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My Business Story

My name is Josh Terrones. I run an ad copywriting business and help business owners generate more sales. I help entrepreneurs write advertisements to gather more leads. I typically help business owners with advertisements. Advertising can be a confusing task in any entrepreneur's life, and I help my clients when they are often lost, stressed, and drained. My clients are usually entrepreneurs that need a product description.


In particular, I make sure that my clients advertisements are not jargon or academic writing. I go the extra mile for you. I eliminate "the" or "that" as much as possible to make your message stronger. I don't give up. I hope you never have to outsource services like copywriting. Cheaper is not better. If you want words that sell, you want me on your team.


My Hero and Entrepreneur Journey 

I was called to my copywriting adventure when landscaping was making my life and work balance unbalanced. I was off late, rarely had time for friends and family. My best dog pal Buckis passed away from anemia. When he passed away, I was so angry at myself for not doing more for him. I wished I could have at least spent one more memorable summer at the lake with him. I remember swimming to a rock to pose for a picture, and he swam towards me to be part of the photo.

All of these lost moments with family, friends, and even pets have ignited that fire, and I'm now a full-time copywriter inspired all the more to be here for years to come. And at some point, I'd like to take part in helping my community. 


Though my journey has not always been smooth sailing, I've had to learn a lot about my specific skill. With learning, I would have to make errors and overcome them—big shoutout to The Copywriters Handbook by Joseph Sugarman. Joseph's incredible flowchart sequence is fantastic. This copywriting flowchart has transformed my copywriting for the best! I must say I'm fortunate to have a mentor. My mentor was Jay Abraham's assistant in the 80's.


Of course, running through multiple obstacles and challenges, I've managed to implement and nail my systems and can now hang up the gloves in regards to my 9 to 5 job and spend some time with my loved ones... And work towards helping people along the way. Tweaking my systems to near perfection benefits my clients by assisting them in generating more sales. When we work together I want you to have a strategy. If you have a strategy and follow through with it, you will expect your results.

Let me be specific, right now I have a strategy in place for my SEO marketing. I have on my calendar "1 blog a day for 30 days." I know what to expect from my plan as long as I follow-through. I expect the same from you. I expect for your to have a strategy. If we work for a week, or month, what do you expect from your advertisements? Write it down and when you follow through, your results won't be surprising to you. Remember you followed a strategy.



More sales and more clients don't necessarily mean no problems. Many times clients are not sure what copywriting is. I can find myself explaining to them that copywriting is salesmanship in the written word. The "old school" term for copywriting goes referred to as business writing. Teaching entrepreneurs what copywriting is all about is a minor issue, but you may be surprised how many times I get asked the question, "what is copywriting?"


Despite the downs in business, I've learned to adapt and push forward. After coming through for my clients, I become ever wiser from the experience and better equipped for the next chapter in my journey. Now, this is what empowers me to take my business to the next level. Me helping you in every possible way also benefits me. My business philosophy is...


"If you truly believe that what you have is useful and valuable to your clients, then you have a moral obligation to try to serve them in every way possible." -Jay Abraham


That's the way business should be treated in every industry, and when we team up that's what you get with me.


The Sequel 


Of course, life as a copywriter goes on, and like the hero's journey, there's always room for the next adventure. I was born in a household where spiritual faith is everything. Until this day, I practice my faith as much as I can when I have time. When I retire in the future, I'd like to create a religious live chat website. With all the funds produced from the website, I want to donate it to help people in poverty. I've considered growing crops and filling up a box truck with ready to eat meals and distribute it amongst the homeless. These are my plans with the sequel concluding my copywriting career.


My Passion Story 


I'm passionate about exercise. I enjoy pushing myself to the breaking point. The reward of the "muscle gains" and increased energy is a bonus that follows. I guess it's my several years of wrestling and football, which has conditioned me to enjoy the "burn" during intense training. I genuinely believe this endurance I've generated from sports, and weight training has helped drive my business. My endurance helps drive my business by teaching me patience and perseverance amid my copywriting projects.


Now that you're aware exercise and fitness is my passion, I will tell you how exercise and fitness help people. Exercise can help make you feel happier, promote weight loss, help build bones and muscles, help increase energy, help lower risk of chronic disease, enhance sleep and relaxation. I can go on and on with the benefits. Is it no wonder why I'm so passionate about fitness and exercise?!


My fitness and exercise passion has taught me endurance, both physically and mentally. One day I was writing an ad, and when I was getting tired, I thought about Mahatma Gandhi and his memorable quote. It goes something like "strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." I then got reignited and finished strong with my advertisement. 


My Product Story 


My ideal customer is someone who wants more for their business. Entrepreneur business owners use my copywriting service to either enhance their website or promote their products or services with persuasive advertisements. My ideal customers live all over the world! My service is virtual and could reach my customers instantly with the power of the internet.

Business owners of any demographic ages ranging from 21-47 years are my ideal customers. I sometimes work people over this age demographic in the 50's age group. Several of my clients become surprised at how copywriting does make a difference! My customers rave how much prospects make their phones ring wanting to know more about their products or services. 

If there are factors that go disliked about my service -- it is my copywriting brief. My copywriting brief is 30 questions! When you answer your 30 questions, there is nothing to be left out in your ads. Many people have slim 3-7 question briefs. And such little questions about you business doesn't sound very thorough to me... how about you?

Benefits of Working With Me

  • Your ads will always tell a story 

  • Dozens of new clients in your inbox 

  • Your competitor's ads will pale in comparison 

  • Your ad copy can go saved on your computer and re-used over and over again 

  • Your ads can appeal to thousands on social media

  • With me it's not just copy -- It's copy and strategy


My Leadership Story 


As a leader, I want to make sure several people in my county have some food to eat. Also, I want to contribute and hold food drives and barbecues for the homeless and hungry. Lastly, I would like to help business owners in my community and beyond generate more sales and grow their business substantially with my copywriting. I want to inspire my followers to trust in their business and to stick with it. With powerful yet truthful advertising, your business is a lot closer to success than you may think.


I'm committed to advertise your business and boost sales at all costs. When you decide to work with me, you'll go asked about your strategy. Having a plan and following through is money! With my advertising, I'm always updating my knowledge. I'm consistently learning and applying the best copywriting skills. 


8 ways you can help me achieve my vision 


  • Make a positive impact in your community 

  • Help the poor and hungry have food  

  • Create Excellent Content for your business 

  • Pursue your passion and don't give up

  • Treat your peers with kindness

  • If you see bullying in your community, put a stop to it

  • If you see vandalism help cover it alongside the victim 

  • If people do you wrong, keep your head up and continue to treat the rest of the world with kindness.


My Media Story 


I want to achieve the "it works" reaction from you. I remember when I initially did advertising for furniture businesses. Four ads in a month generated four sales! The "it works" reaction never gets old, and it put a smile on my face. I welcome the furniture, real estate, and automobile industries to give my advertising a try. Plus, I think you'll be surprised by what a proper advertisement can achieve.


Of course, if I had to reach for the stars, I would love to write an ad for Casual Living Magazine, Motor Trend Magazine, and Homes For Sale Magazine. If I could give these three dreamy magazines a reason to feature me, it would be when I can prove to them that copywriting does make a drastic difference in the buyer's mind. 


Wrapping this up, I would like to show these media releases the advertisement career opportunities that I can help develop. Not only does this help the individual, but also the business economy as a whole. Well, I'm sure you've gotten a good dose of Josh (me) reading this, but hopefully, this helps and gives you a clear idea of who I am and what I want to achieve. If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this page, and I'll answer any questions you may have. Best wishes! 




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