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Advertising Skills

You know the type of advertising techniques I mean. The advertising techniques that grow your business in viral proportions. The sort of advertising that's so smooth your prospects love you for it. Isn't it time you prove your advertising skills and flex your advertising techniques?

According to advertising legend Leo Burnett, ads are more than persuasion.

Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read. - Leo Burnett

The next time you write an ad, ask yourself, is this boring?! Are there any stories I can tell to amuse my readers? Here's what I want you to do to be the most interesting advertiser (in your niche at least)…

Advertising Techniques

  • AIDA: A formula that never fails to engage your readers, stands for attention, interest, desire, action. On the interest portion of this proven formula, you can make it fun with storytelling.

  • Swipe file influence: Having trouble displaying your headline with your biggest benefit? Look up control files on swiped dot co and use the headlines for influence. Don't copy the headlines! It's unethical to steal headlines. Examine the headline flow and brainstorm new headline ideas. A good headline makes your ad inviting to look at.

  • Editing: By now, if you've been following this blog for a while… you know simple words work best. Your ad editing process refines your ads like water is purified by a filter. The result? Shorter sentences, phrases, and no fluff! The point of editing is not only for clarity but for the ability to read through your entire ad fast. The more your ad goes read from start to finish, the more attainment your ad has.

From the start, I was skeptical about my editing process. I knew grammar correction software wasn't enough for writing copy. What I did next was overcome skepticism and invested in a copywriting editing book. It's called The Halbert Copywriting Method III. I highly recommend the book. I was blown away by the secrets within the Halbert copywriting family.

Nobody wants their copy to sound dull. Copy should be fun and simple, like riding a slip n slide from headline to call to action. Here’s a free secret — substitute semicolons ( ; ) for dashes ( -- ). Semicolons are similar to speed bumps. You want your prospect reading like the traffic light is constantly on the green light. Using dashes instead of semicolons keeps the wheels rolling.

Key takeaways: Many things make up a good ad, not just persuasion alone. Worried about making your prospects drowsy? Remember the Leo Burnett quote. AIDA, swipe file influence, and editing are three techniques that will make you a better advertiser. Use dashes instead of semicolons.

Local Advertising - Vantage Craigslist Advertising

Local Advertising

By vantage Craigslist advertising, I mean create masterful ads. Master Craigslist advertising for two reasons — 1. It's not difficult & 2. Craigslist has a traffic rank of 39 in the U.S.! Local advertising is cool with social media, but people on Craigslist are hungry to do business. You can post your ads and have same-hour notifications from interested prospects.

What do you advertise? Do you advertise services? If you advertise services, it will be harder to gain online payments. Craigslist is more of a meet-up and exchange type of platform. As a service provider, you can still post your ads and get people on the phone with you.

If you sell physical products, you can easily get more traction at swift speeds. Let me explain. I've advertised furniture and miscellaneous products on Craigslist. And it's so simple. All you have to do is respond to interested buyers through phone or email.

So you want to know how to get the most out of your local advertising…

Try posting three ads for your product or service every day. Keep your ads floating in Craigslist's top results for your niche. Don't forget to post thrice.

I didn't make up this technique. I got it from a landscaper called Keith Kalfas and one of his ebooks. I gave the business technique a try, and within my first day, my cell phone was binging (texts) and ringing (calls) all day long!

I was barely breaking into my online business venture during my experimentation. I was in the middle of my 9-5 (HVAC technician) job when I had several calls every hour. My supervisor was like, "are you doing side gigs?" I replied with, "yes, just for after work." After my 9-5 job, I would cut several lawns and take home that money. Thanks, Craigslist!

With Craigslist advertising, I was able to challenge myself and sell couch sets. When people were interested, they met me on my terms. Almost every appointment, I sold something. And that's the power of Craigslist local advertising.

Key takeaways: Craigslist is ranked high on the internet with millions of users. Craigslist is perfect for meet-ups. It's harder to sell virtual products and services on Craigslist. Maximize your Craigslist post by posting three times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner). You can close more sales when you successfully meet-up with your prospects.

Video Advertising - Thrive With Informative Advertising

Video Advertising

Are you up for the challenge of creating quality video advertising and informative advertising? Let me tell you more about video advertising. Video advertising is hot right now! Video advertising will only scorch more with popularity. Take a look at YouTube's rank on Google for yourself. You'll find out that YouTube is #2 in Google ranking! No video advertising platform tops YouTube.

I know you've encountered several 5-second ads on YouTube while you ache to press "skip." With video advertising, those are the ads you'll be creating. Not ads that people want to skip, but ads that pop up in the middle of your prospects' videos.

Your first five seconds of your video advertising are supposed to be a headline spoken through the video. Do you notice how a lot of YouTube ads barge in during your shows with questions? The typical question they ask is, "How would you…" This proves that you can create a video script by copywriting. A key point to take from this is, write a headline that you can read in less than five seconds.

Your five seconds of an irresistible headline are covered, and now it's time to give the goods. Flourish in your video advertising by finishing your video with informative advertising. Now that you've bypassed your prospect's urge to skip you, give them information on what you are selling. You will need to keep practicing your video advertising skills to get better.

Benefits Of Video Advertising —

  • Gain exposure on the highest-ranked video platform (YouTube)

  • People can decide right away if they like you through your video advertising

  • More consistency with increasing subscribers

  • Scale your business to a new pinnacle

  • Go viral and influence your industry

Benefits Of Informative Advertising —

  • People will repay you for your helping hand

  • Turn customers into long-term clients

  • Become the go-to person for facts and information

  • Priority with traffic (Google likes when you help people)

  • More income with over-qualified leads

Key takeaways: Video advertising is popular right now, and it's only getting better. Use YouTube since YouTube is ranked #2 (over everything) on Google. You have seconds not to get skipped. So, it would be best if you wrote a good headline that only takes 5 seconds or less to say. Make sure the rest of your video is informative and filled with golden nuggets.



I'm confident that you can improve your writing by using AIDA, editing, and swipe file training. Once you get better at advertising techniques, you can make people read your ads faster.

The point is for people to read your ad. If your readers never get past your headlines, you have to improve your headlines. Or your advertising is no good. Many writers use semicolons, but proficient copywriters use dashes since it doesn't slow your sales message's reading speed.

Your advertising doesn't have to stop with written ads! You can always investigate YouTube ads. YouTube is #2 in Google rankings, so use YouTube as your video upload platform.

And of course, if you're trying to advertise on Craigslist, make sure you post three times a day during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

What sorts of advertising are you utilizing currently? How's it working out for you?

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