Best Copywriting Ads

Best Copywriting Ads

21x's Your Ad Fruitfulness

A dazzling display of 1 technique, and you'll create the best copywriting ads possible. Writing plush headlines is a roller coaster ride, never to be forgotten.

The process of writing supreme headlines will be repetitive. And it would help if you didn't forget the direness of your headline writing process.

"By simply changing a headline, you increase the effectiveness of your ads by 21x's." - Jay Abraham

Write bold headlines, and your ads practically run themselves. Out of every expert's advice, they all stress to write good headlines or else…

Your ads will flop!

If you didn't know, now you know. If your readers can't get past your headline — You've decayed your precious time.

Need I explain why?

If people don't read or care for your headline, people won't care for your ad entirely.

According to Joseph Sugarman, "The purpose of your headline is for your ad to get read."

I've quoted two of America's finest advertising experts for you. I hope you could view your headlines from here on and realize that they'll make or break you.

There's no need to stress! I will give you 1 ace tip that'll transform your headline writing. The next time you are to write copy, write Desire first. The AIDA formula stands for —

Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

You are to write your desire portion first from here on. Your Desire part of your formula should stress the benefits. And what usually goes written on headlines? The biggest benefit!

Let's say you bullet point 10 benefits — You now have 10 options to choose from for your headline! See how much easier it is to write your desire portion first?

Key takeaways: Your headlines are the most important part of your ads. Testing effective headlines can increase your pull by 21x's. If your headlines don't get read, they'll flop. The purpose of your headline is so your ads get read. Write your Desire portion of AIDA first to generate good headlines faster.

How To Write Ad Copy

How To Write Ad Copy

Imagine the fun you'll have writing short ads.

When it comes to social media advertising (Google Ads included), you need to write ads under 500 words. Platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Google Ads give you a word limit.

This is how to write ad copy fast and effectively — use the AIDA formula. You may be thinking. "Josh! Is AIDA all you know?!" Do you prefer procedures meant for 5 to 10 pages of ad copy? Exactly! You only need short copy.

The AIDA formula is ideal for short copy. AIDA is a 4 phase formula. Write a smokin' headline, and you are three short writing steps away from finishing.

Everybody's talking about ad copy, but few know the basics. You'd be surprised how many writers neglect a bare headline.

Try this fool-proof list, and you'll know how to write ad copy in no time —

  • Write 60 words for Attention, 60 words for Interest, 60 words for Desire, and 60 words for Action. You'll get 240 words maximum per ad. Ad copy for social media is 250 - 500 words max

  • Write your ad until you finish

  • Edit last never in between

  • Write the biggest benefit in your headline

  • A sentence should not exceed 15 words

  • For novice or intermediate ad copywriters -- the list above is all you need. Fair enough? Now go out there and make your clients prominent. You'll get dignifying reviews and feedback this way.

Key takeaways: Paid advertising for social media platforms and Google have a word count limit. AIDA formula is ideal for short copy. Don't overlook the value of a good headline.

What Are The Benefits Of Ads?

What Are The Benefits Of Ads?

Years of fun when you know how to write ads tastefully. Imagine getting hired for a 30-day campaign. You get the opportunity to generate more sales for your client with one ad per day (or more).

As a freelance ad writer, you revel in the freedom to set your schedule. Destress yourself and schedule 2 ads per day. You'll deliver your client's 30-day ad campaigns within 15 days. That's your delivery time slashed in half!

Dare to live your freelance ad writing dreams by writing 3 ads per day. You'll open more of your schedule. 3 ads a day equals 30 ads in 10 hearty days. Brighten your spirits as an ad writer. You're in control of your program.

If you are an employer looking to invest in an ad writer — It's glee when you hire an ad writer who knows what he/she is doing.

I need you to do a metaphoric stiff-arm (not literally) to ad writers with oafish headlines. According to "The Mastermind Marketing System," a prime headline increases effectiveness by 21x's! Short answer, yes, a professional ad writer does make a difference for your business.

So what are the benefits of ads? I will divide your ad benefits into two. One for ad writers and one for ad clients.

Benefits of ads for ad writers —

  • Get money for improving peoples businesses

  • Be your boss

  • Companies will want to hire you

  • Be at peace with your jovial pay

Benefits of ads for clients —

  • Refer your copywriter to grow the success of your connections

  • More profit with hankering headlines

  • Be the go-to guy/gal for your industry

  • Go big time with steamy ROI's

Key takeaways: A 30-day ad campaign can go managed however you want it. As long as you deliver on the day you claim, you'll provide. Avoid copywriters who can't write effective headlines.


I've shared many tips with you today. The most important advice to adopt and adapt is writing good headlines. Ornate headlines can go tested, and some have more pull than others. The point is to write good headlines no matter what.

But look — test different headlines when some don't pull so well. If your headlines don't do well, your ads will tank. Can't come up with headlines? Write the Desire portion of AIDA first to generate ideas.

You have scalability with social media since there are many platforms today. Almost all social media platform posts have a word count limit (except Facebook). Remember to use AIDA since this formula is perfect for writing short copy.

As a writer, you have the freedom to write however your campaign fits your schedule. Never deliver your ad campaign late. It causes concern to your client if you're late.

As a contractor looking for a copywriter —Avoid copywriters who can't write swell headlines.

How do you generate headlines for your best copywriting ads? Comment your strategy below.

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