Airbnb Advertising - Advertise Your Spare Rooms For Cash

Airbnb Advertising

Do you have a spare cabin, cottage, or room available? The next generation of short term renting is here! Say hello to Airbnb advertising. You won't lose any more sleep on how to make money with your properties. Let's say you have a house and it's in great condition; you can list every room for rent individually.

Let me explain; one day, I was evicted from my house by OSHA. Say what?! Yes, I was scammed and leased a house that had owners that were ''slum lords." While I was at work, OSHA appeared and inspected my home… it had mold and lead behind the walls! I was ordered to leave since OSHA would level that health hazard trap down to the ground.

The house was in such bad condition that the OSHA inspector said, "This home is so poorly constructed, I'm surprised it hasn't collapsed yet."

After the eviction, I was saved by Airbnb! I rented a room for $50 a night for seven days. Upon entering the Airbnb, I noticed the home was occupied. Other people were renting some rooms in the same house through Airbnb.

I had the master bedroom, so I didn't have a problem. Before I get carried away, you can rent your Airbnb home by the room or the entire house (all the rooms). The rate per room is typically $30-$50. The rate per entire home is $150-$300 per night or more.

In my emergency, a $50 room was a lifesaver for me! I eventually got a new apartment, but the Airbnb was truly a blessing. While advertising with Airbnb, you are doing a favor for your wallet and people.

I was in distress when I was out on the street, and if I didn't have the Airbnb option, I would have lost so much money with hotels. Airbnb advertising works as long as you maintain the rooms you're renting, sanitary and clean.

Having toilet paper and fresh towels for every customer is a must. Avoid the pain of bad reviewing customers. Provide towels, toilet paper, cleanliness, and effective communication to get good reviews. The more positive reviews, the better. Adding some complimentary coffee helps the reviews as well.

How to advertise your Airbnb

How to advertise your Airbnb

You have to create your account first and foremost. Starting out, you don't have to be an expert. Take several canny photos of your room or house for rent. Write your description(s). Make sure you fill out your "about me" page! Your "about me" page gains trust, so write it and be yourself.

You are now open for business! Congratulations, you're involved in the hospitality industry. If your property is in a tourist hotspot, prepare to have tons of bookings!

Stay consistent at keeping in touch with your clients. Make it effortless for clients to enter their rooms. Invest in a lock that requires a passcode! With a passcode lock, you can message your code to your clients as soon they buy. At a glance, customers love passcode locks! I know I loved the passcode lock benefit with my Airbnb bookings.

Airbnb Listings - Next Generation Of Hospitality

Airbnb Listings

You have the choice of renting a standard rate at your local hotel or an Airbnb. Airbnb listings give you more options. You get to choose your setting and your surroundings with Airbnb. Airbnb allows you to filter listings to where it fits your budget.

With hotels, it's rare to find anything below $60 per night. With Airbnb, you have a chance at saving some money and bargaining with a location better than a hotel.

Wise travelers plan their visits to other countries and book Airbnb in advance. Airbnb allows you to budget when you travel, so you get the most out of your experience.

If you don't believe me, I challenge you to look at the most popular Airbnb listing in your area and look at the reviews. You will find reviews from foreign people! Airbnb is a hit with foreigners since foreigners are looking to spend less.

Airbnb is a knockout! You can gain local clients and international clients! The hospitality business just became possible with Airbnb.

Copywriting Your Airbnb Listings - Dominate Your Area With Your Listing

Copywriting Your Airbnb Listings

All you do is make your listing more compelling! Copywriting your Airbnb listings will outperform the Airbnb across your street. Sure, reviews are the closest thing to the best in this industry, but your listings need to be convincing.

As long as you add copy to your listings, you will close more sales. Your Airbnb listing is unique and different, so write about it. Is your property close to shopping centers? Is your listing near easy access highways? Save your client the headache of researching your area's benefits. Research for your clients! You will save yourself headaches by providing location benefits.

If you're considering copywriting your Airbnb listings, use AIDA. Copywriting formula AIDA to the rescue! AIDA stands for attention, interest, desire, action. Airbnb listings are short, and you need a brisk formula to fit your sales message in your Airbnb listing. AIDA is a swift four-step formula, and it works!

Bring up the benefits of your listing in your desire portion of your AIDA formula. Let's say you're listing your log cabin; your benefits will read as…

Option A

  • Log cabin

  • Lake view

  • Near downtown

  • Fresh towels

  • Safe neighborhood

But, your benefits should read as….

Option B

  • Sturdy log cabin leaving you with a cozy experience

  • A better photographic scenic view without competition and tedious driving

  • Located close to downtown near tourist attractions, gift shops, and posh food spots, so you don't get lost in your expedition

  • Stay tidy with your user-friendly bathroom and its plentiful towels, allowing you to dry more often with your stay

  • Rest easy in our secure and friendly neighborhood community

The choice is yours. You can list your benefits like option A or option B. Option B is the clear winner.

When you write your benefits like option B, you can decide your headline faster.

Avoid embarrassing mistakes with your listing and get it right the first time. The sooner your listing goes written with copy, the sooner you can retain your customers.

Wouldn't You Like To Profit From Your Rooms?

Wouldn't You Like To Profit From Your Rooms?

If I had a spare property at a prime location, I'd give Airbnb a try. Remember the story I told you earlier about my Airbnb experience? Well, the host had four rooms listed on Airbnb. The master bedroom at $50 per night, and the standard rooms at $35 per night. Lets do some math, 50+35+35+35 = $155. $155 per night is a hard-working person's salary, and some people make it with their spare bedrooms.

I think utilizing Airbnb for personal use and for-profit is genius! You make money, and you save money with the Airbnb approach. If you are an Airbnb host, advertise your listings with copy. Don't forget, copy is way better than no copy at all. List your benefits freely in your listing(s). Whether you are looking to make money or survive an emergency as I did — Airbnb is there for your plan B.

One more thing, if I could, I would tell the CEO of Airbnb, "thanks!." The stress and pain I went through when OSHA evicted me made me feel hopeless and scared. Suppose it wasn't for Airbnb; who knows where I'd be right now.

Airbnb gave me the cheaper alternative until I could afford a new apartment. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Airbnb! That's what hospitality is all about. Good luck to you (the reader) on your Airbnb adventure, and I hope to hear your success stories soon.

Do you use hotels or Airbnb's? Comment below.

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