Best Way To Learn Copywriting

Best Way To Learn Copywriting

Take On A Skill Without Spending a Dime

Don't spend a fortune on some over-the-top expensive courses! Let's face it -- we don't always have the luxury of investing in a system valued in the thousands. Instead, I will show you the best way to learn copywriting —

Without Investing Money!

The best way to learn copywriting is to strain your writing skills. Writing swipe files is free, and it tests those copywriting muscles until they grow. Copywriting exercises are fitness for the mind.

It's great not to overthink why re-writing copy from the best copywriters is the best way to learn copywriting. If you write one or two swipe file(s), you'll think to yourself, "This doesn't work -- I'm going to do something else."

Then when you come to invest in a thousand-dollar course, you'll come to realize, "Oh crud, I have to write swipe files." That's right! Some of the best copywriting courses will have you doing swipe file training when you could be doing it for free.

Now you are probably wondering, "Why is swipe file training the best way to learn copywriting?" Swipe file training is the best since you are re-writing copy of gurus. Gurus who have sold millions with their campaigns.

Key takeaways: Do exercises on to get premium training without spending a dime. When you do swipe file writing every day, you are flexing your copywriting muscles. Be consistent with writing a swipe file every day to strengthen your copy muscles. If you invest in a good copywriting course — You will likely encounter swipe file training.

How Do I Learn Copywriting?

How Do I Learn Copywriting?

Copywriting is not the easiest task in the world, nor is its the hardest. A question I occasionally get on social media is, "How do I learn copywriting?"

I shared with you above the best way to learn copywriting, but now I want to expand thoroughly. A lot of times, we need guidance. We need a copywriting veteran walking us through the industry and discovering how to make it.

I remember one day I was bored scrolling people in my industry on LinkedIn, and it happened…

I found my mentor!

I saw that my mentor has 30+ years of experience and thought to myself, "I'm going for it." I asked my mentor if he'd take me under his wing, and I was so lucky that he said, "Yes, Josh, I'm looking to do some mentoring."

I clenched my fist and said, "Yes!." I was so stoked to have someone guide me through the trenches of copywriting. Gaining clients out of thin air is not a simple approach!

Invest in these activities to grasp copywriting comprehension within your first year —

  • Mentorships

  • Reading books

  • Studying audiobooks

  • Consultations

  • Writing swipe files

  • Investing in a course (optional)

Key Takeaways: Find a mentor on LinkedIn. It's not a walk in the park to gain paying clients.

Is Copywriting Hard To Learn?

Is Copywriting Hard To Learn?

If you are impatient, then yes, copywriting is hard to learn. Copywriting, like every skill in the world, takes practice and repetition to master. No one becomes a journeyman roofer in the first week. It takes four years to become a journeyman roofer!

Not to say that you need numerous years to learn copywriting. Copywriting is an intangible skill that can go learned faster when you are patient and persistent.

Is copywriting hard to learn? Not when you are patient and persistent. You have to dedicate time every day to write. As a copywriter, you carry the responsibility of writing every day.

Writers typically have a knack for reading. Reading and writing are not so different. If, by chance, you are a writer who dislikes reading, then swipe file training is for you. If by now you have gotten tired of me "hyping-up" swipe file training, then try it yourself and see what all the fuss is about.

If you decide to take a course, that's cool too. As a heads up, you should know that some of the best copywriting courses have swipe file training and…

I can attest to this fact!

I took the AWAI course a few years back, and my first tasks were writing down swipe files and reading them repeatedly.

The only drawback to swipe file training through a course is that…

Swipe File Training Is Free!

Yes, that's right! Swipe file training is free and easy to do.

When you set aside 1 swipe file exercise a day for five days out of every week, you'll…

  • Get better at copywriting: You will get better at writing swipe files when you stick with them persistently. I challenge you to consult with a copywriter of your choice and ask him/her about swipe file training. I'll save you the surprise — your consultant will tell you that writing swipe files improves your skills.

  • Take on a skill without spending money: Re-writing swipe files from the greats of copywriting is free! Free copywriting training that works sounds like a great deal to me. How about you?

  • Get results similar to legendary copywriters: If you are re-writing and studying copy from the greats, you learn from the best! A lot of my copywriting goes inspired by my favorite copywriters (Jay Abraham and John Caples). How do I gain the ability to write like such legends? Swipe file training.

  • Take your copywriting more seriously: If you can write 1 swipe file a day for months consistently, I believe you will become successful. If you take your copywriting seriously, you'll invest time every day to write a swipe file or two. If you neglect swipe files, your potential will remain dormant. If you take your copywriting seriously, you will always look to improve.

Key Takeaways: Copywriting takes repetition and persistence to master. As a copywriter, you should set aside time every day to write. You will perform swipe file training when you invest in a reputable copywriting course. Swipe files at are free, and it works!


I know it gets old hearing "Swipe file training," but it works! Swipe file training works, and it's free.

Whether you have money or not for a premium course, you can never go wrong with swipe file exercises every day. I kid you not, when you buy a copywriting course, you will write swipe files in your training.

Breaking into the skill of copywriting isn't the easiest task. And gaining clients out of thin air is not likely. It's better to go into the industry with guidance. Find a mentor. A mentor can go found on LinkedIn. When you go into the copywriting industry with an expert, you are more likely to flourish.

Of course, the gist of this blog post is to familiarize you with copywriting resources. These resources will get you a step further in your journey. Whatever training you decide to invest in, remember to be persistent.

What is your best way to learn copywriting? What are you currently doing to improve your skills?

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