Airbnb Advertising Strategy

Airbnb Advertising Strategy

Garner Steady Income With Copywriting

If you searched the terms "Airbnb advertising strategy," I pay my respects to you. Not many know that the key to good marketing is to implement a strategy. When it comes to systems, you need to maximize one area at a time.

I run a copywriting business, and my strategy consists of maximizing my advertising in this order…

  1. Blogging

  2. Social media marketing

  3. Search engine optimization

  4. YouTube videos

  5. Podcasts

  6. Direct mail advertising

It's easy to get shiny object syndrome, but you have to focus on one skill and master it before moving on. For example, I plan on moving on to social media advertising after I create 60+ blogs.

Do you have a website that links to your Airbnb listings? If you don't have a website, then create one. What website is complete without articles? Create blog posts educating your audience until you max out your website's blog content.

Then you can move on to maximizing your social media marketing strategy. Do you see where I'm going? Maximize one marketing area at a time until there nothing left to maximize.

The first order of business is to plan out on your calendar how you will maximize every area of marketing throughout the year.

For example, I am to complete at least thirty blogs this month, and I hold myself accountable if I don't reach my goals.

Don't delay! Start planning out how you will market your Airbnb business on your calendar. Follow through with your strategy and hold yourself accountable if you don't follow through with your process. Like The King of Sales Jeffrey Gitomer once said, "kick your own butt."

Key takeaways: The best marketing tip I've ever come across is implementing a strategy. Follow the numbered list above and maximize each area of marketing. Avoid shiny object syndrome and maximize one skill at a time. Invest in a calendar, write down your Airbnb advertising strategy and write what you expect from it. Kick your own butt and work twice as hard if you fall behind on your plan.

How To Increase Views On Airbnb

How To Increase Views On Airbnb

Online business platforms are so similar! The more sales you make on online platforms, the more you get ranked in the algorithms. Your first step on how to increase views on Airbnb is to make more sales. Easier said than done!

Your next option is to test zingy photos and post the ones that retain more views.

Are your Airbnb photos boring? Don't be boring! You can spruce up your listing by adding a pool table or an air hockey table. Throw those photos in your listing, and you can't tell me your views will be sub-optimal.

The way you paint your rooms can be indicative of whether your listing will be profitable or not. Put yourself in your prospects' shoes. Are you going to choose a plain white-walled room with nothing unique for the same price as a neutral-colored room with ultra-modern clocks and wall decor? Of course not!

The chances are that you will choose an Airbnb that is more appealing to the eye. I've been in a few Airbnb's before, and only a small handful was memorable. The memorable rooms were the ones with neutral-colored walls with cozy beds and top-notch decor.

One time I went to Sacramento for work, rented an Airbnb, and it was so memorable. I still remember my stay until this very day! The room listed on the Airbnb had modern decor with an awesome fan providing cool refreshing air.

When I arrived at my booked Airbnb, I was thinking, "Could this be the home listed?" The home looked average from the outside, but the home was customized from top to bottom.

The home reminded me of a Sprite commercial where a caricature customized his friend's car (interior only).

Then the caricature told his friend, "Didn't yo momma tell you?! It's the inside that matters." The caricature only customized the inside of his friend's car, not the outside, and it looked phenomenal.

You, too, can have a gasping impression by redesigning the inside of your Airbnb. All of which I mentioned can drive more views to your Airbnb photos.

Key takeaways: Sales will bump your listing higher on the search algorithm, giving you more views. Test different photos and keep the ones that do best. Don't be boring! Add some entertainment tables and capture your prospect's interest. Paint your rooms with neutral colors and design each room differently from the other.

Airbnb Benefits

Airbnb Benefits

I explore the myths of the Airbnb benefits for you. A critical analysis and I want you to research permissions regarding the state laws near you with Airbnb short-term rentals. If you landed on this blog, chances are you are aware of the strict rules regarding renting short-term rentals.

If you are new to this Airbnb industry, you need to know that some states are not okay with you doing short-term rentals with other people's properties.

There are ways you can bypass and be good to start your short-term rental business but acknowledge the precautions.

Now, short-term rental business owners on Airbnb can't get the benefits of property ownership. But, short-term Airbnb rentals business owners can earn cash flow.

Those aren't your only benefits as an Airbnb short-term renter. As a short-term rental business owner, Airbnb benefits you by…

  • Making you more money by capitalizing on events and incoming celebs: It's true! Celebrities and events are going on at certain times in your city. Jot down on your calendar the events and stars that are coming to your city. Now grasp the opportunity and strike an Airbnb special offer on that day to capture some money-paying customers. Many Airbnb business owners don't take advantage of events and celebrity dates to make an enticing Airbnb offer. This can be your chance to get your listing noticed!

  • Getting you better outcomes with reviews: Have you shopped on Amazon before? Did you notice the five-star reviews on Amazon? Lastly, did the five-star reviews influence you on what product was right for you? You are not alone. Five-star reviews are a proven weapon of influence, according to Dr. Robert Cialdini. [1] This means that five-star reviews are verified to influence buying decisions. Do you buy products with the highest and nicest reviews? I know I do. Make a plan to generate as many five-star reviews as you possibly can and watch your business ripen.

  • Getting you consistent income with copywriting: You can stop posting your listing and hoping for the best. Or you can take control and increase your ROI (return on investment) by copywriting your property descriptions.

  • Achieving life fulfillment with multiple income-generating Airbnb listings: Once you've maxed out your listing, you can invest in various Airbnb properties and reach financial freedom. After you've got financial freedom, you can move on to life-fulfilling goals.

Key takeaways:

  1. Check your state laws regarding the short-term Airbnb rental business.

  2. Take advantage of events and celebrities by offering a special deal on those dates.

  3. Try to get as many five-star reviews as you possibly can.

  4. Use copywriting for all of your Airbnb listings to get better ROI.

  5. Once you've maxed out an Airbnb listing, post another property. Once you're financially free, you can focus on your life fulfilling goals.


I want to congratulate you on landing on this blog post. It's not every day that I meet an entrepreneur that knows the power of strategy.

The art of strategizing goes abundantly overlooked, yet some of the best history leaders had implemented strategies to progress. If you don't already have a calendar, invest in a calendar. If, for some reason, you can't afford a calendar, use Google Calendar, which is free. Starting today, start strategizing how you will market your Airbnb and write it down.

Follow the numbered list of marketing methods I mentioned earlier in this post and maximize each skill one by one.

What's an Airbnb listing without views? Embrace the fact that a boring listing is going to flop as opposed to one with exciting photos. Your photo views will flourish once you get the decor down and add pictures of some entertainment table you recently added to your property.

Many marketing tips get overlooked so easily when they're logically so obvious and in our face. Reviews, events, copywriting, and multiple Airbnb listings at once can get you closer to your long-term goals.

I want to wish you luck on your Airbnb business venture, and I hope to rent from you when I visit your city. The warmest of regards. -Josh T.

P.S. What Airbnb advertising strategies have you enforced in the past? What Airbnb advertising strategies are you currently implementing today? Comment below.

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