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Mentally Absorb Highly Sought After Skills

Copy Editor Skills

You know the skills I'm talking about. The skills niche and in high demand. The skills so achievable that you won't need to invest a fortune to grasp them. I'm referring to copy editor skills.

Copy editing has a feeding frenzy as high as copywriting. I think copy editing has a higher demand than copywriting. I ran two gigs on Fiverr, one copywriting gig, and one copy editing. My copy editing gig was performing better than my copywriting gig.

You may be scratching your head thinking, "how could this be?" Well, the clients I've worked with in regards to copy-editing were looking for someone to copy edit their ebooks and…

Copy edit poor outsourced copywriting!

No loopholes are getting around good copy and its price tag. Copywriting is a skill that lives up to its value. You see, the issue lies with the entrepreneur looking to save a good handful of money. Then the entrepreneur decides to hire someone out of the country whose native language is not English.

Following the entrepreneur's bargain of purchase, they get horrible copy packed with errors. Worst of all, the cheap outsourced copy doesn't have a formula! Copy without a formula is no good. No formula equals no story flow. No story flow equals less readability.

The great news is that entrepreneurs like you have entered the copy-editing game ready to enhance businesses.

From my perspective, your responsibility as a copy editor is to help people.

Here are some copy editor skills worth improving on —

  • Editing copy on paper - Keep in mind, all of these tips I'm giving you are from The Halbert Copywriting Method Part III. Edit on paper to be able to spot more errors.

  • 3 to 5 sentence paragraphs max - The point of copy is for it to go read all the way through. If your paragraphs are a big clump of 10 sentences, your reader will get impatient and stop reading. Short, crisp sentences provide eye relief and allow your message to get read quickly.

  • Add sub-headlines - Sub-headlines provide eye relief and smoother flow transitions. As you can see, this article has sub-headlines that give freedom for smooth flow transitioning. Most importantly, sub-headlines provide eye relief. Eye relief increases readability.

  • Eliminate Pronouns - Words like "she, he, they, or it" confuse. You may know who "he, she, or they," are but your reader does not know who or what you are referring to. Replace pronoun words with specifics. For example, if I'm writing a blog about baristas, I don't refer to the baristas as "they." Instead, I get specific, delete "they" and replace the word with "barista."

  • Edit last - Never edit in between! Always structure your formula (AIDA) and write until you are completely finished. Lastly, you edit. Every prestige copy editor will tell you to edit last. When you edit while writing, you crumble your copy flow. Edit last at all costs.

Key Takeaways: There is a demand for copy editing. As a copy editor, you must help people. Edit your copy on paper to spot errors more effectively. Write short paragraphs to make your result more readable and add sub-headlines for eye relief. Boost your copy's clarity by eliminating pronouns. Editing comes last in your copywriting process.

How Much Should I Charge Per Page For Editing?

How Much Should I Charge Per Page For Editing?

First, you must ask yourself how much is a page of editing?

Should the question arise — How much should I charge per page for editing?

My definition of a page of writing is 500 words. So now comes the question, how much should you charge for 500 words of refined copy?

Charge per word, and you'll have an accurate price tag. Starting out, you can charge a nickel per word $0.05. A nickel per word will result in $25 for 500 words of editing.

Once you get excessive copy editing experience, you can charge a quarter per word $0.25. A quarter per word of copy editing will cost your client $125 for 500 words of copy editing.

And copy editing pricing is that straightforward! I wouldn't suggest charging over a dollar per word unless you have a proprietary reason to demand that much.

When I first met my mentor, I was baffled by how much he would charge per 500 words of copy. He charges $1.50 per word…

But my mentor has a unique seller preposition to charge that high and rightfully so. My mentor was trained on how to write copy by Jay Abraham and Gary Halbert. Jay is known to be one of the best marketers of all time. Gary is arguably the greatest of all time of direct mail copywriting.

So, you would need an impeccable reason to charge over a dollar per word in copywriting and copy editing.

Key Takeaways: A nickel per word for beginners is a great price to start at. A quarter per word is a good price tag for a copy editor with more experience. To charge a dollar per word or more would require a unique selling proposition to justify.

How To Get Copy Editing Experience

How To Get Copy Editing Experience

Several are the ways you can get copy editing experience. Apart from showing you how to get copy editing experience, I want you to increase your copywriting knowledge. I know a great website called, which increases keenness in your eyes for gem-like copywritng.

Now you can mentally ingest copy editing books written by experts. Do you have any cheaper substitutes for gaining copy editing experience? Your other copy editing options are more costly than books.

You know how much it costed me to get my copy editing education?… $17.95. My copy editing education rounded off cost me eighteen bucks! My no fiddling around approach allowed me to copy edit like Gary Halbert.

Yes, the Copywriting Method Part III by Bond Halbert is my secret formula for chopping my copy to refined goodness. You wanted the answer to gaining sage copy editing experience in a fraction of the time, and there you have it.

Don't underestimate the power of copy editing books. Your competition will capitalize once they figure out the power of copy editing books. With copyediting books, you get to…

  • Create copy so crisp that your readers won't stop reading until they reach your call to action: According to Joseph Sugarman, the point of copy is for your sales message to get read all the way through. [pg. 49] When you edit the right way, your sales message will be a breeze to read from start to finish.

  • Have more freedom from work by editing projects quicker: The better you get a copy editing, the more tasks you can finish within a day. More projects per day equate to more income. When you make more income, you have more freedom to go out and enjoy life.

  • Have better conversion numbers by getting your call to action read: When your sales letter is darn good, your prospects will reach your call to action. Your prospect either buys or doesn't. As long as your copy gets completely read, you will have better conversion numbers. Bad copywriting won't go read, and most of the time, bad headlines spook readers away.

  • Mentally absorb a highly sought-after skill: Copy editing is a craft in itself. Believe it or not, copy editing is a niche market that goes sought after. If you were to decide to be a niche-specific market, you would make a living doing copy editing by itself.

And that's the power of books. Yet so many people let their books collect dust every day. Don't let this be you! Get a copyediting book you can trust and adopt its copyediting methods.

Key Takeaways: Continue to do swipe file training on swipe dot co. Copy editing books are your next best option to get copy editing experience. When your copy is so smooth and easy to get through, you know you've done a great job. The better you get at copy editing, the more projects you can complete in one day. You will get more conversions by getting your call to action read. Lastly, you will be able to copy edit like legends in the copywriting industry.


I'm glad I got the chance to share with you four copy-editing skills proven to make your copy better. I got these tips from a book that the legendary Gary Halbert wrote.

It's important to adapt new copy editing techniques to improve your well-roundedness in copywriting.

Now, your price tag for your copy editing is ultimately up to you. Finally, you know best what your time is worth. If you're stuck figuring a price tag for your projects, try pricing per word, and who knows, you may cherish your price structure.

Whether new to copy editing or experienced, you can't go wrong with books. Books can show you how to get copy editing experience for less than $20. And most of these copy editing authors are successful at what they do. Copy editing education is not a matter of price these days. We can get sage advice from books crafted by copywriting legends.

Thankfully we have dozens of affordable copy editing educational resources available within reach.

What is your favorite educational resource for copy editing? Comment below.

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