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You know the marketing risks I'm talking about. The marketing risks approved by "experts." The marketing campaigns so promising you're willing to dish out thousands of dollars.

You need marketing but the risks aren't promising. How do your handle such instances? Enter risk reversal with my service.


Order your ads at reasonable rates with a money-back-guarantee. As a strategist I'm here to give the best options possible. I follow a modo that goes... 


"If you truly believe that what you have is useful and valuable to your clients, then you have a moral obligation to try to serve them in every way possible." - Jay Abraham

The next time you are offered copywriting services, raise your hand to interlude and say, "You know, you haven't talked strategy yet." Here's what I want you to do -- Look at my competitors offer and see if you get...

  • A money-back-guarantee 

  • An advertising strategy 

  • Ads that follow a formula 

  • A copywriter trained by advertising guru's 

If the copywriter you've set your sights on has all the perks above -- Go for it! If your copywriter doesn't meet these expectations look no further. When I initially obtained the skills for the trade I was skeptical.

But, I met my mentor Gary, tried his copywriting secrets and was truly blown away. It was at that time where my experience witnessed what 30 years of experience is all about. Nobody gets annoyed by sales people more than I do.

Sales people try to push (sell) and pull (demand) at the same time, and won't take no for an answer. I don't agree with ultra aggressive sales tactics. What others (testimonials) say about my service is billions of times better than what I say about myself...

As you might imagine, online advertising is more popular than ever before. Things seem to be getting back to normal, but the world got to see options in emergency situations. Last winter of 2020, shops were stunned with shut downs.

Adapting took a while, but business owners caught on to online marketing solutions to propel their business. In emergency disaster situations we have no choice but to survive.

With my advertising campaigns you --

  • Narrow down your cream of the crop ads 

  • Harvest results not nail biting anxiety 

  • Maximize your business with a money-back-guarantee

  • Invest in someone (me) who was trained by marketing guru's 

  • Strategize with me 

  • Make more money with more sales 

Right now I'm inviting you to purchase your advertising campaign. Whether you invest in a short term or long term campaign, you get a money-back-guarantee. As you click my link button below you'll get re-directed to Fiverr.

I chose to work with Fiverr since they're secure and...

You Get Your Money Back If You're Not 100% Satisfied!

Just click the button below, complete your purchase and advertise your business the way you're supposed to.

Get DIRECT Access To Your Risk Free Ad Campaigns 

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R. Mauldin, Supply Chain Management

Great work! Creative and effective copywriting. Thank you.

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Bharat, Graphic Designer

Again Great Experience. Thanks for the order and see you soon again.

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Astune, Logo Designer

Creative and elegant. Just what I want. Very good in communication. Very much recommend. Definitely will hire again.