Branding VS Marketing VS Advertising

Branding VS Marketing VS Advertising

Explosive Growth With Three Marketing Strategies

I was out getting some food and drinks with an old colleague the other day. When you and your friends have similar business aspirations, it feels like every meet-up is about strategizing. I was at a pub called Barrel House in River Park, and my buddy and I talked about marketing. We set our topics on branding vs marketing vs advertising.

We chatted about all the similarities in branding, marketing, and advertising. There's no real winner between these three since they are all a part of marketing.

Marketing is the bigger picture in this case. Branding and advertising are the sub-topics of marketing. Branding is running campaigns and getting brand recognition. Branding sounds an awful lot like marketing.

Advertising is reaching out to your prospects and persuading them why you are best to do business with… Advertising has a similar meaning as marketing.

Every skill attempting to get your brand and business across is a form of marketing. Branding, advertising, YouTube, podcasts, social media, SEO, networking all circulate as sub-topics to marketing.

If you don't wholly understand marketing — marketing is the big winner. So how do you market? It's all about strategizing.

Key Takeaways: Branding and advertising are sub-topics to marketing. You should invest your time attempting to understand marketing strategy. If I could go back in time, I would've learned how to market before jumping into copywriting.

Native Advertising VS Content Marketing

Native Advertising VS Content Marketing

There's simply no substitute for advertising and content creation. Advertising and content are not the same things. Now to answer your question — Who's the winner between native advertising vs content marketing?

Neither! That's right! Native advertising and content marketing are in leagues of their own. If I were to say advertising was better than content marketing, I would deny the power of blogging. If I were to say content marketing was better, then I'd be denying sales' importance.

I'll put it like this -- advertising is good for sales, and content marketing is good for traffic generation. As you can see, advertising and content marketing go hand and hand.

If content marketing never existed, you would have never found this post that you are reading. If advertising never existed, I would have never become a copywriter.

Key takeaways: Native ads the ads at the bottom of an online article. For example, have you seen those far-fetched ads on the bottom part of websites that say, "these foods are deadly." Native advertising is good for pulling people to your website and selling to them. Content marketing is useful for bringing traffic to your website. There's no real winner here, but if I had to choose one... I'd go with content marketing. No content equals no traffic, so content marketing is very important to me. If content marketing never existed, chances are this article you're reading wouldn't live as well.

Network Marketing Advertising

Network Marketing Advertising

Network marketing advertising is good and could generate a few leads. To get the most out of your network marketing, you should utilize direct messages. One of my favorite network marketing guru's John Nemo once said that your "direct messages put money in your bank account — Not news feed replies or posts."

When you private message your prospects, it's not out in the open for all eyes to gaze upon. With direct messages, you set the setting and take the lead. As an entrepreneur, would you rather have 30+ salespeople contacting you on a public post? Or would you rather have a small handful of people engage you through private messages? Private messaging allows you to be yourself much easier.

If you are looking to do network marketing plus network marketing advertising — Use LinkedIn!

LinkedIn is the king of network marketing, and no one comes close. I just gave you a gold nugget! Assuming you have your eyes set on network marketing advertising, LinkedIn is the best. If you don't believe me, go to LinkedIn and type in your favorite entrepreneur, and search. You'll see that every entrepreneur who is at their best has a LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn has a great advertising platform where you can track your stats. But I would suggest getting good at direct messaging your prospects first. Then you could pile paid network marketing advertisements on top of it.

Key takeaways: Direct marketing advertising is good but discovering how to engage people with direct messages is better. Private messages are personal and direct. LinkedIn is the best network marketing platform in the world. Search your favorite entrepreneurs on LinkedIn, and I bet you that you'll find them. Stack LinkedIn paid ads when you've gotten the hang of direct messaging prospects.

Marketing VS Advertising Major

Marketing VS Advertising Major

Both marketing and advertising are held in high regard. But if you had to choose a major, I would select marketing. Advertising is one of marketing's many components. Advertising is a sub-category of marketing. When I became an advertiser, I was wishing I was proficient at marketing. As a marketer, you know how to develop a strategy and promote your product or service.

Advertising can be learned by reading books from the world's best copywriters. I'm not saying an advertising major is inferior to a marketing major. I'm saying that you should master marketing since it's a primary business category, while advertising is a sub-category within marketing.

If you are months away from having to decide your major and you are lost…

Buy an advertising book and a marketing book

Following your purchase, read those books and get somewhat familiar with what they're all about. Want a faster shortcut? Buy an audiobook so you can finish it faster. The audiotape which got me acquainted with marketing was MasterMind Marketing System by Jay Abraham. After listening to this tape, I finally got a good grasp of what marketing is all about

Now, if you are looking to discover advertising secrets asap, get the audiobook called How To Write a Good Advertisement by Victor O. Schwab. I'm not going to sugar coat it -- For advertising, you need a physical book to grasp advertising better.

Those are my recommendations for you to try before you make any final decisions.

Key takeaways: No real winner here! If I had to soak up some knowledge, I'd go with marketing first and then advertising. Advertising is resourceful and loaded with books written by legends. Marketing took me a while to grasp and appreciate, so marketing is a big deal to me. Do both marketing and advertising. They're both great and should go combined and not against one another.

Marketing And Advertising Salary

Marketing And Advertising Salary

Now that you have the basics, you are probably wondering, "How do I make money?"

The better question is, how much money can you make with marketing and advertising? Your marketing and advertising salary can average from 50k to 100k.

To be more specific, a marketing salary is 44k - 100k per year according to payscale dot com.

According to Glassdoor, you can expect 33k - 110k per year as far as an advertising salary. Not bad, huh?

In case you didn't know, marketing and advertising are high-income skills. Marketing and advertising go classified as skills, not just careers. The cool thing about marketing and advertising is that you can lose your job, but…

You can't lose your skills!

You can easily get another job or run your show once you possess either marketing or advertising skills.

Key takeaways: Skills stick with you forever. You can lose your job, but you can never lose your skills.


A lot of skills are facing off today. But in reality, the real winner is you. In fact, as an entrepreneur, you don't choose one skill and ignore the other. You utilize all marketing skills and use them to your advantage.

So what are your next steps? Have you decided what skill is for you to master first? The reality is, all the skills covered today can go discovered by you. Once you master all of the skills within marketing, you can be your own CEO mastermind!

I, too, am working on my skill stack. The skills I own are advertising, blogging, network marketing, and SEO. Many entrepreneurs develop many marketing skills... But, you have to master one skill at a time.

I look forward to hearing about your progress. Comment below. What are the skills you possess? What skills are next on your list?

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