to the payload!

Live your dreams now and create a Fiverr account. Copyediting projects are hot on Fiverr! I recently checked my analytics and my copyediting gig has 43 times more impressions than all of my other copywriting gigs.

You heard it here first, folks! Copyediting is popular and in high demand. Get your practical hands-on training today and create your copyediting gig on Fiverr now.

Key takeaways: Invest in a copyediting book and read it over and over until you master it. Copyediting is over 40 times more popular than all my copywriting gigs. Create a Fiverr account and create a copyediting gig. You'll be quite surprised how many impressions your copyediting gig will get.

What's The Difference Between Copywriting and Copyediting?

What's The Difference Between Copywriting and Copyediting

If questions like this intrigue you, you'll be glad to know there isn't much of a difference. So what's the difference between copywriting and copyediting? Copyediting is fixing writing errors for a client. Copywriting is writing some fresh new copy for a client.

One fixes errors, and the other starts from scratch.

And that's not all — copywriting is easier than copyediting. With copywriting, you know where your sales message is going and what formula you are using. With copyediting, you have to figure out what formula to use, plus you have to fix grammatical errors on top of it.

I know how to write copy from start to finish. With copyediting, I have to figure out the errors, the formulas, the emotions, the headline, the subheadline, and whether my writing combines smoothly with whoever wrote the copy before me.

Wow! Huge difference in terms of labor when it comes to copyediting. So remember, copyediting is fixing copy errors for your client. And copywriting is salesmanship writing from scratch.

Key takeaways: Copyediting is proofreading and re-writing your client's copy. Copywriting is writing your client's copy fresh from the start. Copyediting takes more labor on your end. Copyediting someone else's copy is hard, especially if the composition is awful. I've had instances where the copy was so bad that I had to re-consider writing the project myself from scratch. The difference is… one is harder than the other. One copy is proofreading, and the other is copy from a fresh start.

Does Copyediting Cost More Than Copywriting?

Does Copyediting Cost More Than Copywriting

Now for the surprise, copyediting in some instances can cost more than copywriting! Why does copyediting cost more than copywriting? If you asked me, I'd say it's more labor. If you questioned a guru why their copyediting is so expensive, they'd probably say it's due to high demand.

Keep in mind that if you asked a guru to edit your copy, you're going to pay a premium price. My mentor charges me half of my earnings to copyedit one of my projects. If I had my mentor (who is a guru) copyedit my $2000 project, he would get half ($1000)!

Copyediting costs more if you hand the job over to a guru. That doesn't mean you can't charge as much. Your copy better deliver results if you're going to charge guru copyediting rates.

When I was new to copywriting, a consultant I would hire would charge up to $155 for 500 words of copyediting.

Copyediting rates from us average joes are cheaper than copywriting. One tip to prevent you from being blindsided with copyediting, is to expect a ton of errors from the rough draft. Lastly, work harder editing projects and consider messaging your client to tell him/her if you can re-write the copy from scratch if the project is that ghastly.

Key takeaways: Copyediting is more expensive when a guru does it. For beginners, your copywriting projects should go priced higher than copyediting projects. Always expect an overflow of errors with copyediting. If your project is without flow, emotion, and formula, consider telling your client that it needs to be re-written from scratch.

Who Is The Winner?

Copywriting is the winner! Copywriting is easier to compose than copyediting. People think that grammar editing software is all that the copyedit project needs, which's not true. Copyediting is a mess!

That's why I can't stress enough not to outsource your copy to cheaper writers! Get your copy right the first time around and hire quality. When you hire grade A, you don't have to worry about copyeditors.

If you outsource your copy and outsource a copyeditor, it's double the dread. You've been alerted. When I re-write outsourced copy, it needs to get re-written from scratch almost 80% of the time.

Copyeditors deserve respect since they work almost three times harder than a copywriter. Copyediting is king compared to copywriting in terms of demand. Copywriting is king in terms of effectiveness. The winner is copywriting! You can seriously go bald when your clients don't get the point that outsourced copy is junk. So if you are considering copyediting from this day forth, get ready to work hard!

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