B2B Copywriting - Generating Revenue For Business's

B2B Copywriting

You are no longer in the writing business as a copywriter. In B2B copywriting, you are in the revenue-generating business. When you give yourself the title of a "copywriter…." You are a revenue generator.

Have you ever heard people call someone a billion or trillion-dollar man/woman? I thought the highest net worth in the world was only in the billions? It is only in the billions. Why do people give themselves titles such as "trillion-dollar man?"

Copywriters generate money for their clients. Let's say you generated 500 million dollars for Bezos and 500 million dollars for Mark Cuban… You are now considered a "billion-dollar man or woman."

Do you see the bigger picture? When you generate revenue for several entrepreneurs, you get the nickname in return.

B2B copywriting is simply one business providing copy for another business. Spoiler alert -- you are likely a B2B copywriter since you consider your copywriting company a business.

B2B copywriting is jargon-free: B2B is copywriting from one business to another.

What Is SEO Copywriting? - Fructify Traffic Plus Action

What Is SEO Copywriting

Isn't it time your content goes noticed? Copywriting aside, isn't it time you gather thousands of customers to your website with a simple modification?

SEO doesn't have to be specifically for copywriting. SEO is universal for any form of content you are creating on the internet.

Now that you are aware SEO can go utilized in any online industry, I'll tell you, "what is SEO copywriting."

You get the facts… SEO copywriting is copywriting with headlines and sub-headline, which go SEO amplified.

You were probably expecting a lengthy explanation on "what is SEO copywriting," but point-blank -- SEO copywriting is copy with SEO optimized headlines and sub-headlines.

You, in as little as a few paragraphs, now know what SEO copywriting is. So you are probably wondering how to produce traffic and action with your SEO copywriting.

Honest to goodness, your SEO copy should have at least 1000 words or more and 4-5 SEO rich sub-headlines. Don't forget to make your copy compelling!

To be blunt, you should charge more for SEO copywriting. If I were you, I'd charge an extra $100 per project on SEO copywriting. SEO copywriting will take you more time and resources to complete as opposed to ordinary sales copy.

SEO keyword tools cost you money! My current SEO tool, Ahrefs, costs me $179 per month! If you invest in a cheaper SEO tool, it'll cost you, at the lowest, $50 per month. Adding an extra $100 to your SEO copy price tag all of a sudden doesn't seem dramatic after all.

Let's take a closer look at where you'll be posting your SEO copywriting. Posting your SEO copy on your website, social media platforms, and product descriptions (e-commerce sites) is a great start.

Website Copywriting - Beat Your Competition To It!

Website Copywriting

I'm going to reveal to you the most in-demand copywriting and it's website copywriting. Everyone who owns a website needs copywriting! Copywriting makes everything more exciting and compelling.

Would you rather give your audience boring information about your product or service? Or would you rather tell your audience facts with driven passion? It's easy -- you would rather entertain your audience and get compensated in the process.

Website copywriting is simply the most in-demand form of copywriting due to the popularity of the internet.

If your competition has not a clue what copywriting is, you have a chance to get your upper hand on them. Do you have a web page where you are selling something? Re-write or hire someone who will re-write your web copy for you, and you'll be surprised how much better you'll sell your product/service.

If you are a pro at writing copy but lack some design skills, hire a web designer. I will unmask the facts about web designers -- they can make a couple of sentences into a work of art.

Web designers have the gift of being able to turn basic sentences into masterpieces with their design skills. Imagine handing over web copywriting to your web designer and telling him/her to make it nice? Expect fireworks since copywriting is no ordinary writing.

Two things you'll need if you want to get the most out of web copywriting -- a web designer and a copywriter. If you're good at graphic design, then you are good to go with your copywriting skills.

Cold hard facts, website copywriting is simply posting copy onto your desired web page.

What Is Direct Mail Advertising? - Capture Your Hidden Crowd

What Is Direct Mail Advertising

Your hidden crowd is not actually hidden! Your hidden crowd is simply the folks who don't use the internet. Or folks who rather write a check than fill out an online payment form.

Hey! At some point, that may be us! Our grandchildren may tell us, "Pshh! A debit card is so 2021!" With that going said, we must respect our older generation since they use checks.

To answer your "What is direct mail advertising" question...

Direct mail advertising is simply advertising through the mail.

If you believe you've never seen direct mail advertising… think again!

Have you ever received a quote from an insurance company through the mail? Or have you ever received a letter from your dealership telling you that you qualify for trade-in value? One more! Have you ever received a letter from a credit company giving you the option of upgrading your card?

My friend, if you said yes, you've experienced direct mail advertising. Direct mail advertising is an up-front promotional offer through the mail.

Now that you know what direct mail advertising is all about… does direct mail work?

Direct mail advertising works! Let me ask you something. Do you ever anticipate your mail to come in? I know I do when I order something on eBay or Amazon. The plain truth is direct mail advertising is not dead!

Direct mail advertising is fun! You can run a direct mail campaign and get checks in the mail! My mentor, who did direct mail in its prime (the '80s), would tell me the stories where he'd get copious amounts of checks in his mailbox. I don't know about you but receiving real checks in the mail with real cash sounds like tons of fun.

Direct mail is not dead since every homeowner in America and the world owns a mailbox and can read your sales message.

If you have the funds for direct mail advertising, you'll have exceeding joy getting acquainted with your new clients.

Point-blank, when you receive payment through the mail, deliver your goods at all costs! There have been some copywriters who have gotten in some trouble for not delivering their direct mail goods. You won't have to worry about consequences as long as you write some copy and deliver it to your direct mail client.

Email Marketing Copywriting - Give Your Fans What They Want!

Email Marketing Copywriting

Your fans are asking for more of you! Why do you think your fans subscribed to your newsletter? You can't be afraid to do email marketing copywriting for your subscribers. To be ethical, your fans like your personality that goes with your copywriting tone.

So what do you do next? Write some email copy to your email list and send it out! You could send out some useful information, as long as it has a call to action. Send a story about your industry or something new and exciting your prospect has no idea about.

Be careful not to send your emails with big, bold letters and mismatching colors! Google Mail can easily place your email marketing in your prospect's spam folder if your copy looks spammy.

Write in a personal tone, as if you were writing to your friends and family. Choose one font and stick with it. Give the "stiff arm" (football term) to highlighter and colorful fonts. Google will appreciate that you're trying to be sincere with your marketing efforts.

Email marketing copywriting is a delicate skill and demands that you know how to dodge G-Mail from placing your sales letters into the spam folder.

Put Your Skills To Work

You have more information to prepare you for your copywriting career. If you are not a copywriter and looking to add copy to your skill sets, this info should benefit you.

One thing people may confuse us copywriters for is writers. We are more than writers. We are revenue generators, and that's what the copywriting industry is all about. Whether a copywriter or not, SEO can help your business in any industry. SEO copywriting (the fusion) helps generate traffic and sales.

As a website owner, it's not mandatory to know that website copywriting is the most popular form of copy up to date. However, if you are trying to gain an edge on the competition, you can use website copywriting to your advantage.

Direct mail advertising still works, but with a price tag. If I could run direct mail ads more often, I would go for it. Direct mail advertising manages to pull in the older crowd, and you could expect checks in the mail. Always deliver when it comes to direct mail, or it could be bad news.

I've heard of people getting in trouble for not delivering their direct mail ads to their clients. Assuming you'll provide at all costs to your customers -- you will be fine.

Email marketing is great when you use your subscriber list. Your subscriber list is your fans. Today I shared some tips with you on how to avoid G-Mail from marking you as spam. Follow the safety procedures, and you should be ok.

Which of the above topics is your favorite? Have you experimented with email, web, direct mail, and SEO copywriting? Let me know in the comment section about your experience with these varieties of advertising methods.

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